ENoLL Achievements and Future Challenges


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Alvaro Oliveira, May 16th, 2011, Budapest.

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ENoLL Achievements and Future Challenges

  1. 1. The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs   (ENoLL)  Achievements  and  Future  Challenges   Prof.  Álvaro  de  Oliveira      President  of  the  ENoLL  Associa8on   (European  Network  of  Living  Labs)   Chair  of  the  ENoLL  Council     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   Budapest   1  
  2. 2. Overview  •  Challenges  of  our  8me  •  Living  Labs  •  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  •  Living  Labs  cross-­‐border  projects  •  ENoLL  Globaliza8on    •  The  case  of  Brazil  (BNoLL)  •  The  case  of  Africa  (ANoLL)  •  The  case  of  China  (CNoLL)  •  Global  projects  •  Conclusions   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   2   Budapest  
  3. 3. Global  Challenges  of  our  Time  •  Finding  solu8ons  for  clean  energy  sustainability  •  Finding  solu8ons  for  climate  change  •  Managing  democraphic  shiNs  •  Wellbeing  and  assisted  living.  Health  and  ageing  •  Providing  safer  water  supplies  •  Food  sustainability  •  Waste  management  •  Green  mobility  •  Improving  security     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   3   Budapest  
  4. 4. Big  Challenges  of  our  Democracies  •  Transparency  and  trust  on  the  poli8cal  system  •  Trust  in  the  public  administra8on  •  Ci8zens  mass  par8cipa8on  •  Behaviour  transforma8on  •  Sense  of  belonging  and  iden8ty  •  Social  inclusion  and  social  integra8on  •  Crisis  of  the  world  financial  system  •  World  stability     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   4   Budapest  
  5. 5. Sustainable  Solu8ons  •  Wicked  problems  call  for  diverse  types  of  knowledge,   resource,  par8cipa8on  and  collabora8on.    •  Behaviour  change  requires  the  mo8va8on  of  millions  of   individuals  and  their  communi8es;  solu8ons  cannot  be   pushed.  •  New,  distributed  and  highly  par8cipatory  systems  imply  new   roles  for  public  and  private  spheres:  demand/user/ci8zen   driven  open  RDI  enabled  by  ICT.   Living  Labs     Open  eco-­‐systems  engage  and  mo8vate   stakeholders,  s8mulate  collabora8on,  create  lead   markets  and  enable  behavior  transforma8on   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   5   Budapest  
  6. 6. Co-­‐crea8on  of  Innova8on   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Source: Form It Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   6   Budapest  
  7. 7. Living  Lab  Ecosystem   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   7   Budapest  
  8. 8. Living  Lab  Methodologies  (1/2)  •  Users  engagement.  Communi8es  Sustainability.    •  Experiment  ideas,  services,  concepts,  products.  •  Discovering  what  users  want  and  need.  Discovering   unexpressed  needs.  Source  of  new  ideas.    •  Speeding  up  acceptance.  Earlier  adopters.  Users  do  the  selling.  •  Large  scale  sustainable  behaviour  transforma8on   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   8   Budapest  
  9. 9. Living  Lab  Methodologies  (2/2)  •  Increased  collabora8on  between  public  authori8es,  research  centers,  businesses   and  user  communi8es.  Sharing  good  prac8ces  •  Flexible  and  adap8ve  design  process  rooted  in  real-­‐life  experience  with  increased   chances  of  succeeding  with  new  products.  Shorter  lead  8me  from  concept  to   market  (promote  viral  adop8on)  •  Beder  and  more  intensive  use  of  internal  ideas.  Beder  access  to  ideas  outside  the   organiza8on.    •  Accelera8on  of  innova8on.  Increased  produc8vity  of  the  RDI  ac8vi8es.    Includes   wider  socio-­‐economic  and  socio-­‐ins8tu8onal  factors,  enablers  of  sustainable   development.  Co-­‐crea8on  methodologies  and  tools.  •  Not  only  the  “immediate”  or  direct  factors,  rela8onships,  func8onali8es  or  impacts   of  the  “object”  under  LL-­‐experimental  RDI,  but  indirect  impacts,  externali8es  and   poten8al  side  effects.  •  Improved  coopera8on  in  Interna8onal  Networks.  Facilitate  the  interna8onal   posi8oning  and  privileged  access  to  the  markets.    •  Facilitate  the  development  o16  human  capital  and  culture  sustainability   f   May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   9   Budapest  
