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8 Simple Rules to Globalize Your Content Now


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Ebook Created for our client Content Rules on Global Readiness

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8 Simple Rules to Globalize Your Content Now

  1. 1. 8 Simple Rulesto Globalize YourContent Now!By: Val Swisher, CEO & Founder, Content Rules content-rules-inc
  2. 2. About this eBookYears ago, one of my favorite Def. Global readiness. The ability of Luckily, there are 8 simple rules you can follow totelevision shows was “8 Simple your company to take the content you create for use in one geography and reduce the cost and time required to localize yourRules for Dating My Teenage reuse that content everywhere in the content. And here they are:Daughter” starring John Ritter world, without losing your shirt in the- a huge star in China BTW. process. #1 Not All Errors Are Created EqualMaybe I liked it because I had a Global readiness is important. Today,daughter just entering puberty companies must launch their products #2 Creative Writing is A Mythat the time that the show in multiple geographies more or lessdebuted. In the spirit of that simultaneously. If they don’t, they’ll #3 Real Editors Don’t Do It Without A Terminology Manager soon find that the market opportunitiesshow, I created 8 simple rules and profits are capped, as more nimbleon how to take the content you competitors launch “me too” products #4 Use a Red Pen on That Content & You May Lose Your Jobhave and make it global-ready in the markets they don’t penetratenow. My goal with this eBook is quickly. #5 No Complaining About the Quality of Your Tech Writersto have a personal conversation Again and again, clients tell me that #6 Flabby Content Will Cost You Dearlywith you about easy things they face one major roadblock whenyou can do to support global attempting to launch their products in multiple geographies. Can you guess #7 Delay This Product Launch & There Will Be No Nextreadiness as you create content. what it is? It’s not regulatory affairs. Product Launch It’s not adapting the product to the requirements of the local geography. #8 Content Development is a Team Sport It’s content. If your content isn’t developed from the get-go to be global-ready, you’ll find that localization Read on as I explore each of these rules in detail. takes way too long and costs way too much. © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Simple Rule #1 Not All Errors Are Created EqualLast week, I attended the Inbound Marketing cheaper to translate multiple short • Reviewer provides comments andSummit. At the summit, a very intelligent sentences? sends them back to translatorand friendly person sat down with me at The translation savings is not in the • Translator makes another attempt at number of words. In fact, the true translating the long sentencelunchtime. She had a number of questions. cost of translating long sentences is Iterate with reviewer until the reviewerAmong them was this: usually hidden, not monetarily is satisfied. quantified. Here’s what “What is one thing that I often happens when a Lather, rinse, and repeat these steps in as many languages as necessary. By can do to make my content translator encounters a the end, the process of translating the long sentence: easier to read?” • Translator tries to long sentence has wasted a lot of time for both the translator and the reviewer. understand the Wasted time costs a lot of money. And Write shorter sentences. author’s intent wasted time can also mean delayed This is my single piece of advice. If you do • Translator go-to-market, which costs even more only one thing, write shorter sentences. may ask for money. By the way, here is how I was originally going clarification In addition, because the long to write the three short sentences above: sentence had to be interpreted and re-interpreted, it is possible that each “If I were to pick just one thing that you translation has a different meaning. It is even possible that none of the can do to make your content easier to translated sentences even resemble read and, by extention, cheaper, easier, the author’s original intent! and faster to translate, it would be to write shorter sentences.” I’m not saying that this scenario happens all the time. I am saying that • Translator takes an if you keep your sentences short, the See how much easier my three short sentences are educated guess as to the meaning of likelihood of wasting time and money, to understand than the 35-word sentence? The short the long sentence and ending up with different meanings sentences are also cheaper, easier, and faster to is greatly reduced. I have never heard • Translator translates the sentence as translate. a translator complain about content accurately as possible having too many short, simple, and Hold on a minute, you say! Often, if we take • Translated content goes to in-country easy to understand sentences. one long sentence and break it in half, we end reviewer for review Just so you know, every time I wrote a up with more words. More words means a • Reviewer also takes an educated guess sentence in this post, I kept going back and higher cost for translation. So, how can it be on the meaning counting the words. Writing short sentences is a learned technique to be sure! © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Simple Rule #2 Creative Writing is A MythBack in the dark ages, when I simple phrase, “Click OK” written at to translate. And, it saves a lot of money. You can achieve the perfect trifecta –was growing up in New York least 12 different ways in the same cheaper, faster, better – by standardizing your content. documentation suite. Not sure what ICity, I was taught to be