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ENoLL FAO Workshop Jesse Marsh 2


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Innovative Tourism in Cyprus, Jesse Marsh, ENoLL FAO Workshop 25-26. January 2011

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ENoLL FAO Workshop Jesse Marsh 2

  1. 1. TLL KYPROS Innovave  Tourism   in  Cyprus  Innova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus  Innova&ng  4   Jesse  Marsh  Development   ANETEL:  Larnaca  District  Development  Agency  Rome  26  January  2011     1  
  2. 2. TLL TLL  Kypros   KYPROS •  ANETEL,  Local  authori&es,   enterprises,  associa&ons,   technology  SMEs,  etc.  etc.   •  Ac&vi&es  in  technology-­‐related   pilots  Innova&ve  Tourism   MED/SEE:  MedLab,  SMILIES…  in  Cyprus  Innova&ng  4   CIP:  PARTERRE…  Development  Rome   EARDF  LEADER…  26  January  2011   Na&onal  and  Regional  programmes   2  
  3. 3. TLL TLL-­‐Kypros  structure   KYPROS FUTURE INTERNET LarnacaLab Scenarios LEVEL EU PROJECT MedLab SMILIES PARTERRE LEVEL WEB 2.0 COLLABORATION ForumLarnaca Social NetworkInnova&ve  Tourism   LEVELin  Cyprus   STAKEHOLDERInnova&ng  4   COMMUNITY ICT SMEs, Associations, Municipalities, etc.Development   LEVELRome  26  January  2011   3  
  4. 4. TLL MedLab  Pilots   KYPROS RCM   LDA   UIP   LAZ   IM   I2BC   TRG   SIC   Inno-­‐SME   Rural  Dev   Coastal  Innova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus   Planning  Innova&ng  4  Development   Tourism  Rome  26  January  2011   4  
  5. 5. TLL Tourism  Living  Lab   KYPROS •  What  should  a  Tourism  Living  Lab  do?   •  Policy  objec&ves   Lead  to  more  sustainable  tourism   Reinforce  local  community,  highlight  culture   •  ICT  PlaVorms  and  services   Maximum  geographical  (and  marine)  coverage  Innova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus   Allow  maximum  local  involvement  (digital  divide)  Innova&ng  4  Development   •  Governance  issues  Rome   LDA  as  facilitator:  users  are  local  establishments  26  January  2011   and  tourists   5   Network  where  possible  with  other  experiments  
  6. 6. TLL Community   KYPROS •  Stakeholder  partnerships  built  up  from   previous  INTERREG  projects   Restaurant  owners,  hoteliers,  rental  agencies…   Associa&ons,  local  councils,  agencies…   Ar&sans,  fishermen,  farmers…   •  Thema&c  areas  iden&fied   Natural  resources  Innova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus   Fishing  Innova&ng  4   Locust  bean  industry  Development   Windmills  Rome  26  January  2011   Mountain  villages   6   Religious  sites  
  7. 7. TLL Three  experiments   KYPROS •  Co-­‐design  of  tourism  services  involving   community  and  tourists   •  «Angels  for  Travellers»  web-­‐based   service  invented  in  Naples   •  Last-­‐minute  organisa&on  of  rela&onal   tourism  offers  (meal,  tour,  hospitality)  Innova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus  Innova&ng  4  Development  Rome  26  January  2011   7  
  8. 8. TLL Co-­‐design  experiment   KYPROS •  Involve  tourists  in  co-­‐designing  new   tourism  products   •  Poten&al,  current  or  past  visitors  launch   ideas  in  ForumLarnaca  social  network   •  One  or  more  local  actors  accept  idea  and   ini&ate  co-­‐design  project  Innova&ve  Tourism   •  Other  tourists  (pre-­‐  during  or  post-­‐trip)  in  Cyprus   and  local  actors  can  join  co-­‐design  group  Innova&ng  4  Development   •  Par&cipa&ng  tourists  get  free  service  on  Rome  26  January  2011   arrival  to  test  and  evaluate   8  
  9. 9. TLL ForumLarnaca   KYPROSInnova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus  Innova&ng  4  Development  Rome  26  January  2011   9  
  10. 10. TLL Angels  experiment   KYPROS •  Kublai  project  “Angeli  per  viaggiatori”   hhp:// angelidinapoli     •  Local  inhabitants  interested  in  accompanying   tourists,  showing  them  lesser-­‐known   monuments,  ac&vi&es  of  daily  life,  etc.  Innova&ve  Tourism   •  Visitors  and  Angels  publish  “profiles”  –  e.g.  in  Cyprus   interested  in  nature,  culture  or  sea  –  to  Innova&ng  4  Development   match  aktudes  and  points  of  interest  Rome   •  Inter-­‐cultural  learning  promo&ng  26  January  2011   development  and  pride  of  place  “seeing  your   10   own  culture  through  the  eyes  of  strangers”  
  11. 11. TLL   KYPROSInnova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus  Innova&ng  4  Development  Rome  26  January  2011   11  
  12. 12. TLL Last-­‐minute  experiment   KYPROS •  Tourism  services  not  available  on  a   regular  basis:  meal  at  a  home,  art  exhibit   opening,  concert  or  performance,  fishing   trip…   •  Tourists  subscribe  according  to  category   with  mobile  phone  number  Innova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus   •  Network  detects  tourist’s  loca&on,  sends  Innova&ng  4   SMS  alerts  of  up-­‐coming  services  Development  Rome   •  Tourists  confirm  via  SMS,  service  26  January  2011   organisers  are  informed  via  SMS   12  
  13. 13. TLL   KYPROSInnova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus  Innova&ng  4  Development  Rome  26  January  2011   13  
  14. 14. TLL LarnacaLab  scenario   KYPROS •  Long-­‐term  view:  Larnaca  as  a  Living  Lab   •  Evalua&on  of  scaling-­‐up  poten&al  of  pilot   scenarios   •  Investment  ahrac&veness  for  ICT  sector   •  Example  hypothesis:  free  zone  for  radio   frequencies  Innova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus   •  Evalua&on  of  impact  on  sustainable  Innova&ng  4  Development   development  for  Larnaca  District  Rome  26  January  2011   14  
  15. 15. TLL Strategic  Mapping   KYPROS MEDLAB   FOCUSED   SMILIES   SMEs   Green   economy   STRATEGIC   PARTERRE   SCOPE  Innova&ve  Tourism  in  Cyprus   ICT   Lifestyles  Innova&ng  4  Development   PERIPHERIA  Rome   GENERIC  26  January  2011   TECHNICAL   INNOVATION   SOCIAL   15   FOCUS  
  16. 16. TLL KYPROS Thank  you  for  your   aQenon  Innova&ve  Tourism   Jesse  Marsh  in  Cyprus   ANETEL  Innova&ng  4  Development   Larnaca  District  Development  Agency  Rome  26  January  2011     16