  10. 10. European  Network  of   Living  Labs  •  ENoLL  contributes  to  the  crea8on  of  a  dynamic,  mul8-­‐layer  and   mul8dimensional  European  Innova8on  ecosystem.  •  ENoLL  facilitates  the  coopera8on  and  the  exploita8on  of   synergies  between  members  and  groups  of  members  (thema8c   domains)  •  ENoLL  aims  at  the  Future  Internet,  Living  Labs  and  Smart  Ci8es   convergence  •  ENoLL  globalisa8on  fosters  interna8onal  open  collabora8on  to   solve  the  big  challenges  of  our  8mes,  thus  contribu8ng  to  World   stabilisa8on   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   10   Budapest  
  11. 11. ENoLL  Values  •  Trust  and  transparency  •  Human-­‐centricity  •  Bodom-­‐up,  enriching  communica8on    •  Co-­‐crea8on  and  collabora8on  •  Openness,  enabling  networking   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   11   Budapest  
  12. 12. ENoLL  and  EU  Presidencies  Finish  Presidency,   Portuguese  Presidency,     French  Presidency,     Spanish  Presidency,     Hungarian  Presidency,     Polish  Presidency,     Autumn  2006   Autumn  2007   Autumn  2008   Spring  2010   Spring  2011   Spring  2011   4th  Wave     5th  Wave     Autumn   Autumn   6th  Wave     1st  Wave     2nd  Wave     3rd  Wave     2009   2010    Wave     Sweedish  Presidency,     Belgium  Presidency,     Polish  Presidency,     Slovenian   Autumn  2009   Autumn  2010   Autumn  2011   Presidency,     Spring  2008   12  
  13. 13. 274  Living  Labs  1st  Wave     –   19  2nd  Wave     –   32  3rd  Wave     –   68  4th  Wave     –   93  5th  Wave   –   62   Total   274  
  14. 14. ENoLL  Today  •  236  EU  Living  Labs    •  38  Living  Labs  outside  EU  •  ENoLL  Office  headquarted  in  Brussels  with  one  full  8me  staff  member (services  to  members,  project  facilita8on,  events,  monthly  newsleder,   ac8ve  presence  in  online  and  in  Social  Media,  engaging  in  strategic   projects)  •  Suppor8ng  services  including  the  Living  Lab  Summer  Schools  (Paris  2010,   Barcelona  2011,  Helsinki  2012),  Living  Lab  Prize    •  Globaliza8on  of  ENoLL  (in  Brazil,  in  China  and  in  Africa)  •  ENoLL  PPP  Policy    ini8a8ve  •  6th  Call  for  ENoLL  membership  during  the  Polish  Presidency   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   14   Budapest  
  15. 15. ENoLL  Membership  •  Adherent  members   –  Living  Labs  having  passed  a  n-­‐Wave  evalua8on  •  Effec8ve  members   –  Adherent  members  having  paid  a  membership  fee  •  Associate  members   –  Non-­‐LLs  (eg  University,  public  authority,  etc.)   paying  the  membership  fee  •  All  members  will  pay  a  basic  administra8on   fee  as  of  2011   15   15  
  16. 16. ENoLL  Organiza8on   Mikael  Börjeson   Pieter  Ballon   Treasurer   ENoLL  Council   Secretariat   Deputy:  Esa  Ala-­‐UoJla   ENoLL  Office:  Anna  Kivilehto   (Membership  OperaJons)   18-­‐21  Members   (Membership  AdministraJon)   Tuija  Hirvikoski   Jarmo  Eskelinen   Álvaro  de  Oliveira   Vice-­‐President   Vice-­‐President   President   Deputy:  Ana  Garcia   Deputy:  Dave  Carter   Work  Groups.  EU  Presidencies.  NaJonal   SMEs,  Entrepreneurship  and   CommunicaJon,     Networks   Manufacturing.  Events   CiJes  Network   ENoLL  Strategy  and  OperaJon  Work   ThemaJc  Domain  Living  Labs    Work   ENoLL  Policy  Work  Group   Group   Group       CoordinaJon:  Tujia  Hirvikoski   CoordinaJon:  Seija  Kulkki   CoordinaJon:  Álvaro  Oliveira   Deputy:  Mikael  Börjeson     Deputy:  Jesse  Marsh   •  Energy  Efficiency     •  Health  and  Assisted  Living.  Well  Being   •  Smart  CiJes.     Foreign  Affairs  ENoLL  Work  Group   •  CreaJve  and  InteracJve  Media.    Future  Internet,  Living  Labs  and  Social   •  e-­‐Government.  e-­‐ParJcipaJon   CoordinaJon:  Álvaro  Oliveira   InnovaJon   •  Social  InnovaJon.  Social  Inclusion   Deputy:  Jarmo  Eskelinen   Convergence  Work  Group     •  ThemaJc  Tourism       •  Regional,  territorial  and  rural  development   Amsterdam  –  Africa     CoordinaJon:    Pieter  Ballon   of  Smart  Regions   Helsinki  –  Asia     Deputy:  Jo  Pierson   •  Sustainable  Mobility   Lisbon  -­‐  North  and  South  America   •  Smart  Manufacturing.  Smart  LogisJcs.   Ljubljana  -­‐  Central  and  Eastern  Europe,   •  Security   Euro-­‐Med       16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   16   Budapest  
  17. 17. ENoLL  Council  Chair  Álvaro  de  Oliveira  (LighJng  Living  Lab)  •  Vice  Chair  Tuija  Hirvikoski  (Laurea  University  of  Applied  Sciences,  Laurea  Living  Labs)  •  Vice  Chair  Jarmo  Eskelinen  (Helsinki  Living  Labs,  Forum  Virium  Helsinki)  •  Treasurer  Mikael  Börjeson  (Centre  for  Distance-­‐  Spanning  Technology  CDT,  Botnia  Living  Labs)  •  Vice  Treasurer  Esa  Ala-­‐UoJla  (Hermia  OY,  Suuntaamo  Tampere  Region  Living  Lab)  •  Secretariat  Pieter  Ballon  (IBBT,  iLab.o)    ENoLL  Council  Members:  •  Esteve  Almirall  (ESADE,  IIK)  •  Dave  Carter  (Manchester  Digital  Development  Agency,  MDDA)  •  Ana  Garcia  (InsJtute  for  InnovaJon  on  Human  Wellbeing,  I2BC)  •  Marf  Hyry  (University  of  Oulu,  NorthRULL)  •  Petra  Turkama  (Aalto  University,  CKIR)  •  Juha  Ruuska  (Lutakko  Living  Lab,  JAMK)  •  Bidatzi  Marin  (IAVANTE  FoundaJon,  Living  Lab  Salud  Andalucia)  •  Veli-­‐Pekka  Niitamo  (Haaga  Helia,  Ammafkorkeakoulujen  Neloskierre)  •  Ivan  PilaJ  (TrenJno  as  Lab)  •  Artur  Serra  (i2cat  Fundacio)  •  Roberto  Santoro  (European  Society  of  Concurrent  Enterprising  Network,  ESoCE-­‐NET)  •  Daan  Velthausz  (Amsterdam  InnovaJon  Motor,  AIM)   10  May  2011,  Gaborone  InternaJonal   ConvenJon  Centre,  Botswana   17   IST-­‐Africa  2011  Pre-­‐Conference  Workshop  