creative mean? Whoa you say! It’s SOOOOO boring! Well, yes. It can be boring to saywhen I write. Even in science the same thing, the same way, every time you say it. But, if you are someone forreports (the equivalent of Click OK. whom English is a second or third language, or if you are an average Americantechnical writing for someone with a 6th grade reading level and you are trying to configure your VCR, boring iswho is 9), the rule was, never Click on OK. good! Boring is great! Especially if the boring sentence is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.say the same thing the same Click the OK button.way twice. Always use different Whoa again you say! I write marketing material. I’m not supposed to bewords. And use a lot of Click on the OK button. boring! Well, I understand. And I don’t disagree. Marketing copy is supposed to pack an emotional punch. It is supposed to keep the reader engaged andwords. Using a lot of words Click the button. interested. Saying the same thing, the same way doesn’t always allow for theshows off your vocabulary. Press OK. type of creativity that most marketing writers want.I took these instructions to heart. I Press on the OK button.also think that many of the writers Iknow took these instructions to heart, Select OK.too. Consequently, I have seen the … you get the gist. But lets remember how you pay for translation When it comes to spending money price per # of on translation, saying the same # of word languages words thing many different ways, using as many words as possible is the kiss cost of translation of death. I’ve discussed this before, and I’ll say it again, you need to say the same thing, the same way, every time you say it. Once a segment has been translated into a particular language, the translation is stored in translation memory. As long as you use the exact same words next time, Standardizing both your you will never have to pay to have that segment translated into that language terminology and your sentences again. makes your content much easier to read. It also makes your So, if you are a marketing writer, you need to find some middle ground. You content easier and faster need to balance the emotional punch and creativity you want, with the cost of translation. Keep in mind that much of the emotional punch cannot be translated anyway. In fact, the phrase “emotional punch” is not translatable. What good is a brilliant marketing message if the rest of the world outside of the U.S. does not understand what it means? © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Simple Rule #3 Real Editors Dont Do It Without A Terminology ManagerLet’s talk about managing terminology. Why bother? Well that’s Why do term So, what does work? The best wayeasy. If you are in the content creation business, your product is lists fail? to manage terminology is to have:your words/pictures/movies. And if words are your product, you There are many reasons. In yourneed to care about them. You need to select them carefully and my opinion, the • A database that is sharedconsistently, and you need to manage them. main reason term with everyone in the entireBy this I mean you need to make sure you have a consistent lexicon that is lists fail is that they organization, corporate-wide.simple, straightforward, and makes sense. And the most important word is require a pull mechanism • A mechanism by which incorrectconsistent. Consistent terminology is critical for so many reasons. It: for people to use them. By terms are flagged automatically. that I mean, the author or editor needs to: • A mechanism that pushes the• Makes your content much easier to read correction to the writer or editor for people of all reading levels.• Preserves your company trademarks, MANAGE for consideration. • Know that the term in question is service marks, copyrights, and so on. managed (the company cares about In other words, an automated t seems so obvious to me, but often correct usage). way of having the lexicon• Safeguards your product and company branding. doesn’t occur to other people), the task • Know where to find the list of terms. pushed to the developer, rather e becomes how to manage it. than expecting the developer• Ensures that everyone in your to go and pull it. By sharing the organization uses the same words to The two most common ways I’ve • Get the list of terms. terminology database across the r • Search for the term and determine if it describe the same things. seen of managing terminology are company, you can make sure• Allows you to use different XML chunks Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft is allowed or prohibited (or if it even that everyone has the same list m exists in the term list at all). in a structured environment without Word tables. Usually there are at least of terms. And by using a push having to rewrite for consistency. two columns: allowed terms and • Make the correction, if necessary. technology, you can make sure i prohibited terms. Sometimes allowed that errors are identified and There is no way that this system can• Lowers the price and time it takes to translate the content into multiple terms are called preferred terms. work. When I’m in the middle of writing corrected each and every time n Sometimes prohibited terms are called they occur. languages. a document, even this blog post, I am deprecated terms. Regardless of what the terms are called and regardless simply not going to remember if a term There are various terminology o• Helps to ensure the quality and of what application is used to create is managed. Moreover, I am not going management software packages consistency of the translations. the list of terms, this type of system to stop what I am doing every 10 or 15 on the market. And without lSure there are additional