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Telecommunication Networks and integrated Services (TNS) Living Lab Presentation


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Telecommunication Networks and integrated Services (TNS) Living LabProf. P. Demestichas, Dr K. Tsagkaris, Dr G. Athanasiou, Dr Y. Kritikou, ENoLL 5th Wave, May 16th 2011.

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Telecommunication Networks and integrated Services (TNS) Living Lab Presentation

  1. 1. ENoLL  5wave  Launch  –  Budapest  –  16.05.2011   Telecommunica+on  Networks  and  integrated  Services  (TNS)  Living  Lab   Greece   Prof.  P.  Demes+chas,  Dr  K.  Tsagkaris,  Dr  G.  Athanasiou,  Dr  Y.   Kri+kou   {pdemest,  ktsagk,  athanas,  kri+kou}  
  2. 2. Living  Lab  Descrip+on  •  TNS  LL:Research  and  Developement  Group  •  Informa+on  and  Communica+on  Technologies  •  Telecommunica+ons  Sector  •  Research,  Development  and  Demonstra+on   processes  •  Consul+ng  services  for  enhancing  the  services   offered  to  the  ci+zens,  new  services  that  may  applied   and  used,  opportuni+es  to  new  professional  to   evolve  their  ac+vi+es  and  knowledge,  past  exper+se   (respec+ng  the  IPRs)  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   TNS  LL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   2  
  3. 3. Living  Lab  Partnership  •  ALUD,  ALBLF,  IBBT,  TID,  TCF,  Intel,  NTUK,  VTT,  EIT+,  LCI,   UoSurrey,  UPC    and  many  more  partners  in  the  context  of   research  projects.    •  Organiza+on  of  the  LL:  Manager,  senior  members  of  the  TNS   Lab,  Post  Docs,  PhD  candidates/  MSc  holders,  MSc  Students   and  undergraduate  students  •  Governance  is  made  by  the  senior  members  of  the  LL  in   collabora+on  with  the  rest  members  of  the  group  •  Sustainability  is  based  on  Research  and  Development  that  are   being  worked  on  and  the  respec+ve  funding  received  for  the   Projects.  The  TNS  Lab  is  being  funded  by  its  own  resources   and  does  not  burden  the  Na+onal  Budget  of  Greece.  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   TNS  LL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   3  
  4. 4. Living  Lab  Ac+vi+es   •  Emerging  assets   •  ICT iCore/ Internet Connected Objects for Reconfigurable Eco-systems •  A cognitive framework comprising three levels of functionality, reusable to diverse applications. The levels include: virtual objects (VOs), composite virtual objects (CVOs), and functional blocks for representing the user/ stakeholder perspectives.•  ICT UniverSelf (•  Autonomics for the self-managed Future Internet. Unified management framework, network empowerment, deployment and validation, impact analysis and trend setting regarding the introduction of autonomics for the management of the Future Internet. •  ICT OneFIT/ Opportunistic networks and cognitive management systems for efficient application provision in the Future InterneT ( •  Operator governed opportunistic networks, capitalizing on dynamic spectrum management, secondary usage, ad-hoc networking (routing), social networking. Cognitive management systems for feasibility determination, creation, maintenance, and forced termination handling. Standardization of control channels for the cooperation of the cognitive management systems. ENoLL  5wave  Launch   TNS  LL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   4  
  5. 5. Par+cipa+on  in  ENoLL  •  Apply  for  Effec+ve  Membership  within  2011  •  Thema+c  Sub  Groups  “Smart  Ci+es.  Future  Internet.  Internet   of  things”,  “Sustainable  Mobility”  and  “Energy  Efficiency.   Sustainable  Energy.  Climate  change”  •  Work  Group  “Future  Internet,  Living  Labs  and  Social   Innova+on  Convergence”  •  The  TNS  Lab  supports  the  produc+on  of  cogni+ve  network   management  systems  and  cogni+ve  equipment  management   systems,  intended  for  na+onal  and  interna+onal   manufacturers  and  operators  •  Planned  ini+a+ves:  Standardiza+on  ac+vi+es,  Future  Internet   events,  Cluster  events,  EAI  mee+ngs  and  events,  etc…  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   TNS  LL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   5  
  6. 6. Par+cipa+on  in  ENoLL  •  Support  real  live  end-­‐user  experiments  and  user  tes+ng   through  the  wide  range  of  student  popula+on  (Postgraduate   and  selected  undergraduate)  •  Exploit  the  testbed  bought  by  TNS,  as  an  open  testbed,   federated  with  others,  in  order  to  obtain  European-­‐scale   facili+es.  •  Act  as  an  academic  partner  working  with  living  labs  •  Create  a  link  with  cogni+ve  management  techniques  (e.g.,   experiments  for  valida+on  of  techniques  that  now  are   validated  based  on  simula+on);  cogni+ve  management  of   networks  and  services  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   TNS  LL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   6  
  7. 7. Contact   •  University  of  Piraeus  Research   Center   –  Gregoriou  Labraki  122,  Piraeus,  Greece   –  hkp://   •  Professor  Panagio+s  Demes+chas   –  Manager   –    ENoLL  5wave  Launch   TNS  LL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –    7