  18. 18. ENoLL  Office  •  ENoLL  Office  and  Secretariat  team  (IBBT)  provides   informa8on  services  and  organiza8onal  support  to   ENoLL  members  and  supports  the  Council  and  Work   Groups  in  developing  and  implemen8ng  ENoLL   strategic  and  opera8onal  objec8ves  •  ENoLL  Office  is  headquartered  in  Brussels  (IBBT)  •  ENoLL  Portal  (including  members  sec8on)  and   monthly  ENoLL  newsleder  •  Contact  ENoLL  Office  info@enoll.org   18  
  19. 19. ENoLL  Services   ENoLL  Members  ExpectaJons   ENoLL  Services         •  Network  opera8ons  and    office  support   in  Brussels     •  Network    evolu8on  and  Alliances  •  Interna8onal  visibility,  pres8ge,  brand   •  Entry  point  of  contact    for  User  Driven  •  Adract  business  to  the  region   Open  Innova8on  and  Future  Internet   Services.  Partners  searching  •  Access  European  and  other  sources  of   •  Policy  Link  to  the  Commission,  Na8onal   funding   and  Regional  levels  •  Co-­‐crea8on  of  new  knowledge  on   •  Assessing  Network  and  Living  Labs   Performance   Living  Labs   •  Share  prac8ces  and  success  stories    •  Share  users  communi8es  globally   •  Living  Labs  Summer  School  •  Share  prac8ces,  for-­‐with-­‐by-­‐user   •  Catalyzing  Opportuni8es  for  wide  scale   methods,  business  models,  IPR   cross-­‐border  pilots   •  Co-­‐create  Commons  accessible  to  the  •  Collaborate  in  joint  large  scale  pilots   Community  •  Get  connected  to  new  partners  on  a   •  Promo8ng  and  enabling  Networking     global  scale   through  physical  and  virtual  events     •  Living  Lab  Prize    
  20. 20. Thema8c  Sub  Networks  of  Living  Labs  •  Energy  Efficiency.  Sustainable  Energy.  Climate  change  •  Well  Being  and  Health  •  Smart  Ci8es.  Future  Internet.  Internet  of  things.  •  Social  Innova8on.  Social  Inclusion  •  e-­‐Government.  e-­‐Par8cipa8on  •  Crea8ve  Media.  User  driven  contents.  Social   Networks.  Web  2.0  •  Thema8c  Tourism.  Culture  Services  •  Territorial  and  rural  development  of  Smart  Regions  •  Sustainable  Mobility  •  Industrial  and  logis8cs  development.  •  Security   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   20   Budapest  
  21. 21. Na8onal  and  Regional     Networks  of  Living  Labs  •  Finnish  Network  •  Swedish  Network  •  Nordic  Network  •  Cataluna  Network  •  Slovenian  Network  •  Portuguese  Network  •  Italian  Network  •  Southern  African  Living  Labs  (LLiSA)   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   21   Budapest  
  22. 22. ENoLL  Ac8vi8es  •  Project  involvement  and  facilita8on  on  Smart  Ci8es  Call  (CIP  ICT-­‐PSP   programme)    •  Partner  in  3  Smart  City  CIP  pilot  projects  •  Connected  Smart  Ci8es  Network  •  Living  Lab  Summer  Schools    •  Memorandum  of  Understandings  with  UNITED,  CAISEC,  FAO,  LLiSA  •  New  ENoLL  Communica8on  tools  and  services  •  Future  Internet  and  Living  Labs  Social  Innova8on  Convergence  (CONCORD)  •  Brazilian  Network  of  Living  Labs  (BNoLL)  •  African  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ANoLL)  •  Chinese  Network  of  Living  Labs  (CNoLL)   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   22   Budapest  
  23. 23. Living  Lab  Projects    •  SAVE  ENERGY  •  Apollon  •  FIREBALL  •  Peripheria    •  CONCORD   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   23   Budapest  
  24. 24. Periphèria  Pilots   Neighbour-­‐ Street   Square   Museum-­‐ City  Hall   hood   Bremen   Athens   Park   Palmela   Malmoe   Genoa  Co-­‐housing  coopera8ve   Management  of  city   Ci8zen  engagement  in   Tourist  and  ci8zen   Use  an  ICT-­‐equipped  wan8ng  to  go  sustainable.     parking.   developing,  co-­‐designing   par8cipa8on  in  learning   mobile  vehicle  to  extend       and  priori8sing  green   about  material  and   delivery  of  city  e-­‐gov  Visualisa8on  of  collabora8ve   Integrated  ICT  and   city  policies:   immaterial  cultural  and   services  to  territory.  e-­‐par8cipa8on  ideas.     mobile  services  for   • Traffic  management   natural  heritage  (FP6       drivers  including   and  info  services   ISAAC).   • Accessibility  and  Community  resource  sharing.     reserva8on  of  spaces.       mobility  for  All  project       • Waste  collec8on   Management  and   (awareness  and  training  Link  with  local  supermarket   Introduc8on  of   management  and  info   protec8on  of  cultural  and   in  schools  and  public  for  sustainable  food.     facili8es  for  electric   system   natural  heritage.   administra8on)     cars,  bicycles  and        Inter-­‐cultural  communica8on   related  services.   • Planning  of  green  city   Safety  and  quality  of  life   • Services  to  automo8ve  with  immigrant  communi8es.         spaces   in  open  urban  spaces.     SME  network  cluster       Integra8on  with  public      Real-­‐estate  management   transport  networks  firm  to  renovate  public   and  food  logis8cs.  spaces  with  technology    experiences.      Mobile  games  to  explore  unfamiliar  parts  of  the  city.   24  
  25. 25. Globaliza8on  of  ENoLL  Expansion  iniJaJves  outside  of  Europe    •  Brazil    Network  of  Living  Labs  (BNoLL)  •  Africa  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ANoLL)  •  China  Network  of  Living  Labs  (CNoLL)  •  Taiwan  •  Korea  •  USA  CollaboraJon  agreements  •  FAO  Food  and  Agricultural  Organiza8on  of  the  UN  (MoU  and  Ac8on  plan)  •  United  Forum  Ubiquitous  Network  Industry  and  technology  Development  Forum  (China)  •  Beijing  City  Administra8on  and  Public  Service  Innova8on  –  Informa8on  System  and   Equipment  Center  (CAISEC)  China    •  World  Bank  (In  Progress)  •  INSME  Interna8onal  Network  of  SMEs  (In  progress)  •  EEN  Europe  Enterprise  Network  (In  progress)     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   25   Budapest  
  26. 26. EU  -­‐  Brazil  Coopera8on  Framework  •  Brazil  is  a  Strategic    Partner  of  the  EU  •  Brazil  and  European  cultures  have  common   origins.    Diaspora  effects  on  European  roots   communi8es.  •  Brazil  is  one  of  the  fastest  growing  economies.   Huge  market    opportuni8es.    •  Brazil  is  driving  the  socio-­‐economic  growth  by   strong  poli8cal  support  to  Innova8on.   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   26   Budapest  
  27. 27. Brazil  Socio-­‐Economic  Indicators  (2004-­‐2010)   Low  Income  PopulaJon  Minimun  Wage   decrease:   Raise:       20  million   60%   Total  PopulaJon:   Employment   198  million   increase:   11  million   Middle  Class     Increase:   32  million   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   27   Budapest  
  28. 28. Bodom  Up  Methodology    to  Create    and  Opera8onalise    Living  Labs  in  Brazil  •  Informa8on  dissemina8on  and  awareness.  Fostering  the   interest  to  the  ENoLL  Community  membership  •  Dissemina8on  Workshops  in  several  Brazilian  ci8es.  •  Workshops  to  support  the  defini8on  of  the  Living  Lab   concept:  partnership  crea8on,  strategic  objec8ves,   Federal  and  State  policies  opportuni8es,  etc.  •  Mentoring  aiming  at  the  prepara8on  of  the  Living  Lab   eco-­‐systems.  Workshoips,  thema8c  and  ins8tu8onal   mee8ngs  •  Mee8ngs  with  the  main  stakeholders  at  academic,   research,  enterprise,  federal  and  state  governments,   municipali8es,  associa8ons  and  NGO’s,  etc.   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   28 Budapest  
  29. 29. Top  Down  Methodology  to  Increase     EU-­‐Brazil  Coopera8on  in  the  Innova8on  Domain  •  Documents  of  strategy  to  the  DG  Info  of  the  European  Commission   demonstra8ng  the  strategic  role  of  Brazil  as  a  partner  for  the  EU.  •  Scien8fic  publica8ons  and  conference  presenta8ons,  namely  at  the   Innova8on  Conference  in  2008  and  2009  organised  by  CKIR  in  Helsinki.  •  Discussion  panels  in  conferences  (e-­‐Challenges,  ICE,  European   Commission  events,  etc.)  dedicated  to  present  and  discuss  the  EU-­‐Brazil   coopera8on  in  the  domain  of  innova8on  focused  in  Living  Labs.  •  Promote  awareness  and  mo8vate  Brazilian  State  governments  to  the   Living  Labs  methodology.  •  Promote  awareness  and  mo8vate  Brazilian  Federal  Government  to  the   Living  Labs  methodology.  •  Steering  Commidee  of  the  European  Commission  for  the  scien8fic  and   technological  coopera8on  nego8a8on.  •  Prepara8on  of  the  EU-­‐Brazil  Conference  for  the  Innova8on  and  Living   Labs.   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   29 Budapest  