reasons to for managing terminology is simply minutes (or more frequently than that) making this post a commercial,manage terminology, but I think you a nightmare. I rarely see a company to go and look up the term in the term I want to mention that Content ocatch my drift. Once we’ve established that can grow and scale using lists or list. Pull management of terminology Rules uses a sophisticatedwhy to manage terminology (which spreadsheets as their management just doesn’t work. And if it works at terminology management g system for terminology. your company, consider yourself the system that makes sure your content is consistent each time exception rather than the norm. and every time. y © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Simple Rule #4 Use a Red Pen on That Content & You May Lose Your JobI know some people who don’t Three of the tools you must implement to be 2. A sophisticated authoring tool.have a computer. I honestly Okay, I’m going to be controversial. In competitive in today’s world include: my experience and opinion, Microsoftdon’t know how they live Word is not a sophisticated authoringwithout one, but somehow they 1. A content management system. A content management system tool. It is ubiquitous. It is easy to use formanage. I know companies provides so much structure for your work, it is hard to under-estimate the value simple documents. But, it is definitely of having one. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about content management not sophisticated. I have yet to meetthat don’t have any systems systems: anyone who authors large documentsfor managing their workflow, A content management system (CMS) is the collection of procedures used to manage work (like multi-chapter books) in MS Wordcontent, publishing, and so on. who does not complain bitterly 100% flow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual or computer-based.I honestly don’t know how they of the time. Just try typing “Hatelive without them either. And The procedures are designed to do the following: Microsoft Word” into the search functionin today’s global world, I’m • Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data in YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. There’s even a group on Facebooknot sure they are managing • Control access to data, based on user roles (defining which information users or user devoted to hating Microsoft Word. I’mtoo well. groups can view, edit, publish, etc.) sure someone reading this eBook is • Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data going to tell me they love Word, butUsing the right tool for the right job • Reduce repetitive duplicate input “But wait!” you say! “I’m whoever you are, you are in the extremely important. And if youare creating content that is going • Improve the ease of report writing a lone tech writer. I’m not Yet it amazes me how many companies,to be localized and translated into collaborating with anyone!” even medium-sized businesses, are still • Improve communication between usersmany languages, it is even more using Word to create their content. Thereimperative to use tools to help are many tools on the market now thatmanage your process. Tools abound provide advanced features for writing. Well, you might think you arein the marketplace right now and A fairly comprehensive and updated listmore are being created every day. working all alone. But, you are not. You are (hopefully) working with can be found on Wikipedia.So, do your homework. engineers, QA testers, product managers, editors, illustrators, and others who are part of the process of creating your content. About 10 years ago, I was interviewing a consultant who wanted to do a writing And even if you create content all alone in a dark cave without any help from project for one of my clients. I asked her anyone, if your content is going to be translated, you are now automatically, what type of computer she used. Her defacto, collaborating with your translator(s). You may never see them or response? “Oh, I don’t use a computer. communicate with them (which is a problem unto itself that I’ve written about I use legal pads, take my notes long many times), but believe me, you are collaborating. They are going to take your hand, and then type them up.” This was content and work with it. If they can communicate with you, they’ll do an even 10 years ago. I swear. No, I didn’t hire better job. So, do yourself and your company a favor. Implement some type of her. CMS system. 3. A terminology manager. I wrote about this in Simple Rule #3. I won’t bore you with the details again. © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Simple Rule #5 No Complaining About the Quality of Your Tech WritersI hear a lot of complaining these days about the quality oftechnical documentation being written offshore. I hear it mostlyfrom the people who are responsible for making the decision to french germanmove tech docs offshore to begin with. Let me try to elucidate the englishproblem from end to end. chinese japaneseAs time has gone on, and technology commonplace now that I cannot thinkhas become more commonplace and of one large customer who isn’t using spanishless mysterious, the information that offshore writers for at least a portionwe create to explain how to install/use/ of their documentation creation.administer technology products has And, from an upper-managementbecome less important in the eyes of perspective, it is compelling. Last timeour upper management. I checked, you couldEase of use has morphed “Good enough is hire 3 writers and ainto “Do we have to manager offshore forprovide instructions?” good enough. I the same dollars as aTechnical writing as an don’t care about single senior technical The same problems are described over and over again:art form has become writer in the U.S.commoditized. As with quality. Just make • The documentation is difficult to understand or it makes no sense grammatically. However, almostall commodities, the it cost less money.” across the board, I • Managing the project is difficult. To have a phone conference with everyone on themost important project means someone is always in their pajamas; managers here in the US feel likeaspect from an upper- Scary, no? have heard complaints (and do!) work around the clock. about the qualitymanagement perspective of the content that is being written • The culture clash between the offshore groups and the U.S.