Why cities invest in ICT & the EUROCITIES open data guidebook - George Niland @ EUIC2014


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Mr George Niland, Policy Advisor at EUROCITIES, presenting Why cities invest in ICT & the EUROCITIES open data guidebook during the ENoLL fringe session "Open Innovation and Living Labs shaping the cities and regions of the future" at the EC Innovation Convention 2014.

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Why cities invest in ICT & the EUROCITIES open data guidebook - George Niland @ EUIC2014

  1. 1. 2014 European Commission Innovation Convention EUROCITIES Cities & ICT – innovation and participation Presentation by George Niland Brussels – 11 March 2014
  2. 2. Networking EUROCITIES Forums COOPERATION Chaired by the city of Nantes Culture Forum Chaired by the city of Bologna Economic Development Forum Chaired by the city of Liverpool Environment Forum Chaired by the city of Birmingham Knowledge Society Forum - Chaired by the city of Ghent - Vice-chair is city of Manchester Mobility Forum Chaired by the city of Mannheim Social Affairs Forum Chaired by the city of The Hague EUROCITIES Over 130 full members in 34 countries, representing 120m citizens  43 associate members and partners  Most European capital cities are members
  3. 3. EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum  Priorities o Smart Citizens o Co-creation for innovation, transparency and business o IT development for smart governance  4 Working groups o Smart Cities o Open Data o E-Inclusion o Cybersecurity o WG on innovation
  4. 4. Some of the Challenges facing our cities  Considerable population growth, social issues  Environmental & transport pressures  Constrained budgets  Have to stay competitive and achieve sustainable growth while ensuring good quality of life for all citizens.  Citizens are increasingly ‘internet citizens’, who expect city services to be available online.
  5. 5.  We need to bridge the gap between the expectation of our constantly connected citizens and the services offered by cities  There is a need to develop improved, more efficient online public services, keep up with tech innovation and increase transparency by developing more open forms of government. Great Expectations
  6. 6.  Foster innovation, new businesses and economic growth  Foster social and digital inclusion  Improve sustainable mobility (e.g. real time public transport information, traffic flows)  Develop new services to measure and cut GHG emissions and change energy behaviour  Increase government transparency and citizen participation  Activate and strengthen quadruple helix co-creation (research, government, industry, civil society) Cities enabling new services & citizen participation
  7. 7. The enabling tools  Digital strategy incorporated across the whole city administration  New E-government services  Open data  Co-creation and User driven open innovation  Smart Cities strategies and projects and Future Internet enabled services -the city as a testbed  Procurement of new technologies, e.g. cloud services
  8. 8. From This
  9. 9. To This Heritage Eye
  10. 10. Creating an open innovation ecosystem Living Labs Crowdsourcing ideas, Participatory platforms Open data, Open data portal face2face engagement App developers City administration industry Civil society and Citizens University, researchers, innovation agencies Hackathons, data days Business incubators
  11. 11. City level - Need for clear policy and strategic aims  Developing clear open data and open innovation strategies  Need business cases and proof of value  Champions and supporters at city strategy level  Resources and Funding
  12. 12. EU level – replication and scale-up
  13. 13. EUROCITIES Open Data Working Group EUROCITIES Open Data Guidebook – overview  Challenges and solutions, Organizational and technical process of opening data  Builds on and utilises the knowledge and experiences of our member cities  The value of open data and relevance to issues such as smart cities, innovation, citizen involvement.  Best practice examples  Link: http://bit.ly/Mr19xw
  14. 14. Thank you! george.niland@eurocities.eu