ENoLL smartcity event nice 2013 - vision full version


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ENoLL smartcity event nice 2013 - vision full version

  1. 1. European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)       European  smart  ci9es  and  smart  city  projects  in  user   empowered  innova9on  ecosystems.   Ana  Garcia   European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)   “Vision  for  the  future  of  Smart  Ci9es”   Nice,  March  20th,  2013      
  2. 2. Smart  ci9es  and  The  Vision     Why  ENoLL?  
  3. 3. What?  The  contents  
  4. 4. What  is  ENoLL?   European Network of Living Labs, Brussels based international non-profit organisaton,   facilitates the cooperation and the exploitation   of sy n erg ie s betwee n i ts 30 0+ m embers worldwide.W i t h i n E N o L L , t h e w h o le eaninnovation cycle i.e end-users, E urop with ndSMEs, coorporations, citizens, ed ic i e s a ly L i n k s s i o n p o l s p e c i alpublic sector, NGOs, academia i e Co m m ve s and itala n d t h e w i d e r re s e ar c h t i in Dig p e i n i t i a ze d value E u r ocommunities form a ni recog d a f o r Citie , s,d e d i cat e d n e t w o r k o f n t Age gh S m ar n De sig ,thematically organised Living u e t, (t h r o I n t e r n n, CultureLabs. F u t u r e nno vatio …) Soci al I ern ance, , eGo v Health
  5. 5. The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs      Real-­‐life  test  and  experimenta9on  Public-­‐Private-­‐People  Partnerships  (PPPP)  environments  for  user-­‐driven  open  innova9on   320  Living  Labs   5  
  6. 6. What  is  a  Living  Lab  A  Living  Lab  is  a  real-­‐life  test  a n d   e x p e r i m e n t a 9 o n  environment   where   users  and   producers   co-­‐create  innova9ons.    Living  Labs  have  been  characterised  by  the  European  Commission  as  Public-­‐Private-­‐People   Partnerships   (PPPP)   for   co-­‐crea9on,  prototyping,   valida9on   and   tes9ng   of   new   technologies,   services,  products,  etc,  in  real-­‐life  contexts.  
  8. 8. Inputs  from  FIREBALL  Fireball   project   (www.fireball4smartci9es.eu)   a   CA   of   the   FP7   for   ICT  (2010-­‐2012).   Bring   together   the   FIRE/Future   Internet   community,   Living  Lab  and  urban  development.              
  9. 9. Some  findings  from  FIREBALL  “How  European  ci.es  are  currently  developing  strategies  towards  becoming  smarter  ci.es  and  the  lessons  we  can  draw  for  the  future.  These  strategies  are  also  based  on  a  new  understanding  of  innova.on,  grounded  in  the  concept  of  Open  innova:on  ecosystems,  global  innova:on  chains  and  on  ci:zen’s  empowerment  for  shaping  innova:on  and  urban  development.  These  new  ways  of  innova:on  are  characterised:    1)  high  level  of  ci.zen  involvement  in  co-­‐crea:ng  internet-­‐based  applica:ons  and   services  and  2)  emergence  of  new  forms  of  collabora.on  (e.g.  PPPs)”*    *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  h`p://www.fireball4smartci9es.eu/  
  10. 10. Some  findings  from  FIREBALL  (2)  “Open  innova:on  and  ci:zen’s  engagement  aim  to  bridge  the  GAP  between  the  R&D  of  ICT  and  actually  experimen.ng  and  using  Internet-­‐based  applica.ons  in  ci.es.  These  applica:ons  and  services  are  intended  to  bring  societal  and  economic  benefits  in  areas  such  as  healthcare,  independent  living,  enterprising  and  SMEs,  par:cipa:ve  government,  energy  efficiency,  environment  and  quality  of  life.”*              “Three  important  GAPS  are  outlined,  which  ci:es  have  to  overcome  namely:  1.  Digital  skills  gap:  that  concerns  to  the  ability  of  ci:zens  and  companies  to   master  web-­‐technologies  and  offer  solu:ons  over  the  net  2.  The  crea.vity  gap:  that  separates  web  technologies  and  applica:ons  3.  The  entrepreneurship  gap:  that  takes  place  between  digital  applica:ons  and   innova:ve  services”  *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  h`p://www.fireball4smartci9es.eu/  
