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OpenMed Torino Week: UOE Open Education Turin


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How to foster Open Education at institutional level, Melissa Highton, Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services, The University of Edinburgh, UK

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OpenMed Torino Week: UOE Open Education Turin

  1. 1. Melissa Highton Assistant Principal Online Learning Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Open Educational Resources University of Edinburgh @honeybhighton
  2. 2. Sept. 2017 MOOCs @ Edinburgh Data overview 50 is the number of courses we will have created by the end of 2017. 2,193,802 is the total number of sign-ups. 159,798 is the number of course completions. We have learners from more than 200 countries and territories. We engage 130 academics & 128 teaching assistants. From 19 academic schools across The University.
  3. 3. Engaging with learning technology • Up to 10,000 students, learning online by 2020. • Through 50 MOOCs and 65 postgraduate online learning programmes. • EdX, FutureLearn, Coursera, Youtube, ItunesU, Blackboard, Moodle, Kaltura, Echo360, Wikimedia • Re-use of learning materials embedded across the institution. Choice of platforms.
  4. 4. Open licensing makes clear the distinction between those resources that can be used for ‘free’ and those that we are ‘free to do with what we will’. Adapted from: Masterman, L. & Wild, J. (2011). OER Impact Study: Research Report. JISC Open Educational Resources programme.
  5. 5. University of Edinburgh OER Vision Three strands building on: • The history of the University. • Excellent education and research collections. • Traditions of the Enlightenment and civic mission.
  6. 6. University of Edinburgh OER Vision Three strands : For the common good Edinburgh at its best Edinburgh’s treasures
  7. 7.
  8. 8. University of Edinburgh OER Vision For the common good • OER exchange to enrich University and the sector. • Support frameworks to enable staff to share OER created as a routine part of their work. • Enable staff to find and use high quality teaching materials developed within and beyond the University.
  9. 9. University of Edinburgh OER Vision Edinburgh at its best • Showcasing the highest quality learning and teaching. • Identify collections of high quality learning materials to be published online for flexible use, and made available as open courseware. • Enable the discovery of these materials to enhance the University’s reputation.
  10. 10. University of Edinburgh OER Vision Edinburgh’s treasures • Make available collections of unique resources to promote health, economic and cultural well-being. • Digitise, curate and share major collections of archives, treasures, museum resources to encourage public engagement with learning, study and research. • Develop policy and infrastructure to ensure OER collections are sustainable.
  11. 11. University of Edinburgh OER Policy • Approved by Learning and Teaching Committee. • Encourages staff and students to use, create and publish OERs to enhance the quality of the student experience. • Helps colleagues make informed decisions about creating and using OER in support of the University’s OER Vision. • Informative and permissive.
  12. 12. University of Edinburgh OER Service • Advice • Workshops • Faculty development/training • Platforms • Encouragement/incentives • Technical solutions • Reporting
  13. 13. Contact Melissa Highton Assistant Principal Director, Learning Teaching & Web University of Edinburgh @HoneybHighton Lorna M. Campbell Education Design & Engagement University of Edinburgh @LornaMCampbell CC BY University of Edinburgh, unless otherwise indicated. Created August 2017.