ENoLL FAO Joint Workshop Tuija Hirvikoski


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Innovation for development and cultivating smart living talents in higher education, Rome, ENoLL FAO Workshop 25-26 January 2011

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ENoLL FAO Joint Workshop Tuija Hirvikoski

  1. 1. Laurea with multiple Centre ofExcellence awardsin the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Innovating for Development Cultivating Smart Living Talents in Higher Education Tuija Hirvikoski, PhD, Laurea University of Applied Sciences European Network of Living Labs, co-coordinator of the thematic domain Join ENOLL-FAO workshop Rome, January 26th 2011
  2. 2. http://www.newsweek.com/feature/2010/the-world-s-best-countries.html1/26/11 2
  3. 3. Societal  innova,on   Business  innova,on   Managerial  innova,on    Designing  and   orchestra,ng    the   system  of   Process  innova,on  innova,on  systems   Product  &  service  innova,on   Social  innova,on   Technological  innova,on   Tuija Hirvikoski 3
  4. 4. The world without borders Diversity nurtures innovation while innovation travels from country to country
  5. 5. Active Innovation Net bridges the East with the West and the North with the South•  The Eastern - Western collaboration, originated by the researchers, professors and lecturers of Tohoku Fukushi Univeristy (Japan), Laurea and Aalto (Finland), and was supported by the Laurea IAB members,•  National Taiwan University, Hallym University (South Korea), Technical University of Eindhoven (the Netherlands) ; Xiamen University (China) ... ENoLL members•  the network will provide a co-creation platform for those who are eager to develop different types of innovation from the micro to the macro level, and especially innovation that tackles issues related to ageing societies•  the network has adopted the principles of open and user driven innovation (the so called LivingLabs approach) next to the more traditional RDI methodologies.•  conference, summer 2012, planning workshop 14.6.2011•  next steps to be taken in South Africa Tuija Hirvikoski 5
  6. 6. Innovation travels and evolves from country to country•  NORDIC  WALKING  IN  JAPAN  •  Clinical  Art  (CA)  of  TFU  become   Encounter  Art  in  Laurea    •  CaringTV  •  Eco-­‐City  |  Bike  |  Chong-­‐Wen   Lin|  NCTU  •  Zen  Lab  |  Dharma  Drum   Mountain  |  Huimin  Bhiksu   image Tuija
  7. 7. Integrating RDI and Education National Enablers & EU case Asian-European Aging Societies Funding study-path User centred wellbeing and e.g. Laurea LLCore competences RDI projects and related methods TUE Knowedge production Wellbeing technology e.g. NTU education Quality of wellbeing services e.g. TFU Business models and industry e.g. Aalto/ transformation SF Anticipation and evaluation e.g. Hallym Unv.resources Human Nursing Processess professionals KIBS international expertice with the students Accountancy ehealth user centerd methods RDI portfolio and Educational servises Business innovations Innovation services Development of Nursing and related service (user centred, proactive,) Wellbeing technology (e-health services)
  8. 8. Laurea and South AfricaENoLL, European Network of LivingLabs ▶  http://www.openlivinglabs.eu/ ▶  http://www.openlivinglabs.eu/news/enoll-5th-wave ▶  http://vimeo.com/17515676 ▶  http://www-sop.inria.fr/teams/axis/LLSS2010/ecoleLL/Laurea Learning by Developing (LbD) model with the best employment rate.FINHEEC: “the model can set an example for the whole Finland” ▶   The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council http://www.kka.fi/index.phtml?l=en&s=82Laurea University of Applied Sciences International Advisory Board; RolfStumpf, PhD, Emeritus Vice Chancellor and Rector, Nelson MandelaMetropolitan University; Chairman, Higher Education Quality Committee;Professor Extraordinary, Institutional Research, University of the Free State http://www.laurea.fi/internet/en/03_information_on_Laurea/02_group/06_News/97_2010/International_experts_invited_as_Laurea_s_Honorary_Research_Fellows/index.jspCultivating Smart Living Talents in Higher Education International Forumon Smart Living Summer School Initiatives in AsiaLiving Lab network in Southern Africa (LLiSA) www.meraka.org.za http://llisa.meraka.org.za Tuija Hirvikoski 8
