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Smart City Amsterdam Daan Velthauzs AIM


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IST Pre-Conference on Living Labs in Gaborone (Botswana) May 10th 2011

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Smart City Amsterdam Daan Velthauzs AIM

  2. 2. Amsterdam 5 5
  3. 3. City in Energy AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 6
  4. 4. City in Activity AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 7
  5. 5. Amsterdam Smart City Amsterdam Smart CityAmsterdam Smart City is a unique collaboration between the inhabitants ofAmsterdam, businesses and governments in order to illustrate how energy canbe saved, now and in the future Collective effort Tech push / demand pull Economic viability 2 AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 8
  6. 6. Solution Focus Areas Solution – Focus AreasASC reduces emissions by focusing on Sustainable Living, Working, Transport andMunicipality enabled by Smart Grid technology Project Initiation The city of Amsterdam and grid operator Alliander have designed and initiated a program to support the climate and social-economical goals CO2 emission Amsterdam Focus areas ASC Amsterdam Smart City Traffic and transport Innovative Partnerships Behavioral Change (ASC) focuses on four Companies areas that correspond with Households the largest sources of 6.348 Sustainable Sustainable Sustainable Sustainable CO2 emission in the city 4.940 25% Living Working Mobility Public The municipality is treated Space 4.142 separately because its 33% large potential and the 34% 40% - 40% ambitious climate goals 2.485 30% 33% All four focus areas are enabled by smart grids 35% 37% 34% and smart meters Smart Grid technology: enabler 1990 2006 2025 2025 est. goal CO2 emission in kton/yr AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 8 9
  8. 8. Key Challenge 1: Multiple Stakeholders Elderly Homes Data Industry Car Manufacturing Retail Knowledge Logistics Culture Government Entrepreneurs Housing International collaboration Agencies Education Energy Communicatio Water ns Finance AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 11
  9. 9. Partners Amsterdam Smart City Founding PartnersCity of Amsterdam Utilities & Infrastructure Universities & Knowledge institutionsTechno starters Living , Offices & Buildings Network platformsConsultancy Technology & Communications Various
  10. 10. Statement: Developing Smart Cities is an Art AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 13
  11. 11. Start with a fixed roadmap… or AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 14
  12. 12. Key Challenge 2: How to involve users? AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 15
  13. 13. Statement: It is more than AwarenessNOT Awareness ActMORE LIKE Willingess to Willingness to Start Awareness Options Act Change Act on Options Insight CO2 Effort Sense of Urge Euro’s Benefits Knowledge Autonomy Incentives Convenience Regulations AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 16
  14. 14. Key Challenge 3: Find the proper Business Case Statement: The Value Case is tremendous! . But some will loose some and some will gain a lot Effort Impact AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 17
  15. 15. Overview of projectsThe City of Amsterdam, its inhabitants and business are involved in thefollowing projects (more to follow) Sustainable Living Sustainable Mobility •  West Orange •  Ship to Grid •  Geuzenveld •  “Moet je Watt” •  E-management in Haarlem •  “Onze Energie” Sustainable Public Space •  Sustainable Working •  ITO Tower •  Climate Street •  Monumental Buildings •  Smart Schools •  Employee Contest •  ZonSpot •  Smart Swimming AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 18
  16. 16. Sustainable Public Space: Climate StreetThe Climate Street pilot is a holistic concept for urban shopping streets, targeting allaspects: hardware in the public space, logistics in the street and the interiors of shop/bar/restaurants Project description •  Initiated by 140 SME’s •  46 ambassadors •  Focus on energy saving & behavior •  Collective effort & individual approach combined Initiatives •  Centralized logistics •  Sustainable waste collection •  Dimming public lighting •  Sustainable street furniture •  Energy scans •  Smart meter & Energy feedback displays •  Smart plugs Results •  Baseline measurement CO2 and NO2 •  > 50% sustainable waste collection •  First entrepreneurs provided with smart plugs •  Clustered delivery by electrical truck •  Dimming street lighting: 10% energy saving •  40 smart meters & 23 energy displays enrolled •  38 energy scans & personal feedback •  Awareness program
  17. 17. Sustainable Living: West Orange In the West Orange project, 500 in-home energy-feedback displays will be connected to a smart meter and control of the central heating Energy Management Test (Display) •  Direct meaningful feedback •  Consumers ‘target themselves’ (previous year as baseline) •  Stand alone, wireless touch screen, connected to internet & smart meter Outcome - factual •  Expected average savings: power 9% & gas 14% Outcome - behavioral •  More efficient use of household devices •  Switching off & lowering heating •  Substitution of household devices
  18. 18. This Means a new approach AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 21
  19. 19. Smart Work CentersFrom 1 to 99 locations in the NetherlandsFrom Proof of Concept to Network Massive personal car travels substituted through the chain of SWCs
  20. 20. Results AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 23
  21. 21. Context AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 24
  22. 22. Opportunities & Challenges for a Smart City Opportunities Challenges •  Attractiveness of the City •  Resources & Financing •  Increase Quality of Life •  Stakeholder management •  Creation of sustainable region: Economic benefits •  Standardisation •  Scale to act and implement •  The right customer •  Lower costs of Maintenance approach •  Global Growth •  Cooperation takes time AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 25
  23. 23. So what did we do? Collaboration Innovation Proof of Concept <CO2 >€ Living Work Mobility Public Space Data Energygeneration Learning AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 26
  24. 24. Vernieuwde site Visit: www.amsterdamsmartcity.comTekst AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 27 AMSTERDAM SMART CITY 27
  25. 25. Smarter Energy Usage & CO2 reductionGovernment, Businesses & InhabitantsObtain Experience & Share Knowledge Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam Start small, scale fast 28