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Hystax Acura Real-time Migration and DR


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Live Migration and Disaster Recovery

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Hystax Acura Real-time Migration and DR

  1. 1. Company overview: - Previous experience of 10+ in DR and Gartner leader 2014- 2016 in DRaaS - 100% founder owned - Offices in EU and US - Team of 21 highly experiences developers Hystax Live Migration and Disaster Recovery Hystax B.V. | � Copyright 2016 - 2018
  2. 2. � VMware � Hyper-V � Amazon AWS � Microsoft Azure � Oracle Cloud � OpenStack � KVM � Bare Metal � OpenStack (KVM) � Amazon Web Services � Microsoft Azure � AliCloud � Google Cloud Source Platform Target Platform Migration and Disaster Recovery: Source and Target Platforms
  3. 3. Live cloud migration
  4. 4. Testing and configuration of migrated site before making it primary Real-time background data replication to a target site Migration within a small maintenance window Agentless migration without any data loss Hystax Acura: Enterprise-grade Live Migration
  5. 5. Create Migration Plan and prepare to run migration Plan and execute final migration Run test migration and build confidence Replicate workloads to a target platform Migration Stages
  6. 6. KVM: Migration Data Flow Replication agent ACP WebUI receiver provides interface� to upload data orchestrator Orchestration of OS� resources� (creates removes� VMs,�networks, etc) Sends replicated machine data Calls REST API to start recovery�process V2V makes Virtual-2-Virtual or Physical-2-Virtual conversion Calls V2V to apply conversion Hystax Acura Target Cloud Replica volume Snapshot 1 Snapshot 2 Snapshot 3 Creates volume from snapshot Restored volume Fills Replica volume with data Applies V2V Restored machine Creates machine from restored volume Uses restored volume as source Source machine Source environment Reads data� from machine
  7. 7. Disaster Recovery
  8. 8. Traditional Disaster Recovery Architecture Production Site with main VMware infrastructure DR Site with a copy of VMware infrastructure + VMware SRM or any DR solution
  9. 9. New Look at Disaster Recovery Architecture Production Site with VMware infrastructure Disaster Recovery Site with Hystax Acura
  10. 10. Backup and Disaster Recovery solution with significant cost reduction and minimal RPO/RTO recovering to DR site or doing failover back to production. Use low-cost failover platforms or AWS for recovery. Disaster Recovery to Public Cloud Build a full Disaster Recovery solution on customer premises. Use your infrastructure and tools to monitor and troubleshoot on-premise installations. On-premise Disaster Recovery Store customer data in your storage in a deduplicated and resilient way. Up to 70% of deduplication ratio. Cloud Backup Hystax Acura Disaster Recovery
  11. 11. Agentless replication and regular automatic DR scenarios testing Significant Economy on Disaster Recovery Instant business application recoveryand no vendor lock- in On-premise and cloud disaster recovery Hystax Acura Disaster Recovery
  12. 12. Customers and partners
  13. 13. Our customers