  9. 9. Laurea and (South) Africa•  FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL - THE POSSIBILITIES OF CROSS- CULTURAL FRANCHISING OF A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT INNOVATION, CASE: RLABS, THE RECONSTRUCTED LIVING LAB, SA ▶  Minna.Fred@laurea.fi•  Living Lab network in Southern Africa (LLiSA) www.meraka.org.za http:// llisa.meraka.org.za•  Collaboration@Rural – Aalto CKIR, Patricia Hongisto•  IRSES with Stellenbosch University (South Africa), to explore the impact of neoliberal policy and management on the professional decision making of social work professionals and the impact on vulnerable users of these services. Paivi.marjanen@laurea.fi•  In Laurea with the African students: •  Service Innovation Lab Condrad.Lyaruu@laurea.fi •  BarLaurea Minna.Fred@laurea.fi •  Multisensory environment for Internationalisation Minttu.raty@laurea.fiFinnish Rectors of UASs – Evaluation and benchmarking with SA1/26/11 Laurea University of Applied Sciences 9
  10. 10. Finnish Research and innovation policy guidelines for 2011–2015 The Research and Innovation Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, has adopted the policy report on education, research and innovation policy. The objective is for Finland to strengthen its position among the top knowledge and competence-based countries. The basic requirement for balanced and sustainable development is growth in productivity. Education, research and innovation policy supports economic growth and the positive development of the national economy, the sustainable renewal of society and the well-being of Finnish citizens. The programme will accelerate the reform of the research and innovation system initiated under the current government.-  non-technological & social innovation-  involve all stakeholders into practical solutions & new businesses-  public sector promote the emergence of lead markets (policy tools like public procurement)-  internationalisation-  Centres of Expertise Programme (OSKE) and Strategic Centres of Excellence (SHOKKI)-  The level of education will be raised-  R&D funding share of GDP 4% + increase of public funding a minimum 4.0%per annum => e.g. promotion of demand and user-based innovation activities and experiments Tuija Hirvikoski 10
  11. 11. Human centric innovation ecosystem Tuija Hirvikoski
  12. 12. Structured self-organising system -shared leadership & both bottom-up and top-down “Great  Resets  evolve  organically:   “Spontaneous harmony”, “order without careful crafting” new  innova,ons  emerge,  new   systems  of  technology  and   infrastructure  are  put  in  place,  and   new  paXerns  of  living  and  working   gradually  take  shape  and  begin  to   remake  the  economic  landscape.” Hamel ((2002),253) Leading the revolution Tuija Hirvikoski 12
  13. 13. Final report of the Country Brand Delegationhttp://www.tehtavasuomelle.fi/documents/TS_Report_A4_EN.pdfVISION 2030What will Finland’s place and role be in the world ?...4/7 Finland will bring clean water and schooling to areas ravaged by conflictsFinland will be involved in peace mediation all over the world, with a particular focuson water-related expertise and the provision of basic education in areas ravaged byconflicts. Finland’s expertise and efforts will be appreciated, and our views will becarefully listened to in the framework of international cooperation.In 2030, Finland and Finns will play a prominent role in finding solutions to theworld’s most wicked problems: together with others, teaching one another andfocusing on the solution. That is, blatantly, openly and sometimes in a somewhatstrange manner. The way only a Finn can.1/26/11 13
  14. 14. we  need  a  system  of  learning  and  human  development  that   mobilizes  and  harnesses  human  crea,ve  talent  en  masse   Smart  Living  Master  Program  integrated  to  R&D&I  =  PPPP
  15. 15. harnessing  human  crea,ve  talent•  to be successful in the world of work we need: full  crea,ve  talents  capable     • to  apply  prac,cal  or  scien,fic  oriented  methodologies  to   whatever  they  are  doing    and  innova,ng     •   to  work  in  interna,onal  teams  to  achieve  diverse  skills     Personality•  to live a satisfying life in the turbulent as a working tool in professional life environment we have to be: capable  to  enjoy  the  life  long  learning  and  the  growth  of   personality  and  character     Tuija Hirvikoski 15
  16. 16. Smart Living Education Solutions Student centric RDI •  Learning by Developing (LbD) in the LivingLabs •  Orchestration table for facilitating the system of innovation systems Image TuijaJanuary  14,  2011,  Taipei  ,  Taiwan   Interna,onal  Forum  on  Smart  Living  Summer  School  Ini,a,ves  in  Asia   Tuija  Hirvikoski            16  
  17. 17. LbD = student-centric research and development work integrated into learning•  LbD is a system of learning and human development that mobilizes and harnesses human creative talent en masse. It is a learning system that integrates education with research, development and innovation operations (RDI); consequently, it fuels our collective creativity. In addition, it provides each student the tools to develop and utilize his or her creative talents fully in order to generate a livelihood for him or herself and to foster productivity for society as a whole•  http://www.laurea.fi/internet/en/031_quality/01/05_development/02_operational_development/ 05_benchmarking_evaluation_audit/centre_of_excellence_evaluation_2009.jspLa http://www.slideshare.net/tuihirv/laurea-living-labs Tuija Hirvikoski 17