  11. 11. Some  findings  from  FIREBALL  (3)  “Smart  ci:es  need  to  develop  strategies  and  migra.on  paths  regarding  how  they  will  make  use  of  available  internet  infrastructures,  testbed  facili.es,  applica.ons  and  know-­‐how,  and  how  they  will  develop  PPP  for  their  access,  use  and  exploita:on.  A  par:cular  point  of  aPen:on  is  how  those  assets  can  be  made  openly  accessible  for  both  users  and  developers  in  order  to  s:mulate  experimenta:on  and  innova:on  in  becoming  part  of  the  innova:on  ecosystem  of  ci:es.”        *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  h`p://www.fireball4smartci9es.eu  
  12. 12. Some  findings  from  FIREBALL  (4)    “Recommenda:on  in  the  paper:  ci:es  have  to  explore  various  business  models  and  iden:fy  the  ones  suitable  for  each  type  of  service.  Living  Lab  methodologies,  social  experiments,  crowdsourcing,  and  open  city  plaPorms  for  crea:ng  and  promo:ng  applica:ons  and  services  may  offer  good  solu:ons  to  this  end  and  mobilize  crea.ve  skills  of  the  en.re  popula.on  of  the  city.”            “Ci.es  provide  many  opportuni.es  of  aQrac.ve  explora.on  and  valida.on  environments.  There  is  s:ll  a  gap  between  Future  Internet  research  and  ci:zens’  expecta:ons.”    *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  h`p://www.fireball4smartci9es.eu    
  13. 13. FUTURE  of  SMART  CITIES:    Some  European  projects  and   iniIaIves  
  14. 14. •  Advance Europes competitiveness in Future Internet technologies and systems and to support innovative Internet-enhanced applications of public and social relevance, notably in urban areas. •  Make public service infrastructures and business processes smarter i.e. more intelligent, more efficient, more sustainable. •  Address different areas, e.g. energy, wellbeing transport, etc.ICT applications research 1.  Making the world Application Pull ‘smarter’ and accelerate sustainable technological FI-PPP innovation Technology push 2.  Making Europe a world leader in FutureICT technology research Internet technologies
  15. 15. FI-PPP Programme Iden9fica9on  of  the   requirements  for  each   usage  area     Generaliza9on  of   requirements   Implementa9on    of  generic  requirements     Deploy  domain-­‐specific     Large-­‐scale   as  core  plaborm   applica9ons  on  core  plaborm   tes9ng  
  16. 16. FI-WARE: Major Technical Chapters How Technical Chapters IoT-M2M Enablers IoT  Services  Enablement   Built-inAPIs & tools Data/Context Enablers Data/Context  Management   Integration and Composition Enablers Apps/Services  Ecosystem  &   Business & Delivery Framework Delivery   (revenue-share, cross-selling, …) Security Enablers Security   Advanced Cloud Enablers Cloud   Enablers easing interface to Network and Devices I2ND   16
  17. 17. Examples of Phase 1: Electronic   Market  Place   for  Energy   Micro  Grid   Smart   Buildings   Distributed   Electric   Network   Mobility  
  18. 18. FINSENY  (phase  1)  project  in  brief    Vision   Mission  «  A sustainable Smart Energy system in « Demonstrate, by 2015, how open FutureEurope, combining critical Internet Technologies can enable the Europeaninfrastructure reliability and security energy system to combine adaptive intelligencewith adaptive intelligence, enabled by with reliability and cost-efficiency to meet,open Future Internet Technologies. »   sustainably, the demands of an increasingly complex and dynamic energy landscape. » Project  details:   •  Dura9on:  April  2011  –  March   (April)  2013   •  Partners:  35  partners  from  12   countries  from  the  energy  and   ICT  domain   •  Part  of  the  FI-­‐PPP  program   •  h`p://www.finseny.eu/     •  ConInuaIon  in  phase  2   (FINESCE)  
