Open Innovation and Living Labs shaping the future of our cities and regions.


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ENoLL presentation in the workshop "Open Innovation für urbane Mobilitätsservices" organised by Evolaris and AustriaTech on Oct 28th 2013 in Vienna

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Open Innovation and Living Labs shaping the future of our cities and regions.

  1. Open  Innova*on  and  Living  Labs     shaping  the  future  of  our  ci*es  and  regions   Ana  Garcia  Robles   European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)     Open  Innova*on  für  urbane  Mobilitätsservices   Vienna,  October  28th,  2013      
  2. @openlivinglabs    #LivingLabs   #smartci*es    #smartcity      #smartmobility          #openinnova*on   Ana  Garcia  Robles  (@RoblesAG)    
  3. hLp://  
  4. FUTURE  of  SMART  CITIES:     Challenges  and   recommenda*ons   By  
  5. City  strategies  based  on  a  new  understanding  of   innova0on  for  urban  development     1)  high  level  of  ci0zen  involvement  in  co-­‐crea7ng   internet-­‐based  applica7ons  and  service   2) emergence  of  new  forms  of  collabora0on  (e.g.  PPPs)   3) Open  Innova7on  
  6. BRIGDE  the  GAP                  Digital  skills  gap    Crea7vity  gap    The  entrepreneurship  gap   *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  hLp://www.fireball4smartci*  
  7. S*mulate  experimenta*on   openly  accessible  for  both   users  and  developers     s*mulate  experimenta*on   and  innova*on       part  of  the  innova*on   ecosystem  of  ci*es.  
  8. Some  recommenda*ons   •  Business  models  and  business   innova7on   •  Living  Lab  methodologies   •  Open  city  pla>orms       “Ci0es  provide  many  opportuni0es  of  a@rac0ve   explora0on  and  valida0on  environments.  There  is   s7ll  a  gap  between  Future  Internet  research  and   ci7zens’  expecta7ons.”     *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  hLp://www.fireball4smartci*  
  9. Shaping  the  future  of  ci*es  
  10. Living  Labs   A  Living  Lab  is  a  real-­‐life  test   a n d   e x p e r i m e n t a * o n   environment.     where   users   and   producers   co-­‐create  innova*ons.       In  a  trusted,  open  ecosystem   that   enables   business   and   societal    innova*on      
  11. The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)     Community   +300  Accredited   Living  Labs   Network   European Network of Living Labs, Brussels based international non-profit organisaton, fac i l i t at e s t h e co o p e r at i o n a n d t h e exploitation of synergies between its 300+ members worldwide. Diversity  
  12. •  •  •  •  •               Mobile  Living  Lab   Joined  ENoLL  in  2008   Bridge  RDI  –  Innova*on  GAP   Mobile  technologies   Experience       and   -­‐life   test   real   Lab   is   a nvironment.  ✔   A   Living ta*on  e Front-­‐runners   en   co-­‐ experim roducers   p and   users   ✔   where va*ons.   o hat   reate  inn system   t l     c   eco ed,   open and   societa t In   a   trus usiness     b enables ✔   ova*on   inn
  13. A  vision  and  a  future  for  ci*es   and  regions:  Why  ENoLL?  
  14. FUTURE  of  SMART  CITIES:     Some  European  projects  and   iniKaKves  
  15. What  is  SDK?   SDK = Service Development Kit CitySDK    Development  toolkit  for  the  city  services   20  
  16. SDK  for  Pan-­‐European     City     •  Service  development  toolkit  for  the  ci*es:   –  Open  and  interoperable  digital  service  interfaces   –  Processes,  guidelines  and  usability  standards.     •  “App  Store”  for  the  City       à Cross-­‐city  transfer  of     Smart  City  Applica*ons     21  
  17. CitySDK  Partnership   CiKes  and  city  regions:   •  Amsterdam   •  Barcelona   •  Helsinki   •  Istanbul   •  Lamia   •  Lisbon   •  Manchester   •  Rome     Private  companies   •  Alfamicro   •  Gnosis  Computers   •  ISA  –  Intelligent  Sensing   Anywhere   •  Lynx   •  Sanoma   •  TAGES       Development  and  expert   organizaKons   •  Forum  Virium  Helsinki   •  FutureEverything   •  Waag  Society     Network  organizaKons   •  European  Network  of  Living  Labs     UniversiKes  and  research  insKtutes     •  University  of  Tilburg   •  ESADE   •  CASPUR   •  Ins*tuto  Superior  Técnico   •  Amsterdam  University  of  Applied   Sciences       22  
  18. CitySDK            Developers   •  Created  and  developed  with  and  for  the  developers   •  Lightweight,  modular,  no  new  plaiorms   •  On-­‐going  process,  not  top  down  and  outdated     For   •  Ci*es’  in-­‐house  service  developers   •  Commercial  service  developers   •  SMEs   •  Large  corpora*ons   •  3rd  sector  &  hack*vists   •  Research  organisa*ons   23  
  19. CitySDK  Ecosystem   Public delivery Infrastructures; urban displays   App Stores   Engaged SME Developers’ new Services   exploiting the City SDK ecosystem, or open source pilot apps   CitySDK Pilots   Smart Participation FixMyStreet Smart Mobility Smart Tourism Personal Travel Assistant Personal Tour Guide CitySDK  Ecosystem           Unified Open City Interfaces through Pilots     as CitySDK components     Cities’ prior platforms, services, interfaces, open data   24  
  20. Smart  Ci*es  are  Crea*ve  Ci*es     Crea*ve  ci*es  they  need  to   connect  
  21. SPECIFI  Pilots   •  Partner  Living  Labs  will   organize  pilot  experiments  in   3  (inter)connected    city-­‐ regions,  i.e.  Kortrijk  city  and   Flanders  region  (Belgium),   Barcelona  city    and  Catalonia   region  (Spain),  and  Trento   city  and  the  Tren*no  region   (Italy)   •  Technology,  user  and   business  aspects  equally   important!  
  22. Bringing  together   infrastructures,  technological   components  and  a  network  of   interested  par*es  (ci*es,   ar*sts,  CI  companies,   technology  providers,…)     Open  and  accessible  to  all     Aimed  at  leveraging  the   poten*al  of  local  Crea*ve   Industries  by  bringing  them  into   the  FI  world,  and  boos*ng  the   poten*al  of  their  Smart  City   hosts  
  23. Summary   n    of  ciKze el  high  lev forms  of   ate l   Incorpor nt  and  new   •   regiona e nd involvem n  in  your  city  a o llaboraK +   co eaKvity     cr ers  and   te   trategies p s  s*mula ,  develo  to rs s  on  use  and  Open  data osystems   •  Focu aUorms w  city  ec pl  ne Open   on  in  the a* be   eriment need  to   s   exp *ve  ci*e ea rt  and  cr   •  Sma ed   vel  using  le connect regional d    a  city  an  at   Scaling s   • living  lab
  24. Ana  Garcia   European  Network  of  Living  Labs   @RoblesAG               @openlivinglabs