  30. 30. ENoLL  Ac8vi8es  in  Brazil   Interna8onal  Forum  for   Technology  and  Innova8on,   Federal  Government    and  EU   Vitoria,  ES,  November  2008   Workshop  on  Living  Labs,   Commission  Workshop  on   Living  Labs  Workshop,   Manaus,  July  2008   Living  Labs,    Brasília,  September   Belém,  Pará,  30/Nov/2009   Workshop  LLs,  Vitoria,  ES,     2008   April  24th  2009   Workshop  on  Innova8on  and     Living  Labs,  Manaus,  October     Federal  Government    Mee8ngs   Living  Labs  Workshop,   2008   on  Living  Labs,    Brasília,   Espírito  Santo,    ES,     November  9th  2009   September  28th  2009.     Workshop  on  Innova8on  and   Espirito  Santo  Living  Lab   Living  Labs,  Manaus,   Workshop,  Vitoria,  ES,  June   September  2009   2009     Living  Labs  for  Interna8onal   Espirito  Santo  Living  Lab   Coopera8on.  FIAM,  Manaus,   Workshop,  Vitoria,  ES,  July   November  26th  2009   31th  2009   Living  Labs  Workshop    -­‐  UFES,   Vitória,  ES,    December  2009   Living  Labs  Energy  Efficiency,   Escelsa,  Vitória,  ES,  December   2009   Brazilian  Living  Labs:   1.    LL  awareness,  Brazilian  LL   Innova8on  and  Living  Labs   Digital  Niterói,  Niteroi,  Rio  de   par8cipants  on    European   Workshop,  São  Paulo,  SP   Janeiro,  RJDecember  2008   Events  (EU  Lyon  08,  Helsinki  08,   September  2008   EU  Portugal  07,  EU  Slovenia  08,   Smart  Ci8es,  São  Paulo,  SP,   INSME,  Rio  de  Janeiro,    May   Brussels  08,  etc)   December  2009   2010   2.      Brazilian  Living  Labs  and  ENoLL   Energy  Living  Labs  Workshop,   EU-­‐Brazil  LLs  Conference,   3.      Emerging  Living  Labs   EDP  Inovação,  São  Paulo,  SP,   Campinas,  SP,  October  2010   4.      Brazilian  Living  Labs  Network   December  2009   (t.b.c.)   Rio  Living  Lab  Mee8ng,  Rio  de   Janeiro,    Julho  de  2010   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Mee8ng  in  Rio  Living  Lab,  Rio  30   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   de  Janeiro,    December  2010   Budapest  
  31. 31. ENoLL  in  Brazil  -­‐  Results  •  Amazon  Living  Lab  -­‐  Fundação  Feitosa  (Manaus,  Amazonas)  •  Espirito  Santo  Cidadania  Digital  (Vitoria,  Espirito  Santo)  •  Inova  Unicamp  Innova8on  Agency  Living  Lab  (Campinas,  São  Paulo)  •  Living  Lab  INdT  -­‐  Well  Being  and  Wealth  Care  LL  (Manaus,  Amazonas)  •  Amazonas  Living  Lab  (Manaus,  Amazonas)  •  BBILL  (Belo  Horizonte,  Minas  Gerais)  •  EDP/Brasil  Living  Lab  (São  Paulo,  São  Paulo)  •  Group  Inter-­‐Ac8on  Living  Lab  (Manaus,  Amazonas)  •  Habitat  Living  Lab  (Vitoria,  Espirito  Santo)  •  Rio  Living  Lab  (Rio  de  Janeiro,  Rio  de  Janeiro)     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   31   Budapest  
  32. 32. Cidadania  Living  Lab   Digital  Ci8zenship     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of  32 Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   Budapest  
  33. 33. Cidadania  Living  Lab     Methods,  Tools  and  Processes     •  Development  of  innova8ve  pilot  projects,  user  driven  to  address  specific   needs  of  the  individuals  and  the  communi8es;   •  Facilita8on  of  the  co-­‐crea8ve  process,  user  driven  by  engaged   communi8es.  The  Living  Lab  has  acquired  the  skills  to  support   completely  new  ini8a8ves  that  may  be  brought  by  users  of  the   community,  such  as  learning  a  new  musical  instrument,  virtually  taking   part  in  a  remote  event  of  their  liking,  etc.   •  Co-­‐  designing  new  contents  and  producing  them  to  support  new  services   as  driven  by  users.   •  Social  fieldwork  closely  ar8culated  with  ICT  services  in  terms  of   prepara8on  ,  opera8on  and  monitoring  of  results   •  Organiza8on  throughout  the  year  of  public  events,  seminars,  workshops,   for  the  promo8on  of  the  Digital  Ci8zenship  Living  Lab  ac8vi8es,  the   funding  to  support  them  and  the  awareness  of  the  civil  society.   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of  33   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   Budapest  
  34. 34. Amazonia  Living  Lab   Driven  by  Nature  Innova8on  •  Biodiversity  •  Wellbeing  and  health  •  Culture  preserva8on  •  Remote  learning  •  Ecotourism  •  Sustainable  energy  •  Sustainable  environment  •  Digital  inclusion   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   Budapest  
  35. 35. Amazonia  Living  Lab   Living  Lab  of  Living  Labs  •  Common  vision  and  mission.  More  efec8ve   realiza8on  •  Coordina8on  of  plazorms  and  ini8a8ves  •  S8mula8on  and  facilita8on  of  synergies  •  Reinforcement  of  fund  raising  capacity  •  Increase  capacity  of  available  results  •  Wider  cri8cal  mass   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   Budapest  
  36. 36. Rio  de  Janeiro  Living  Lab   Driven  by  Olympic  Spirit  •  Thema8c  Tourism  •  Digital  Produc8on,  Publishing,  TV  •  Arts,  Design,  Fashion  •  Energy  and  Environment,  Sustainability  •  Social  Inclusion,  e-­‐Par8cipa8on  •  Healthy  Living  Sports  •  Smart  Ci8es,  Urban  renewal  •  Culture,  Entertainment,  Lifestyle  •  Others  