  19. 19. •  FI-­‐PPP  Portal  www.fi-­‐ppp.eu    •  @FI_PPP  •  FINSENY:  www.fi-­‐ppp-­‐finseny.eu  Upcoming  events:  •  FIA  Dublin  (May  8th  –  10th):  www.fi-­‐dublin.eu  FINSENY:    •  FINSENY  Final  Event  together  with  EIT  ICT  Labs  on  April  10  and  11,  2013  in   Berlin,  details  and  registra9on  are  available  at: h`p://www.fi-­‐ppp-­‐finseny.eu/finseny-­‐smart-­‐energy-­‐enabled-­‐by-­‐future-­‐ internet-­‐workshop/  •  Pre-­‐FIA  workshop  from  FINSENY,  FINESCE  and  INFINITY  in  Dublin  in  May   2013  (May  7th)  
  20. 20. CitySDK    Development  toolkit  for  the  city   services   20  
  21. 21. What  is  SDK?   SDK = Service Development Kit 21  
  22. 22. SDK  for  Pan-­‐European     City    •  Service  development  toolkit  for  the  ci9es:   –  Open  and  interoperable  digital  service  interfaces   –  Processes,  guidelines  and  usability  standards.    •  “App  Store”  for  the  City      à Cross-­‐city  transfer  of    Smart  City  Applica9ons     22  
  23. 23. CitySDK  Partnership  CiIes  and  city  regions:   Network  organizaIons  •  Amsterdam   •  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  •  Barcelona    •  Helsinki   UniversiIes  and  research  insItutes•  Istanbul      •  Lamia   •  University  of  Tilburg  •  Lisbon   •  ESADE  •  Manchester   •  CASPUR  •  Rome   •  Ins9tuto  Superior  Técnico     •  Amsterdam  University  of  Applied   Sciences  Private  companies  •  Alfamicro    •  Gnosis  Computers    •  ISA  –  Intelligent  Sensing   Anywhere  •  Lynx  •  Sanoma  •  TAGES      Development  and  expert  organizaIons  •  Forum  Virium  Helsinki  •  FutureEverything  •  Waag  Society     23  
  24. 24. CitySDK            Developers  •  Created  and  developed  with  and  for  the  developers  •  Lightweight,  modular,  no  new  plaborms  •  On-­‐going  process,  not  top  down  and  outdated    For   •  Ci9es’  in-­‐house  service  developers   •  Commercial  service  developers   •  SMEs   •  Large  corpora9ons   •  3rd  sector  &  hack9vists   •  Research  organisa9ons   24  
  25. 25. CitySDK  Ecosystem  Public deliveryInfrastructures; App Stores   urban displays   Engaged SME Developers’ new Services   exploiting the City SDK ecosystem, or open source pilot apps   Project Pilots       Demonstrators, open source   CitySDK Ecosystem CitySDK components           Unified Open City Interfaces through Pilots     as CitySDK components     Cities’ prior platforms, services, interfaces, open data   25  
  26. 26. Public deliveryInfrastructures; App Stores   urban displays   Engaged SME Developers’ new Services   exploiting the City SDK ecosystem, or open source pilot apps   CitySDK Pilots   Smart Smart Smart Participation Mobility Tourism CitySDK  Ecosystem   FixMyStreet Personal Travel Personal Tour     Assistant Guide     Unified Open City Interfaces through Pilots     as CitySDK components     Cities’ prior platforms, services, interfaces, open data   26  
  27. 27. •  Bringing  the  Citys  issue  repor9ng  and  feedback  channels  closer  to   the  residents    •  Providing  ci9es  with  more  accurate  feedback  and  avoiding   unnecessary  feedback  •  Making  development  of  issue  repor9ng  and  feedback  channels   easier  •  Inspired  by  Open311  and  FixMyStreet   27  
