Knowing by developing through living labs happy transformation and smart region 160512


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Knowing by developing through living labs - happy transformation and smart region by ENoLL VP Tuija Hirvikoski from Laurea University of Applied Sciences at the University of Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa on May 16th, 2012.

Workshop organised by University of the Western Cape, SMIT-IBBT-Vrije Universiteit Brussel, European Network on Living Labs, Living Labs in Southern Africa, Western Cape e-Skills Knowledge Production Hub

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Knowing by developing through living labs happy transformation and smart region 160512

  1. 1. Laurea with multiple Centre ofExcellence awardsin the Helsinki Metropolitan Area   Knowing  by  Developing     through  Living  Labs     Open  European  Innova-on  Ecosystem   Director Tuija Hirvikoski, PhD, Laurea University of Applied Sciences European Network of Living Labs, 16052012  
  2. 2. Let’s  talk  about    •  Life,  learning  and   innova-on  •  Happy  Transforma-on  •  Crea-ng  Lorezian  BuGerfly   effect  •  New  Collabora-ve   Innova-on  Paradigm  •  Scaling  innova-on  up    from   micro  level  to  the  design  of   societal  transforma-on  •  Learning  by  Developing    16052012   2  
  3. 3. When •  growing as human being by helping others to grow into their own fullest potential •  empowering individuals with knowledge and skills needed to navigate in the complex and rapidly changing societal texture and to create happy transformation >  CONSCIOUS    INDIVIDUALS  >   RENEWAL  CAPITAL  >  SOCIETIES  AS   SELF-­‐RENEWAL  SYSTEMS  16052012   3  
  4. 4. New Collaborative Innovation Paradigm is Needed  16052012   4  
  5. 5. Grand  Challenges   Global Responsibility Foresight GLOBAL CHALLENGES Mental •  Make solar energy economical Models •  Manage the nitrogen cycle •  Advance health informatics •  Prevent nuclear terror FILL THE GAP BETWEEN RESEARCH •  •  Advance personalized training Provide energy from fusion Smart •  Inclusive Provide access to clean water RESULTS AND REAL LIFE PRACTICE Growth •  •  Growth Secure cyberspace Engineer the tools of scientific discovery •  Develop carbon sequestration methods Science & •  Reverse-engineer the brain Systems Society •  Enhance virtual reality Design Dialogue National Academy of Engineering Sustainable Growth16052012   5  
  6. 6. Integra-ng  Learning  and  Value   Crea-on  (Innova-on)  Learning  by  Developing  (based  on     Knowledge  Triangle)   CreaHng  share  value  through  LivingLabs           the regional competence and knowledge, networks and diverse partnerships are Summer Schools 2011 integrated comprehensively to Barcelona and Taipei, the learning process 2012 Canada and Finland 16052012   6  
  7. 7. ,   y th i n g f  ever  p art  o ”   “ I  am s  in  me T ol stoj:   hing  i as  everyt Happy Transformation is based on Citizens’ Renewal Capacity  16052012   7  
  8. 8. Friesland,  Living  Lab  Region,  Smart  specialized  in:   Integral regional development through: …..development of a conscious society….. …..creating a biobased society, using …..culture and creativity, …..talent development, and …..societal digitalization Giving back the power of conscious action to citizens. Thus enabling them to get in control of their life andAcknowledgments connected to a society and ecosystem they can reallyWillem Reek associate with. …..just to create a better world together16052012   8  
  9. 9.    Finnish  Economic   Castells  and  Himanen  (2002),  Success   pointed  out  that  Finland  has   uniquely  created  a  virtuous   circle  out  of  its  informa-on   society  and  welfare  state,   through  the    con-nuous   The Finnish Miracle finance  from  successful   by André Noel informa-on  society,  whereas bluewings/78146/ the  state  creates  well-­‐educated   people  in  good  shape  for  the   1.  Have an open mind informa-on  society’s   2.  Respect trial and error con-nuous  success  (Sabel  and   3.  Work harder and Saxenian  (2008),  21)   smarter16052012   9  
  10. 10. Learning by Developing-  a Unique Way to Study-  a Future Learning Model 16052012   10  
  11. 11. LbD  =  student-­‐centric  research  and   development  integrated  into  learning  •  LbD  is  a  system  of  learning  and  human  development  that   mobilizes  and  harnesses  human  crea-ve  talent  en  masse.    It  is  a   learning  system  that  integrates  educa-on  with  research,   development  and  innova-on  opera-ons  (RDI);  consequently,  it   fuels  our  collec-ve  crea-vity.  In  addi-on,  it  provides  each  student   the  tools  to  develop  and  u-lize  his  or  her  crea-ve  talents  fully  in   order  to  generate  a  livelihood  for  him  or  herself  and  to  foster   produc-vity  for  society  as  a  whole  •  hGp:// 05_benchmarking_evalua-on_audit/centre_of_excellence_evalua-on_2009.jsp  •  La        hGp://­‐living-­‐labs   Tuija  Hirvikoski            11   16052012  