  37. 37. Brazilian  Network  of  Living  Labs   ExisJng  Living  Labs  domains   •   Sustainable  Energy  and  Energy  Efficiency   •   Environment  Technologies.  Sustainability   •   Biotechnology.  Biodiversity   •   Enviroment  Technologies   •   Natural  Products  Tradi8onal  Prac8ces   •   Social  Innova8on.  Inclusion   Emerging  Living  Labs  domain   •   Internet  of  Things  and  Intelligent  Logis8cs   •   Automo8ve  Industry   •   Civil  Aeronau8cs  Industry   •   Agrifood.  Healthy  Food   •   Crea8ve  IT  Industries   •   Thema8c  Tourism  (Eco-­‐ac8vi8es)   •   Security  37  
  38. 38. African  ENoLL  Living  Labs  •  Living  Lab  Maputo  (Mozambique)  •  African  Living  Lab  ISEG/UNIDAF  (Senegal)  •  Siyakhula  Living  Lab  (South  Africa)  •  Sekhukhune  Living  Lab  (South  Africa)  •  Addi8onal  four  from  Northern  Africa  to  be   announced  on  May  16th  (5th  Wave)   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   38   Budapest  
  39. 39.        Poten8al  Drivers  for  African  Network     of  Living  Labs  (ANoLL)  •  Inclusion  •  Learning  and  skills  development  •  Health  •  Energy  •  Food  sustainability  •  Secure  water  supply  •  eGovernement    •  eCommerce  •  Others…   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   Budapest   39  
  40. 40. The  Case  for  African  Network     of  Living  labs  (ANoLL)  •  Agreement  on  a  Task  Force  (established  on  May  10th)   to  draN  the  white  paper  for  the  crea8on  and   launching  of  ANoLL    •  ANoLL  Task  Force  is  in  charge  of  crea8ng  the  concept   and  the  ac8on  plan  and  the  implementa8on  ensuring   a  close  link  between  the  European  Network  of  Living   Labs  (ENoLL)  and  exis8ng  African  Living  Labs  namely,   LLiSA  and  the  ENoLL  African  Living  Lab  Members   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   40   Budapest  
  41. 41. ANoLL  Task  Force  •  Chair:  African  Union  Commission  (Dr  Ahmed  Hamdy)    •  Co-­‐Chair:  European  Commission  (Mr.  Thierry  Devars)    Current  Members  of  the  Task  Force  •  Moses  Bayingana  (African  Union  Commission,  HRST)  •  Effat  El  Shooky  (Egyp8an  Ministry  /  Northern  Africa)  •  Prof.  Marlien  Herselman  /  Mmamakanye  Pitse-­‐Boshomane  (LLiSA/  Southern  Africa)  •  Dr.  Faisal  Fudlelmola  (Sudan/  East  Africa)  •  Dr  Maxwell  Ovapa  (Uganda  Na8onal  Council  of  Science  &  Technology)  •  Dr.  Almany  Konte  (Senegal  /West  Africa)  •  Njei  Check  (Na8onal  Agency  for  Informa8on  Technologies,  Cameron  /  Central  Africa)  •  Henry  Coetzee  (University  of  Botswana)  •  Aki  Enkenberg  (Finnish  Foreign  Ministry,  Embassy  of  Finland  in  South  Africa)  •  Ilari  Lindy  (World  Bank)  •  Paul  Cunnigham  (IST-­‐Africa  Ini8a8ve/IIMC)    •  Prof.  Alvaro  Oliveira  /  Dr.  Daan  Velthausz  /  Anna  Kivilehto  (ENoLL)   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   41   Budapest  
  42. 42. Terms  of  reference  •  Transparent  and  open  process  (everyone  can   par8cipate)  •  Concrete  plan  of  ac8ons  •  Alignement  with  African/EU  agendas  •  Endorsement  from  the  relevant  ministries  •  Awareness  raising  events     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   42   Budapest  
  43. 43. Timeline  •  15th  of  June:  Structure  of  White  Paper  •  10th  of  September:  First  DraN  of  White  paper  for   consulta8on  within  ANoLL  Task  Force  •  25th  of  September:  Outcome  of  the  ANoLL  task  Force   consulta8on  integrated  in  the  draN  White  paper    •  30th  September:  Release  for  DraN  for  public  consulta8on  (30   days)    •  November  2011:  Final  version  of  the  White  paper  ready  for   the  African  Union  Commission  and  the  European  Commission  •  Open  discussion  and  valida8on  at  events  to  be  scheduled  at   the  five  African  regions     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   43   Budapest  
  44. 44. Globaliza8on  of  ENoLL     The  Case  of  China  (CNoLL)  Workshops  •  Energy  Efficiency,  Shanghai  (13-­‐14/10/2010)  •  Beijing  Energy  Efficiency  Workshop  (22/11/2010)  •  Beijing  ENoLL  Workshop  (25/11/2010)  •  Beijing  ENoLL  Workshop  (Planned  for  Feb  2011)    ExisJng  Living  Labs  •  TianJin-­‐China  Living  Lab  •  China  Mobile  Research  Ins8tute  •  Mobile  Life  Club  of  China  -­‐  MC²  •  Living  Lab  of  China  Mobile  Communica8on  Corpora8on   (LLCM)  
  45. 45. Globaliza8on  of  ENoLL     Other  Cases  •  Korea  (  Workshop  planned  for  February   2011)  •  Australia  (Ac8on  plan  ini8ated  in   October  2010)  •  Singapore  (Ac8on  plan  to  start  in  2011)  