  28. 28. Smart  Mobility  –  Lead  Pilot  in   Amsterdam  Intelligent  social  traveling  People  as  informa:on  agents  The  Personal  Travel  Assistant  makes  you  a  social  traveller  and  helps  you  •  To  make  your  experience  help  others  •  To  bring  structure  in  your  traveling   chaos  •  To  connect  with  fellow  travellers  •  To  make  your  experience  enhance   public  service   Aggrega:ng  of  messages  adapted  to  your  journey  to   separate  the  relevant  from  the  irrelevant  informa:on   28   Lauri  Vanhala:  Helsinki  Public  Transport  Visualized:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGllzWt0acU    
  29. 29. Smart  Tourism  –  Lead  Pilot  in  Lisbon     Personal  Travel  guide  –  real  9me   informa9on  for  tourists  and  travellers   •  Unifying  access  to  loca9on-­‐  and   9me-­‐based  tourism-­‐related  data,   and  subsequent  service  genera9on.   •  U9lizing  innova9ve,  user-­‐centric/ Internet  of  Things  technologies   e.g.:   –  Augmented  Reality     –  NFC/RFID   –  Public  Urban  Displays,  and   –  Geo-­‐loca9on     29  
  30. 30.           Smart  ciIes  are   creaIve  ciIes  and  the     CreaIve  ciIes  need  to   connect  
  31. 31. What  SPECIFI  wants  to  do  SPECIFI   will   demonstrate   that   a   Smart   City   is   a   Smart  Connected   CreaIve   City,   and   will   boost   the   poten9al   of  European   ci9es,   regions,   SMEs   and   crea9ve   individuals   to  overcome   fragmenta9on   and   the   lack   of   sustainable  business  models  in  an  open  and  user-­‐driven  fashion    SPECIFI   will   combine   ultrafast   FTTH   infrastructures   and  advanced  video  and  IoT  plaborms  for  the  crea9on  of  an  European   CreaIve   Ring   of   Smart   CiIes   and   Regions  facilita9ng   the   crea9on,   delivery   and   sharing   of  innova9ve,   user   co-­‐designed   arts,   media   and   leisure  services  locally,  regionally,  and  across  Europe    18/03/13   32  
  32. 32. SPECIFI  Pilots  •  Partner  Living  Labs  will   organize  pilot  experiments  in   3  (inter)connected    city-­‐ regions,  i.e.  Kortrijk  city  and   Flanders  region  (Belgium),   Barcelona  city    and  Catalonia   region  (Spain),  and  Trento   city  and  the  Tren9no  region   (Italy)  •  Technology,  user  and   business  aspects  equally   important!  18/03/13   33  
  33. 33. Moving  beyond  projec9sm  
  34. 34. A  market  and  mee9ng  place  •  Bringing  together  infrastructures,   technological  components  and  a  network  of   interested  par9es  (ci9es,  ar9sts,  CI  companies,   technology  providers,…)  •  Open  and  accessible  to  all  •  Aimed  at  leveraging  the  poten9al  of  local   Crea9ve  Industries  by  bringing  them  into  the   FI  world,  and  boos9ng  the  poten9al  of  their   Smart  City  hosts  
  35. 35.     @SPECIFI_project @CreativeRing Simon.delaere@vub.ac.be @citysdkmarja.mattila@forumvirium.fi www.citysdk.eu @FI_PPP info@fi-ppp.eu www.fi-ppp.eu
  36. 36. Summary   n o f citize hig h level for ms of porate an d new•  Incorvement s mart ci ty invol ration in yo ur collabo ies an d strate g lo pers s an d se rs, deveatfor m u s o n u + Op en p l •  Foc tivity crea stimulate new city data to on in the Open entati experimems e e d to b e eco syst cities nxisting d creative ! w ith e mart an d: Engage •  S necte es con initiativ E uro pean  
  37. 37. To  know  more  and  engage  -­‐  ENoLL  Wave  7th  opened  now:  www.openlivinglabs.eu  -­‐  FIA  Dublin  2013  (FI-­‐PPP,  Crea9ve  Ring  launch,  CitySDK,   Connected  Smart  Ci9es  network):  Pre-­‐FIA  workshops   May  7th    www.fi-­‐dublin.eu  -­‐  IV  ENoLL  Summer  School  (Manchester,  27-­‐30  Aug)   h`p://www.openlivinglabs.eu/event/4th-­‐enoll-­‐ summer-­‐school-­‐manchester  -­‐  1st  worldwide  conference  on  Living  Labs  (Amsterdam,   Nov  2013)   h`p://www.openlivinglabs.eu/news/first-­‐worldwide-­‐ conference-­‐open-­‐living-­‐labs  
  38. 38. Ana  Garcia  European  Projects  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  Ana.garcia@enoll.org  @RoblesAG           @openlivinglabs     info@enoll.org   www.openlivinglabs.eu