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ENoLL	  in	  projects	                       Ana	  García	                    Project	  Manager	  The	  European	  Network...
ENoLL	  in	  projects:	  Overview	                                   What	  does	  this	            What	  does	  this	   ...
ENoLL	  in	  projects:	  What	  is	  this?	  •  ENoLL	  established	  as	  a	  legal	  enDty	     (internaDonal	  non-­‐pr...
ENoLL	  in	  projects:	           Meaning	  for	  the	  ENoLL	  Community	  •  Building	  long-­‐term	  assets	  for	  the...
ENoLL	  in	  projects:	          Meaning	  for	  the	  ENoLL	  Members	  •  ParDcipaDon	  in	  projects	  is	  a	  service...
ENoLL	  in	  projects:	              Know	  more	  about	  what	  is	  going	  on	  •  ENoLL	  Project	  Involvement	  Gui...
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ENoLL in Projects Ana Garcia


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ENoLL in Projects, presented by Ana Garcia, ENoLL Project Manager at the 2nd Living Lab Summer School 2011 in Barcelona

Published in: Technology, Education
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ENoLL in Projects Ana Garcia

  1. 1. ENoLL  in  projects   Ana  García   Project  Manager  The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)  
  2. 2. ENoLL  in  projects:  Overview   What  does  this   What  does  this   What  is  this?   mean  for  the  ENoLL   mean  for  an  ENoLL   Community?   member?  Know  more  about  ENoLL  internal  processes  and  ongoing  projects  
  3. 3. ENoLL  in  projects:  What  is  this?  •  ENoLL  established  as  a  legal  enDty   (internaDonal  non-­‐profit  associaDon)  •  ENoLL  as  a  contractual  partner  in  internaDonal   projects  •  ParDcipaDon  formulated  in  different   modaliDes  •  In  compliance  with  ENoLL  mission,  objecDves   and  bylaws.  
  4. 4. ENoLL  in  projects:   Meaning  for  the  ENoLL  Community  •  Building  long-­‐term  assets  for  the  ENoLL   Community  •  Increasing  awareness  of  our  existence  and   mission  •  PuOng  ENoLL  Community  in  contact  with   important  programmes  and  other  networks  (FI-­‐ PPP)  •  Provide  foundaDons  and  support  for  ENoLL   Strategic  acDons  and  ENoLL  geographical   extension  •  Building  community:  Supports  joint  acDviDes  in-­‐ between  ENoLL  members  
  5. 5. ENoLL  in  projects:   Meaning  for  the  ENoLL  Members  •  ParDcipaDon  in  projects  is  a  service  that  ENoLL   provides  to  its  EffecDve  and  Associated   members  •  Distributed  tasks  •  Direct  parDcipaDon  in  ENoLL  projects  •  Providing  informaDon  about  upcoming  calls  •  Helping  our  members  to  create  consorDa    •  Providing  leUers  of  support  in  projects  
  6. 6. ENoLL  in  projects:   Know  more  about  what  is  going  on  •  ENoLL  Project  Involvement  Guidelines  •  ENoLL  Project  WG  •  Ongoing  projects:   • EPIC,  SMARTIP,  PERIPHERIA  (CIP  ICT  PSP):  started  Q4   2010.   • CONCORD  (FP7,  CSA):  started  Q2  2011   • CITYSDK  (CIP  ICT  PSP):  in  negoDaDons  and  expected  to   be  started  in  Q4  2011   • INNOMATNET  (FP7,  CSA):  in  negoDaDons  and  expected   to  be  started  in  Q4  2011    
  7. 7. Thank  you!!