  46. 46.   EU  –  Brazil  Energy   Living  Labs  Collabora8on  Renewable  Energy  producJon  and   Europe  distribuJon.  Mobility.   Brazil   Energy  Efficiency.   ICT.  Behaviour  TransformaJon.   SMART  Metering.  SMART  Grid.   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   46   Budapest  
  47. 47.   EU  –  Africa  -­‐  Brazil  Energy   Living  Labs  Collabora8on   Europe   Large  Scale  Pilots   Africa  Brazil   Biofuel  Biofuel   producJon  Technologies   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   47   Budapest  
  48. 48.   EU  –  China  -­‐  Brazil  Energy   Living  Labs  Collabora8on                ICT  for  Mobility   ICT  for   Europe   China   Mobility   Large  Scale  Pilots  Brazil   Biofuel   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   48   Budapest  
  49. 49. Interna8onal  RDI  Collabora8on  •  ICT  Programme  •  CIP  Programme  •  Europe  –  Brazil  joint  calls  •  8th  Africa  –  EU  Partnerships  on  Science,   Informa8on  Society  and  Space   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   49   Budapest  
  50. 50. European  Network  of  Living  Labs  •  Living  Labs  enable  the  co-­‐crea8on  of  user-­‐driven  and  human-­‐ centric  research,  development  and  innova8on  of  technologies,   products  and  services  focused  on  well-­‐being  of  people.  •  ENoLL  contributes  to  the  crea8on  of  a  dynamic,  mul8-­‐layer   and  mul8dimensional  European  Innova8on  ecosystem.  •  ENoLL  facilitates  the  coopera8on  and  the  exploita8on  of   synergies  between  members  and  groups  of  members   (thema8c  domains).  •  ENoLL  aims  at  the  Future  Internet,  Living  Labs  and  Smart  Ci8es   convergence.  •  ENoLL  globaliza8on  fosters  open  interna8onal  collabora8on  to   solve  the  big  challenges  of  our  8mes,  thus  contribu8ng  to   global  well  being  ,  prosperity  and  stability.   50  
  51. 51. Thank  you!   www.openlivinglabs.eu     Álvaro  de  Oliveira     chair@enoll.org                Phone:                +351    21    486    67    84              Skype:            alvaroduarteoliveira             Twider:   @openlivinglabs   Facebook:   ENoLL  European  Network  of  Living  Labs   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   51   Budapest  
  52. 52. Living  Labs    Living  Labs  are  user-­‐driven  innova8on  eco-­‐systems  where  the   user  (ci8zen,  resident,  worker,  student,  visitor,  customer)   lives,  works,  studies,  plays  and  entertains.  In  this  real  living   environment,  the  user  co-­‐creates,  experiments  and  tests   ideas,  products  and  services.  User-­‐centric  solu8ons  and  social   innova8on  processes  lead  to  new  forms  of  produc8vity  and   compe88veness  as  well  as  sustainable  behavior   transforma8on.   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   52   Budapest  
  53. 53. Brazil  Socio-­‐Economic  Indicators  (2004-­‐2010)   Low  Income  PopulaJon  Minimun  Wage   decrease:   Raise:       20  million   60%   Total  PopulaJon:   Employment   198  million   increase:   11  million   Middle  Class     Increase:   32  million   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   53   Budapest  
  54. 54. Open  Ques8ons?  •  African  partners  (champions)  to  drive  the  process  •  Involvement  distribu8on  of  commided  African   partners    •  Alignment  with  the  African  –  EU  agenda  and  funds   available   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   54   Budapest  
  55. 55. What  is  to  be  gained  from  user-­‐ involvement?  •  Discovering  what  users  want  and  need.  Source  of  new  ideas.   Innova8on  by  design  thinking.  •  User  priori8es  –  What  mo8vates  them?  •  Discovering  unexpressed  needs  •  Experiment  ideas,  services,  concepts,  products.  Speeding  up   acceptance  •  Users  engagement.  Sustainability  of  users  community.  Earlier   adopters.  Speeding  up  acceptance.The  users  do  the  selling.  •  Sustainable  behaviour  transforma8on   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   55   Budapest  
  56. 56. Task  Force  Sub  Groups  •  White  paper  on  the  structure,  process,  funding,  ac8on  plan   (Members:  African  Union  Commission,  European  Commission,   LLiSA/  Southern  Africa,  ENoLL,  Finnish  Foreign  Ministry)  •  PotenJal  landscape  –  exisJng  and  emerging  LLs  (  Members:   IST  Africa,  LLiSA/Southern  Africa,  African  Union  Commission,   European  Commission,  Sudan/East  Africa,  ENoLL)  •  CommunicaJon  strategy,  awareness  raising  events   (Members:  IST  Africa,  Egypt  /  Northern  Africa,  African  Union   Commission,  European  Commission,  ENoLL)   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   56   Budapest  
  57. 57. European  Network  of   Living  Labs    Five  Waves   1st  Wave     –   19   2nd  Wave     –   32   3rd  Wave     –   68   4th  Wave     –   93   5th  Wave   -­‐   62   Total   274   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   57   Budapest  
