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Text and Data Mining at the Royal Library in the Netherlands


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A presentation as part of the 11 November workshop "Text Mining in Europe: Challenges and Action"

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Text and Data Mining at the Royal Library in the Netherlands

  1. 1. Data for Reseachers at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek Lotte Wilms (Research department) @lottewilms
  2. 2. The data Mostly machine readable, structured or semi- structured data. The result of: -More than 200 years of collecting -Over 30 years of digitisation -Almost 10 years of collecting born-digital
  3. 3. KB Data: examples
  4. 4. •Staten Generaal Digitaal, KB newspapers & ANP Radio bulletins •Developed in CLARIN project at TU Delft, EUR, VU, Sound & Vision
  5. 5. • Developed at University of Amsterdam • Digitised newspaper collection 1840 - 1995 • Transferred to KB Research Lab & freely available KB Newspapers Ngramviewer
  6. 6. PoliticalMashup • Developed by University of Amsterdam • Speeches of and (1814 – now) • Enriched content • Visualisation tools (graphs & word clouds)
  7. 7. Lessons learned/benefits • Researchers use our data in more ways than we imagined • Collaborations provide us with good insights into our data & users • Opening up our data created opportunities for other users • Strong connections with the research community • New funding opportunities in research projects
  8. 8. Any questions? @lottewilms @kbnlresearch
  9. 9. Any questions? @lottewilms @kbnlresearch