  18. 18. Learning by Developing – a Unique Way to Study•  The working life oriented learning method Learning by Developing is a pedagogical innovation developed by Laurea.•  The LbD -projects are conducted in partnership with the world of industry and commerce, which means that authentic workplace issues are selected as subjects of studying.•  For students LbD is a new way to get the competence needed in working life: they grow from learners into experts with excellent employment opportunities within their specific fields.1/26/11 Laurea University of Applied Sciences 18
  19. 19. LbD – student-centred R&D profiling Laurea1/26/11 Laurea University of Applied Sciences 19
  20. 20. Constant development of serves as the basis for Laurea’s quality assurance system.1/26/11 Laurea University of Applied Sciences 20
  21. 21. Feedback on Laurea Centre of Excellence (FINHEEC)•  The students‘ participation in R&D has been raised to a new level, so that they are now the main activating forces in the process•  supported by Laureas management and it is purposefully developed throughout the organisation•  a vision-based management model - incentivising for staff - communities of experts based on the interests of the parties involved•  a regional operator and partner in the metropolitan area - in continuous interaction with the environment•  many of the articles and conference presentations have involved students•  Laurea has determined the core competences included in all of its degree programmes, taken into account the context of each degree in curriculum development, and improved competence evaluation procedures1/26/11 21
  22. 22. Feedback on Centre of Excellence•  Laurea has defined its core competence in relation to the operating environments competence needs in terms of areas of focus, from which it has also derived the core competences for each degree programme•  The Learning by Developing core process strives to bring together employers and the workplace, employment-related research and development, and learning. Student-centric R&D is the connecting link between Laureas three main tasks, when the students projects are aimed at developing employment in the local region.•  In feedback, students especially mentioned the possibility of doing the right tasks in projects, and the appropriateness of their studies. Another strength that was mentioned was the improvement of team work and interaction skills, although imbalances in the degree of participation appear to be a challenge for teachers to tackle in the active student community and the commitment- demanding study model.•  One of the particular strengths of R&D activities at Laurea University of Applied Sciences is the role of students as central actors and takers of responsibility. 1/26/11 22
  23. 23. Feedback on Centre of Excellence•  Despite the strong emphasis on R&D, theory and practice are well balanced in the education. Student-centric R&D is particularly well suited to universities of applied sciences, and Laurea can set an example for the whole of Finland.•  The generally high level of results indicates that student-centric R&D is a good choice for pedagogy•  Laurea produces the highest number of ECTS credits from R&D. In addition, the students participation in publication, project preparation and even project management activities proves that they are central actors in Laureas R&D operations.•  Other strengths are Laureas open interaction with its operating environment, its agility in responding to the needs of the environment, and the apparent functionality of its management model. 1/26/11 23
  24. 24. Pisa vs. “to grow by helping others to grow in to their own fullest potential”Education of teachers:•  learning to understand the reality of school and teachers work is more important than managing it•  A prerequisite for the success of the training is that the trainers and students are able to build a community with which it is possible and safe to begin to do research.•  “In education and training, you will learn in an authentic situation how to understand and face phenomena related to learning, teaching, as well as being an individual or a member of the community”•  Experience and diversity of the team are the starting point for training•  Kasvatus 5/2010, Rautiainen-Räihä, Suomalaisen koulutuksen osallistumiskulttuurin on muututtava Tuija Hirvikoski 24