-based team presents workis to get the docs created as cheaply offshore. Sure, there are exceptions. possible. I have actually heard I know a few managers who, after • The loyalty of offshore writers is almost non-existent. As soon as you have themupper-level managers say, “Good searching for months and hiring/ trained and doing a good job, they leave for a better paying opportunity elsewhere.enough is good enough. I don’t care firing many offshore writers, are finallyabout quality. Just make it cost less very happy. This is the exceptionmoney.” Scary, no? Now, I am not saying that all offshore situations fail or that there is no such thing rather than the rule. Most of the time,Budgets for technical documentation asking writers who have English as a as a loyal, competent offshore writer who gets along famously with the U.S. teamhave been slashed and much cheaper second (or third or fourth) language to and is willing to work odd hours. These people do exist. And as time goes on, thealternatives to the U.S. tech writing create technical instructions does not quality of offshore content has risen and more managers who I talk to have foundmarket have popped up. Offshore work out well for the documentation adequate offshore help. But, I am saying that, overall, I hear more complaints thancreation of technical manuals is so manager responsible for the project. compliments. © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Simple Rule #5 Continued...So, what’s a tech doc manager to do?There is no magic bullet to solving with it. I also don’t know of manythese problems. Usually, it takes a lot companies that have metrics for theof patience and time to find an offshore correlation between poorly writtenwriter (let alone an offshore team) that documentation and number/costproduces to the level most technical of technical support incidents. Wedocumentation managers would like. intuitively know that if the instructionsTrying to explain to upper management are confusing, the customer is going Here are a few ideas on how to handle the mandate to reach out for help. But we don’tthat penny-wise is dollar-foolish onlyworks to a point. If the economy have actual numbers to support it. to use offshore resources that are underperforming:has tanked and budgets are being Now that many people are using • Work with other groups, such as • Examine your quality control/qualityslashed, getting upper-level managers social media communities and technical support and training, to assurance processes to identify holesto pay for quality documentation forums to voice their complaints, gather metrics on customer satisfaction that you can plug. For example, see ifis a Herculean task at best. the possible brand damage from as it relates to technical documentation. you can implement QC/QA tools andSometimes, if customers complain unhappy customers is more risky. Be careful that this tactic doesn’t processes to help catch and fix errorsloudly enough – usually to technical In the past, I could complain to a backfire, making you or your before the docs are departments – and if the manufacturer. Now, I can complain department look worse for pointing out • Look for tools and processes that cancosts of technical support skyrocket, to a forum and have many people the problem. There is always a danger help your offshore team perform can get upper management to echo my dissatisfaction. Unhappy in pointing out weaknesses on yourlisten. Customer satisfaction scores customers can do a lot more harm team. • Solicit help from the community. If(known as “CSAT” scores) can be as a community. This argument customers are starting to complain, • Consider onshoring your content.very compelling. Unfortunately, I might be compelling and upper reach out to them and find a way to let There are areas of the U.S. where salarydon’t know of many companies management might listen, but if them help make your content better. requirements and hourly rates arewho measure CSAT scores for customers are already complaining User-generated content is a blessing much lower than in high-tech meccas.documentation. “Ease of installation” in droves, you have a PR nightmare and a curse. Think about what you can While I’ve never seen rates that are asis often correlated to the product itself, on your hands and it might be too do to incorporate community content low as offshore countries, you mightrather than the instructions that ship late. and ideas to help. It is amazing the be able to find qualified writers here goodwill you can garner by listening to who are willing to work for compelling your customer base. wages. And when your management finally wakes up and comes to you complaining about the quality of the documentation, do your best to stay calm and remind them that you always get what you pay for. Always. © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Simple Rule #6 Flabby Content Will Cost You DearlyI have said this so many times before: When it That’s real money. If you can trim even 10% of your words, you will startcomes to localization, keep your content short and to see significant savings:sweet. Mainly short. The sweet part is up to you. 500,000 – 10% = 450,000 words A savings 450,000 words × 15¢/word × 8 languages = $540,000 of $60,000. Why? Because flabby content is expensive to translate. Let’s review the way you pay for translation. Translation companies charged by the To make your content skinny, remove all needless words. A needless word is any word/by the language. For example, you need to word that does not affect the meaning of the sentence. Here are a few examples translate 1,000 words into 8 languages. The average of flabby sentences: cost per word is $.15. The math looks like this: • Our software is absolutely the simplest to install. • This software is very easy to install. • It can be seen that the installation is simple. 