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OSDC 2012 - OpenNebula: Open-source Solution for Data Center Virtualization


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Presentation by Constantino Vazquez (@tinova79) in OSDC 2012

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OSDC 2012 - OpenNebula: Open-source Solution for Data Center Virtualization

  1. 1. OSDC 2012 25th April, Nürnberg OpenNebulaOpen Souce Solution for DC Virtualization Constantino Vázquez Blanco
  2. 2. What is OpenNebula?Multi-tenancy, Elasticity and Automatic Provision on Virtualized EnvironmentsI’m using virtualization/cloud, and plan a private Cloud (BUT’s) Where do/did I put my web server VM? Monitoring & Scheduling How do I provision a new VM? Image Management & Context Who have access to cloud (and What)? User & Role Management How do I create a new disk? Storage How do I set up networking for a multitier service? Network & VLANs How can I manage the distributed infrastructure? Can I use hypervisor X? Interfaces & APIs Virtualization º Uniform management layer that orchestrates multiple technologiesOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 2/22
  3. 3. What is OpenNebula?Open Cloud Solution for Building and Managing Virtualized Data Centers Public Fully Interoperable Open-source Adaptable Flexible Private Proven Infrastructure Agnostic HybridOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 3/22
  4. 4. Different Perspectives of the CloudDifferent Aims and Needs Cloud Consumer Cloud Provider Cloud IntegratorOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 4/22
  5. 5. The Cloud Consumer PerspectiveSetting up and Managing Virtual Infrastructure Remote Connection Network Management •  SSH •  VNC •  Network catalog management •  Remote desktop •  Public & elastic IPs •  Private isolated networks •  Simple firewall rules Usage Data •  Accounting info Storage Management VM Management •  Image catalog management •  VM template catalog •  Prepared on-site & uploaded •  Life-cycle management •  Pre-defined appliances •  Contextualization •  OS and Data types (persistent)OpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 5/22
  6. 6. The Cloud Consumer PerspectiveHow Can I Manage my Virtual Infrastructure? … standards (de facto and de jure) Cloud APIs to leverage existing ecosystems and ensure portability across providers and self-service portal ….OpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 6/22
  7. 7. The Cloud Provider PerspectiveWhat are the Main Components to Build a Cloud Infrastructure? Instance Networks Internet •  Guests •  Public and private networks Front-end Hosts •  Authentication •  Multiple hypervisors •  Authorization •  Up to 500 hosts •  ACLs, roles, •  Automatic failover and HA groups… •  Resource pools •  Accounting •  Automatic resource allocation •  Logging •  Resource quotas Service Networks Datastores •  Monitoring, control… •  VM image storage •  Live migration… •  Multiple datastores •  Storage access… •  Heterogeneous configurations •  Shared or non-sharedOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 7/22
  8. 8. The Cloud Provider PerspectiveBroad Commodity and Enterprise Platform Support Instance Network •  VLAN per user (layer2) Internet •  Open vSwitch, 802.1q •  Ebtables Front-end Hosts •  X509, LDAP, ssh keys •  VMware, •  ACLs, roles, groups… •  Xen •  KVM Datastores Service Network •  DFS: NFS, Gluster, GlusterFS… •  Ganglia/Nagios •  SAN: Fibre Channel, iSCSI, LVM… •  Additional monitor agents •  Bit Torrent, ssh…OpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 8/22
  9. 9. The Cloud Provider PerspectiveClustering the Physical Resources Clusters •  Pools of hosts that share datastores and networks •  Used for load balancing, high availability, and high performance computing Multiple Datastores per Cluster •  Balance I/O operations between storage servers •  Define different SLA policies (e.g. backup) and performance features for different VM types or usersOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 9/22
  10. 10. The Cloud Provider PerspectiveCentralized Management of Multiple OpenNebula Instances (Zones) Federation of Clouds •  Multi-tier architecture •  Scalability oZones Server •  Isolation •  Portal •  Multiple-site support Cloud •  Cloud API (EC2, OCCI) Consumer •  Global AuthNOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 10/22