  58. 58. Advantages  of  Living  Labs     for  Africa   •  Co-­‐crea8on  adjusted  to  the  market  needs   •  Na8onal  and  Interna8onal  Partnerships   •  Easier  access  to  New  Technologies  and  Best   Prac8ces   •  Boos8ng  Innova8on  in  Rural  areas  involving   communi8es   •  Access  to  New  Markets   More  Efficient  InnovaJon  System   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of  58 Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   Budapest  
  59. 59. Research  Philosophy,  approach,   methodology     16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   59   Budapest  
  60. 60. 16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of  Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   60   Budapest  
  61. 61. 16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of  Membership,  Publica8on  of  Results  in   61   Budapest  
  62. 62. FIAPAL  Living  Lab:  Automo8ve   Industry  F   InternaJonal  Research  OrganizaJons   I   MIT   IPA   Carnigie  Mellon   M  N   A  A   R  N   K  C   Technological  Centers   E  E   T     Research  OrganizaJons   CEIIA   Technological  Centers    F   U  U   S  N   AssociaJons  and  Training   E  D   Palmela  Industrial  Park   ATEC   Other  AssociaJons   R   I   S  N  G   Reserach,  Engineering,  InnovaJon,  Training   ALL-­‐Net  1   FIAPAL  LL   ALL-­‐Net    N   OEM  1   OEM  N   S1   Sn-­‐2   Sn-­‐1   Sn   AutomoJve  Living  Lab  Network   62   62  
  63. 63. FIAPAL  Living  Lab  Evolu8on   RENAULT   AUTOEUROPA,   AUTOEUROPA,   AUTOEUROPA   OEMS  OEM Assembler   GM,  PSA   GM,  PSA   PSA,  Others  Suppliers 10   50   120   180   180     Added  Value     Innova8on   Clubs  of   FIAPAL     Non-­‐existent   Networks   Networks  Networking Suppliers   (LL  Methodology)   Living  Lab   (LL  Methodology)     500  Millions   4  Billions      5  Billions     6  Billions   1.5  Billions  Euros   Euros    Euros  Turnover Euros   Euros   Date 1992   1995   2000   2005   2010   63   63  
  64. 64. SANJOTEC  Living  Lab:  Footwear  Industry   RDI   Raw     Interna8onal   Materials   materials   Brands   Final   Trends     Design   Manufacturing     Distribui8on   Market   (users,  clients)   (Own  Collec8ons)   Industry   (Early  Adopters)   (Medium  -­‐  high)     RDI   Produc8on     Retailing   Equipment   Equipment   Networks   (Local  and  export)    •   Co-­‐crea8on,  co-­‐engineering,  co-­‐produc8on  and  co-­‐distribu8on  •   Involvement  of  all  the  stakeholders    •   Engaged  user  communi8es   64   64  
  65. 65. Brazil  Socio-­‐Economic  Indicators  (2004-­‐2010)   Low  Income  PopulaJon  Minimun  Wage   decrease:   Raise:       20  million   60%   Total  PopulaJon:   Employment   198  million   increase:   11  million   Middle  Class     Increase:   32  million   65  
  66. 66. Energy  Liberaliza8on  Policy   A  User  Driven  Movement  to  create  the  future  today   Supply   Smart  Grid   Demand  TradiJonal   Smart  Metering  Power  plants   Open  for  all  types  and  sizes   of  local  generaJon    Solar  GeneraJon   Efficient,  reliable  and  self-­‐healing     transmission  and  distribuJon   Smart  Houses     InteracJon  between   demand  and  operaJon     Plug-­‐in  Vehicles  Wind  Farms   Most  cost  efficient  soluJon   Industry   ready  to  future  requirements    Distributed  GeneraJon   66  
  67. 67. SAVE  ENERGY  Project  5  Energy  Efficiency  Pilots  located  at  public  buildings  supplying  services  to  the  public   Goals:     •  Smart  ICT  Energy   Efficiency  model  and   plazorm  aiming  at  20%   •  Serious  Game  focused   on  Energy  Efficiency  at   Public  Spaces   •  User  behavior   transforma8on.  Living     Lab  methodology   •  Pilots  commided  to   extend  results  beyond   project  comple8on   •  European  wide   dissemina8on  of  results   •  Policy   Recommenda8ons  to   the  EU  Commission   16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   67   Budapest  
  68. 68. SAVE  ENERGY   Opening  new  Energy  Efficiency  and  ICT  Markets  for  SMEs   French Pilot (10.000 users)APOLLON Portuguese Project Pilot (50.000 users) Brazilian Pilot São Paulo (10.000 users) Brazilian Pilot VitóriaPreCo (10.000 users)Project Others 68
  69. 69. APOLLON Living Lab cross-border Activity Example Escelsa Bandeirantes LL LL The  APOLLON  Living  Lab   Network  on  Energy  Business Partnership Vitória LL Efficiency  has  already   (APOLLON pilot) R&D Pilots s8mulated  an  Energy   Efficiency  Living  Lab  led  by   ISA  in  Portugal  and   Pil ot A POL LON partnerships  are  being   nego8ated  with  the   ISA Business P emerging  Energy  Efficiency   artnership Living  Labs  of  Vitória  and   R&D Pilots São  Paulo.   ISA LL Electro-Paulo LL Business Model 16  May  2011,  ENoLL  5th  Wave  of   Membership,  PublicaJon  of  Results  in   69   Budapest