1,000 15¢ per 8 • First, create a new form. words word languages Another place to trim your copy is to substitute single, simple $1,200 words for phrases. That doesn’t look too bad, does it? But, let’s say you have 500,000 words. For example Instead try Here’s the math: Our software works on a variety Our software works on various of platforms. platforms. 500,000 15¢ per 8 words word languages If you eliminate needless words from over 40 companies. I have found and simplify your writing, your that it is easy to eliminate 10% of the $600,000 readers will have a much easier time words. Often, we can eliminate 20% of understanding your content. Increased the words. The savings really start to comprehension is a side benefit of add up. writing skinny copy. So, put your content on a diet. Your I have analyzed over 5 million words wallet will thank you. © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Simple Rule #7 Delay This Product Launch & There Will Be No Next Product LaunchTime to market. Those three Unfortunately, the typical workflow for the writing and translation process rarelylittle words can make the affords enough time to do a quality job of creating, localizing, and translating content. Usually, content is being created alongside the product itself. As thedifference between getting engineers finish aspects of the product, writers scramble to create content forahead of your competition each part. Once the writing is complete, localization and translation takes over.and being just another maker Then, the content is translated into all of the languages. Each translation is sentof a smartphone (or whatever to the region for local language review. And, in many cases, this is where the iterations start to occur.product or service yourcompany sells). As product It is very common for each in-country reviewer to cycle through multiple costly and time-consuming review iterations with each individual translator. Back andmanagers and marketeers will forth they go correcting the translations and making them appropriate to eachtell you, time to market is one specific marketplace. This process can take days or even weeks to complete.of the crucial aspects of a All the while, the product team needs to launch on the scheduled date. In theproduct launch. end, what happens most often is that the materials go to market in a form that LANowadays, there is a mandate to represents the best the team could do, given the timeframe they had. Rarely UNlaunch products in multiple markets does the launch get delayed. But the quality definitely suffers. CHsimultaneously. It is no longeracceptable to go to market in English STARTand follow up with other languageslater. In fact, I know of products thathave been launched in non-English There is one way to get ahead of the review iteration If your content is global-ready from thespeaking markets before ever being start, the localization and translationavailable in the United States or other curve: creating global-ready content from the start. process is easier. If the translationEnglish speaking countries. By this I mean writing the content from the very first word on the page with the process is easier, it is more likelyThe need to launch in multiple knowledge and expectation that it will be translated. I’ve written in detail about that translators will understand andlanguages from the beginning puts the specific things writers can do to make their content global-ready. In brief, here accurately translate the content on thea heavy burden on the content that are things you can do to make your content easy and quick to translate: first try. If the translation is accurate onships with your product. Whether it the first try, the number of in-country • Eliminate unnecessary wordsis the user interface, the online help iterations decreases. And if the number • Keep sentences short of in-country iterations decreases,system, product documentation, ormarketing collateral, it is critical to have • Use nouns with the words this, that, these, and those the time-to-market is significantlythe appropriate content translated into faster. Your product launches on time. • Use correct grammatical structuresall of your languages as efficiently as Your content is accurate and easy to • Eliminate idiomatic phrases read. Your customers are happy. Andpossible. everyone wins. © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Simple Rule #8 Content Development is a Team Sport You Want to Work Alone? Become an AccountantSilos. Everyone talks about better, quicker, and cheaper. Howthem. Disparate groups of about a brown-bag lunch every nowpeople in the same company, and then?working on the same content, translation. They certainly they play well together. But, For a long time, I have advocatedwith absolutely no knowledge know when a marcom when pencil meets paper, having content creators sit side-of each other. For example, campaign has flopped most technical writers I by-side with the localization team. because the content either know (myself included) Share a cube wall. Have