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IBBT/ ILab.o Pieter Ballon


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ENoLL Effective member IBBT ILab.o (Pieter Ballon)

Published in: Business, Technology
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IBBT/ ILab.o Pieter Ballon

  1. 1. Living Labs in Flanders: Business Impact Bram Lievens Pieter Ballon Lieven De Marez IBBT-iLab.oENoLL Open Living Labs PPPP 1Workshop, 27 Jan 2012Living Labs in Flanders!  Living Lab research at SMIT (VUB) and MICT (UGent) from 2003 onwards!  Foundation of IBBT in 2004: IBBT-SMIT and IBBT- MICT!  i-City wireless Living Lab initiative in Hasselt in 2005!  IBBT-SMIT set up of Open Innovation Centre Brussels in 2005!  IBBT-SMIT, IBBT-MICT and i-City merge and transform their LL operations in iLab.o in 2006-8!  40-50 Living Lab projects so far!  Number of test users typically 50-500 2
  2. 2. Towards digital Television in Flanders (2004) Living Lab project 3DTV Living Lab (2003-2004)!  2003: Pioneer LL project of Digital TV in Flanders!  Partner: Cable operator Telenet (TNT)!  300 Households!  Delay in commercial launch a.o. because of iterative LL process!  Now: !  Market share in Flanders of app. 70% !  Income from digital subscriptions 340 mio !/y !  Leading in interactive services (total market 45 mio !/y) !  Projected growth in line with our forecasts (LL approach diverging from traditional intention surveys) 4
  3. 3. TNT much better adoption 5 IBBT PSAP segmentation forecast
  4. 4. PSAP segmentation forecast Q2 2008 2006: 140000 Q3 2007 40000 Belgacom Q2 07 + 100000 Telenet Q3 06 1mio (+882000) 300000 138000 Q3 05 Q1 06 Q3 07Timing? !y 2y ? ? E-Paper (2005-2006) !  Objective !  Assess the feasibility for distribution and consumption of newspapers on eReader-devices !  Involved: Newspaper, Technology providers (iRex/Philips), Advertisement !  Main outcomes !  Not feasible !  Timing, technology limitations !  Too high impact on current internal processes !  Identification for other opportunities and alternative business-models !  BOOKS (which was validated by success of Kindle,…) !  iTunes model 8
  5. 5. DVB-H (2007): Finland vs Flanders Finland, 1 Vraag Vlaanderen , 3 Vragen (PSAP) 2006: behoorlijk potentieel 2007: zwak potentieel 2007: overschatting 41% 47% 16,7%Actua: 26/02/2008 vs 16/11/2010
  6. 6. Public-Private investments in Living Labs(2005-2012)!  Living Lab initiatives in Flanders !  i-City !  Start budget: 3,6 mio EUR !  Industry investment: 1,8 mio EUR (a.o. Microsoft) !  Flemish Living Lab Platform: total budget 2,8 mio EUR !  Industry investment: 1,4 mio EUR (a.o. Telenet, Fifthplay) !  Support of Flemish projects on smart-cities, smart-energy and smart- media !  LeyLab: total budget (initially 4,5 mio EUR) !  Industry investment: 50% (a.o. Alcatel Lucent, Belgacom) !  Roll out of Fiber-to-the-home !  Media garden: total budget 800k EUR !  250k industry !  Electrical Vehicles: total budget for set-up: 25mio EUR !  16,25 mio EUR funding !  9 mio EUR directly by industry !  Additional investments through projects 11InCitys project (2010-11)!  Living Lab project within Flemish Living Lab !  From concept to commercial roll-out of smart city platform !  Fifthplay !  Roll-out of basic infrastrucure !  Testing of services and business-model !  75 houses, 250 users and 25 shops!  Outcomes !  User experience !  Technological platform !  Service portfolio !  Business model adjusted!  Large commercial roll-out: Q2 – 2012 !  First rollout target 4000 houses !  Plans to export to other cities in Europe 12
  7. 7. From Mobile Living Lab to Mobile ServiceProvider Business (2008-2012)!  From i-City to city-Live: mobile data apps Living Lab to innovative mobile service company!  i-City LL activities transferred to iLab.o in 2008!  Take-over of service activities by city-Live: 1,4 mio EUR !  400k by from i-City partners !  300k Media-company !  300k Cable-operator !  300k Investment company!  City-Live sets up Mobile Vikings (2009) !  MVNO and mobile community mgmt & services !  Additional investments KPN !  Unique model in Belgium (Europe?): Business model, no marketing, no sales team, no stores, no contracts, no call center; but viral marketing and mobile social network => Spectacular growth, fastest in market; very low churn; 68% new customers are referrals; more social network services underway !  Currently 77,000 customers; est. 15-20 mio !/y business !  Real impact on mobile market - Reaction from established operators !  Expansion to other countries foreseen 13