  25. 25. When you have only 50M€ for 8000 students (and you’re going upagainst 900 M€ for 16 000 students), you have to be real creative andproductive, and to engage your friends to generate synergies Lbd & LivingLabs organisational level encourage holistic approach regional level involve the multilayer national level environment from micro to the most macro level (be part of the ecosystem)international level integrate ▶  learning and RDI ▶  different types of innovations ▶  bottom-up and top-down appr. engage people in their different roles ▶  build trust, provide interaction forums
  26. 26. Membership in Major Innovation Networks•  Service Design Network•  European Network of Living Labs•  Cambridge Network•  Baltic Sea Network•  HMEA – Helsinki Metropolitan Entrepreneurship Academy•  HMIP – Helsinki Metropolitan Innovation Platform•  Active Innovation Net1/26/11 Laurea University of Applied Sciences 26
  27. 27. producing meanings and creating value at the “orchestration table” (system of innovation systems)Institutional Strategic Business Execution Design Personalenviroment environment environment professional development enviroment environment meanings orchestration table Political Enablers Utilizer licenses, franchiser, spin-offs Developer guidelines User
  28. 28. Grand Challenge Driven Innovation in the Global RDI and Business Ecosystem1.  Global  warming  and  ,ghtening  supplies  of  energy  2.  Water  and  food  3.  Ageing  socie*es  and  public  health    4.  Pandemics  and    security   Institutional Strategic Business Execution Design Personal enviroment environment environment professional development enviroment environment meanings orchestration table Political Enablers Utilizer licenses, franchiser, spin-offs Developer User guidelines ENoLL   Aalto   Asian-­‐European   UAS  -­‐   Security  and   Quadruple   FUAS   Ac,ve  Innova,on   Europe   Safety  RDI  net   Net  &  Ac,ve  Aging   Helix     USA   Forum   Asia   Virium   Africa   HLL   Sendai-­‐Finland   Helsinki   Wellbeing   Centre   LL  network  in   Southern  Africa   Virtual   Village    
  29. 29. SidLabs  &  BarLaurea    with  a  Master  programme   on  service  innova,on  and  design     LbD & LivingLabs Doctor  Seppo  Leminen  |  FinLab  and  UDOI  |Doctor  Katri  Ojasalo|   Ecosystem Minna  Fred    Senior  lecturer|  Doctor  Jyri  Rajamäki  |  Research  and   Educa,on  on  Security  and  Safety  |  |Rob  Moonen  |  Project   Manager    Guarantee  and  DiYSE  |  Julius  Tuomisto  |  Project   Manager    Renderfarm.fi  |Mika  J  Kortelainen    Senior  lecturer User  Driven  Innova*on  Centre UniC  with  a  Master   Personal meaningsInstitutionalenviroment Strategic environment Business environment professional development Execution enviroment Design environment programme  on  user  centric  methodologies,  hXp:// unic.laurea.fi/home.php   Doctor  Satu  Luojus  |  Doctor  Ou,  Cavén-­‐Pöysä  |  |Doctor  Olli  Vilkki   |  PeXeri  Suckman  |  Project  Manager    Ballad  Project  and   Quadruple  Helix  |   Ac*ve  Life  Village  &  CaringTv  in  Finland,  Japan   and  China  |  www.caringtv.fi| orchestration Doctor  Paula  Lehto  |  Doctor  Maria  Suokannas  |  Pia  Kiviharju  |   table Senior  lecturer/Development  Manager  |  Laurea/Ac,ve  Life  Village   Ltd  |  Doctor  Mal  Hämäläinen  | Laurea  Medical  and  Care  Simula*on  Centre  |   hXp://www.lamesse.laurea.fi/eng/index.html| Political guidelines Enablers Utilizer licenses, franchiser, spin-offs Developer Doctor  Jorma  Jokela  |   Doctor  Päivi  Marjanen    Konkkaronkka User Care  Innova*on  and  Design  Hub  CIDe & Express   to  Connect  |www.express2connect.org| Doctor  Anne  Äyväri  |  Doctor  Katariina  Raij  |   Primary Labs & Developers & Master programmes
  30. 30. Shared leadership based on interaction Leaders and professors provide Crewmembers (staff and students) •  an empowering vision and •  participate into the interactive meaningful storylines leaderships e.g. by forecasting, •  support and trust those with ideas proposing, carrying the and an entrepreneurial anxiety and responsibilities capabilities to make the ideas to •  are curious about opportunities and work in reality search for solutions •  create platforms and trust based •  empower their peers and leaders opportunities for collaboration and co-creation True  transforma,ons  evolve  organically:  new  innova,ons  emerge,  new  systems  of  technology  and  infrastructure  are  put  in  place,  and  new  paXerns  of   living  and  working  gradually  take  shape  and  begin  to  remake  the  economic   January 14, 2011, Taipei , Taiwan School Initiatives in Asia landscape. International Forum on Smart Living Summer Tuija Hirvikoski 30
  31. 31. Thank you for listening! tuija.hirvikoski@laure a.fi image Tuija1/26/11 31