  12. 12.   Learning  by  Developing  –  a  Unique   Way  to  Study  •  pedagogical  innova-on  developed  b  y  Laurea.   The  working  life  oriented  learning  method  Learning  by  Developing  is  a  •  The  LbD  -­‐projects  are  conducted  in  partnership   with  the  world  of  industry  and  commerce,  which   means  that  authen-c  workplace  issues  are   selected  as  subjects  of  studying.  •  For  students  LbD  is  a  new  way  to  get  the   competence  needed  in  working  life:  they  grow   from  learners  into  experts  with  excellent   employment  opportuni-es  within  their  specific   fields.    16052012 12
  13. 13.                     LbD  in  a  nutshell    •  An  authen-c  working-­‐life  related  R&D  project  as  a   learning  environment  •  Ac-ng  together  as  equal  partners  in  various  roles   with  different  responsibili-es  •  Focus  on  the  consequences  of  ac-ons,  which  lead   to  achieve  new  competences    •  A  holisHc  model  of  competence;  •  Knowing,  understanding,  doing  and  situa-on   management  as  an  integrated  whole  •  Knowledge  in  theories,  embedded  in  skills  and   abili-es,  and  moral  knowledge,  and  experien-al   knowledge  as  an  integrated  whole  16052012   13  
  14. 14. Modern learning methods at Laurea•  Nominated by Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council asCentre of Excellence in education:•  2005 – 2006•  2008-2009•  2010-2012Centre of Excellence in RegionalDevelopment•  2003 – 2004•  2006 - 2007Highest employment rateHighest number of student drivenstart-ups 16052012   14  
  15. 15. References:  •  Kivinen,  O.  &  Ristelä,  P.  2003.  Pragma-s-sia  näkökulmia  konstruk-vis-siin   oppimiskäsityksiin.  Psykologia  /01/03.  •  Mieonen,  Reijo.  2008.  Toiminnan  käsite  pragma-smissa  ja  kulGuurihistoriallisessa   toiminnan  teoriassa.  In  a  book  Kilpinen,  E.,  Kivinen,  O.  &  Pihlström,  S.  (toim.)  Pragma-smi   filosofiassa  ja  yhteiskunta-eteissä.  Yliopistopaino,  Helsinki.  •  Niiniluoto,  I.  2008.  Arvot  ja  tosiasiat  –  samaa  vai  eri  paria?  In  a  book  Kilpinen,  E.,  Kivinen,  O.   &  Pihlström,  S.  (toim.)  Pragma-smi  filosofiassa  ja  yhteiskunta-eteissä.  Yliopistopaino,   Helsinki.  •  Pihlström,  S.  2008.  Pragma-smin  näkökulmia  taitoon.  In  a  book  Ko-la,  H.,  Mutanen,  A.  &   Volanen,  M.V.  (toim.)  Taidon  Tieto.  Edita,  Helsinki.  •  Raij,  K.  2000.  Towards  A  Profession.  Helsinki  University,  The  Department  of  Educa-on.   University  Press,  Helsinki.  •  Raij,  K.  2007.  Learning  by  Developing.  Laurea  Publica-ons  A*58.  Laurea  University  of  Applied   sciences.  •  Taa-la,  V.  &  Raij,  K.  2011.  Philosophical  Review  of  Pragma-sm  as  a  Basis  for  Learning  by   Developing  Pedagogy.  Educa-onal  Philosophy  and  Theory.  •  Tynjälä,  P.,  Heikkinen,  H.  &  HuGunen,  R.  2005.  Konstruk-vis-nen  oppimiskäsitys  oppimisen   ohjaamisen  perustana.  In  a  book    Kalli,  P.  &  Malinen,  A.  (toim.)  Konstruk-vismi  ja  realismi.     Aikuiskasvatuksen  45.  vuosikirja.  Dark  Oy,  Vantaa.  •  Vyakarnam, S. et al 2008). Making A Difference    16052012   15  
  16. 16. Variety  of  choices  LbD Study tour LbD Curriculum DesignWhat is LbD and how is it done in practice? How to build your academic programme intoA two-day study tour will present the key a curriculum with LbD in the heart?contents of LbD and give the participants We will help you make the right choices anda personal experience of LbD via carefully guide you through the process in the sameselected interactive demonstrations. effective way as Laurea.LbD Conference LbD Learning ProgrammesAn interactive meeting place for We provide a wide selection of intensivepractitioners and academics of innovative, 2–8 week LbD-based courses from Laurea’sstudent-centric ways of learning. academic disciplines.A chance to meet and mix with They offer your students a great chance todevelopment-minded colleagues from enhance their education by learning in teams inaround the world. authentic working life development projects.LbD Instructor’s Programme LbD ConsultationDo you want to become a certified LbD Want to know more about LbD? How toinstructor with a deep understanding incorporate it into your own university orof LbD learning environments and a programme, how to lead the transformationcapability to create them? process, or how to sell the idea to theParticipate in our effective Instructor’s shareholders?Programme – a must for anyone who is We have vast experience on how to make LbDinterested in developing target-oriented successful and are very happy to share it withand student-centric learning environments. you.  16052012   16  
  17. 17. Knowing  by  Developing     through  Living  Labs  Summer  School  as  an  open  RDI  environment  and  LivingLab      hGp://­‐school2012/Pages/default.aspx    16052012   17