  11. 11. The Cloud Provider PerspectiveOn-demand Provision of Virtual Data Centers Virtual Private Cloud Computing ● Typical scenario in large organizations and cloud providers ● On-demand provision of fully-configurable and isolated VDC with full control and capacity to administer its users and resourcesOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 11/22
  12. 12. The Cloud Provider PerspectiveHybrid Cloud Computing ● Extension of the local private infrastructure with resources from remote clouds ● Cloudbursting to meet peak or fluctuating demands Cloud Consumer Cloud ProviderOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 12/22
  13. 13. The Cloud Provider PerspectiveHow Can I Operate my Cloud Infrastructure? … programming APIs (create new tools and integrate), web interfaces (simplify operation), and command lined interface (create scripts)… CLI API ●  XML-RPC ●  OCA (Ruby, Java, Python)OpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 13/22
  14. 14. The Cloud Integrator PerspectiveThe Cloud Integrator Perspective … truly open (fully open-source, Apache license) and adaptable (modular and extensible)… because no two data centers are the same CLI GUI Cloud Servers Scheduler OCA (Ruby, Java) XML-RPC API OpenNebula core Monitoring Storage Network DB Virtualization Images AuthOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 14/22
  15. 15. The Cloud Integrator PerspectiveSeamless Integration with Existing Applications and Services Custom Applications •  Accounting & Billing Interfaces •  New self-service portal •  CLI (local/remote) •  REST APIs •  API (java, ruby bindings) •  Plug-ins Virtualization Image & Storage Users & Roles & Monitoring •  Integrate with SAN/NAS •  Integrate with Active •  Tune hypervisor interaction solutions Directory •  New hypervisors •  Tune storage operations •  Tune ACL •  Hybrid configurations •  Use of external repositories •  Custom authentication •  Information systems •  Monitoring probesOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 15/22
  16. 16. The Cloud Integrator PerspectiveThe Ecosystem Standards Adapters CDMI OVF CIMI Virtualization Drivers Configuration StorageOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 16/22
  17. 17. What is OpenNebula?A Project Aimed at Building the Industry Standard Open Cloud Management Tool Third party scalability • Develop & innovate tests: 16,000 VMs • Support the community • Collaborate Commercial Support TP v1.0 v1.2 v1.4 v2.0 v2.2 v3.0 v3.2 v3.42005 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 dsa group doing research… 4,000 downloads/ month European FundingOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 17/22
  18. 18. What is OpenNebula?A Quickly Growing Community More than Doubling Each Year 25,200 Downloads ●  900 downloads in the last week 12,828 ●  Linux distro and code repo 4,8611,865 140% Annual Growth 2008 2009 2010 2011 Site Visits 579,571 ●  15,300 visits and 194,000 page views in 254,186 the last week 111,54135,842 150% Annual Growth 2008 2009 2010 2011 Mails 4,341 ●  800 registered users at present 2,293 1,141 227 170% Annual Growth Date: November 7th, 2011 2008 2009 2010 2011OpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 18/22
  19. 19. Who Uses OpenNebula?Open Cloud Enabler in the ICT Industry Enabling Hosting Companies and Telcos to Offer Cloud Services Enabling Technology Companies to Offer Cloud Products Enabling Service Companies to Offer Cloud Consulting and IntegrationOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 19/22
  20. 20. Who Uses OpenNebula?Open Cloud Enabler for Building and Operating Virtualized Data Centers Industry Supercomputing Centers Research CentersOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 20/22
  21. 21. Who Uses OpenNebula?Open Cloud Enabler for Building and Research and Innovation Distributed Computing Infrastructures Research Projects 16,000 VMs!OpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 21/22
  22. 22. Questions?We Will Be Happy to Answer Any QuestionOpenNebula – Architecture for Cloud Data Centers 22/22