a chat attechnical documentation and didn’t translate accurately, prefer to have the lights set the watercooler. Find out what eachlocalization. Or, marcom and wasn’t translatable to begin with, person is working on. If we spent just so, the music playing just right,localization. Or, technical or lost that emotional bang that and block out the entire world. How a bit more time collaborating, we’dsupport knowledge-base writers marcom materials try to achieve. But, many times have you walked by the spent a lot less money translating.and localization. Pretty much in general, content creators usually cube of a technical writer to find a We’d get content to the marketplace have painfully little interaction with piece of “caution” faster and the quality of theany group creating content localization and translation teams. tape stretched across How about translations would be muchis a separate silo from the the doorway? You a brown-bag better. In fact, the quality of Let’s take thegroup responsible get the picture. the English source would average technical lunch every nowfor localizing and content writer. I know a lot of I don’t advocate and then? also be improved. Afterall, if content is clear enough to betranslating that writing by committee.content. creators them. In fact, I used Technical writing as a task is usually translated easily, it is clear enough for just about everyone to read to be one. Technical best done by an individual. However, writers are usually extremely smart, and understand it.Sure, there are some companies if the content is going to be localizedwho have figured out that content able to figure things out from poorly and translated, it makes a lot of written specifications (or able to So, let’s throw caution [tape] tocreators and content translators sense, and a world of difference, if create documentation from absolutely the writer and the localization team the wind! Let’s chat. Let’s workshould at least know each other’semail addresses. I’ve seen companies no specifications), and most have an communicate. Perhaps including together. Let’s create the bestwhere the marcom group understands excellent command of English. Many localization in the review process or content that we can, translated(and has a large stake in) the process of the writers I know spend a large post-review process would help. Or accurately into every languageand end product of localization and amount of time working alone. Sure having a translator available to consult they are willing participants in team with on certain sentence structures we can think of. meetings, they meet with subject or idioms would make the writing matter experts to clarify points, and and translation of the content Who’s in? translation © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. OK, Enough with Global. Lets Talk About Next Steps.No eBook would be complete without a shortcommercial for our services. So here goes. Anddon’t worry. This won’t be painful. I promise.Since 1994. The Experts in Global Content. Every day, Content Rulesworks with Global 2000 companies to create content and execute their globalcontent strategies. Our services span the entire content lifecycle, from contentdevelopment to global readiness. The types of projects we regularly take oninclude: Project Sourcing. We have a Managed Services. Content Consulting. Content Rules network of over 2,000 experienced Rules can help you set up an entire consultants help your company to professionals you can call upon for department from scratch. Often, develop content more efficiently. your next content development project. we handle this kind of work as a We work with you to break down Our network includes copywriters, managed service for our clients. We silos between departments, and editors, graphic artists, coders, can hire all the personnel, set up establish a common lexicon across production editors and project the department, and establish the SBUs (strategic busines groups) managers. Many of our clients are editorial workflow for you, so that you and geographies. We help you technology companies that ask us to can be successful that much faster. evaluate and get trained on state of source people who have experience in At the end of the project, when all the art tools, such as Acrolinx IQ™, the specific technologies they sell. content has been developed, we help a technology-assisted approach to you staff down to a core team that editing that is taking the Global 2000 can maintain your content. Clients tell by storm. We can help you establish us that this no fuss/no muss way of a content strategy or take the content doing business enables them to focus strategy you have and make it global on what they do best, leaving us to in scope. sweat the details involved in content development. © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Get in Touch Now and Help Thanks for listening to my 8 simple rules of how to make your content global-ready now. If you needCommunities in Africa Fight Critical help getting content global-ready at your company,Medical Problems we can help. To get started, go to Use this form to contact us. If you come on board as a customer within 90 days we’ll donate $100 on behalf of your company to Translators without Borders. Translators without Borders is a dynamite organization that we’ve teamed up with to simplify the source English for various documents. From there, the documents can be translated with ease into various African languages. As a result of this work, you will be helping communities on the ground serve their citizens better when it comes to the prevention and treatment of HIV, improved family planning, and reduced mortality rates, especially among infants and young children. © 2012. Content Rules, Inc. All rights reserved.