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NSX with OpenNebula - upcoming 5.10


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A quick look into some new features coming in v.5.10, focusing on some NSX updates that will attract attention.

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NSX with OpenNebula - upcoming 5.10

  1. 1. #OpenNebulaTechDay OpenNebula 5.10 … and beyond
  2. 2. CONTENTS ● 5.10 highlights ● NSX integration ● LAB: Starting with NSX in OpenNebula TechDay - Vienna, 26 Sept 2019
  3. 3. 5.10 Highlights the good stuff VMware NSX CPU & NUMA pinning Hooks 2FA Storage Mixed Mode DPDK
  4. 4. NSX create network delete network NSX CORE Sunstone CLI hooks … custom ... vCenter Drivers APIOpenNebula APIs Standard API Policy API NSX-V NSX-T Workflow creating a new NSX network: ● called from Sunstone/CLI/API ● create network hook receive the call and uses NSX driver to send the request to NSX API ● NSX creates the network and update its provider objects ( vCenter, KVM... )
  5. 5. NSX: Roadmap Logical Switches Security Groups EDGE Services release 5.10 next releases more... Create Delete Import Attach Detach vnet level vmnic level FW Routing NAT DHCP VPN DFW
  6. 6. LAB: Starting with NSX in OpenNebula 1. Clean OpenNebula installation 2. Reduce MONITORING_INTERVAL_HOST 3. Check hooks are empty 4. Importing a NSX-T cluster from CLI 5. Importing a NSX-V cluster from Sunstone 6. Look NSX attributes autodiscovered 7. Set NSX credentials 8. Look NSX_STATUS and TZs 9. Check hooks are automatically registered 10. Create a Logical Switch in NSX-T and NSX-V 11. Import existing networks from NSX 12. Delete Logical switches