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ENoLL	  5wave	  Launch	  –	  Budapest	  –	  16.05.2011	  Cretan	  and	  South	  Aegean	  Living	                     Lab	 ...
Living	  Lab	  DescripKon	  •  CSALL	  Develops	  e-­‐	  services	  and	  web	  portals	              for	  municipaliKes	...
Living	  Lab	  Partnership	   •  Main	  partners	  and	  roles:	  University	  of	  Crete	  is	  the	  core	  of	      CSA...
Living	  Lab	  Partnership	  •  OrganisaKon	  and	  structure:Each	  partner	  has	  commi_ed	  to	     collaborate	  and	...
Living	  Lab	  AcKviKes                                                       	  ENoLL	  5wave	  Launch	                 C...
ParKcipaKon	  in	  ENoLL                                                        	  •  CSALL	  is	  interested	  	  in	  th...
Contact                                                	                                 •  University	  of	  Crete	      ...
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Cretan and South Aegean Living Lab Presentation


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Cretan and South Aegean Living Lab, George Vitsakis, May 16th, 2011.

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Cretan and South Aegean Living Lab Presentation

  1. 1. ENoLL  5wave  Launch  –  Budapest  –  16.05.2011  Cretan  and  South  Aegean  Living   Lab   Greece   George  Vitsakis  
  2. 2. Living  Lab  DescripKon  •  CSALL  Develops  e-­‐  services  and  web  portals   for  municipaliKes  and  universiKes  in  Greece   for  promoKng  e-­‐government  and                                           e-­‐  parKcipaKon    •  We  use  open  source  tools  such  as  php,java,   ajax,  postgress  e.t.c    •  We  operate  in  the  fields  of  Smart  ciKes,          e-­‐government,  e-­‐  parKcipaKon    ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CSALL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   2  
  3. 3. Living  Lab  Partnership   •  Main  partners  and  roles:  University  of  Crete  is  the  core  of   CSALL  ,  its  main  partners  are:     •  Technical  university  of  Crete   •  University  of  the  mountains   •  Technological  and  EducaKonal  InsKtuKon  of  Crete   •  Region  of  South  Aegean   •  Municipality  of  Heraklion   •  Ikaros  Network  ,  a  network  of  15  municipaliKes  in  Greece   (more  than  500.000  end  users)   •  Forthnet,  one  of  the  biggest  telecommunicaKon  companies  in   Greece     •  Heraklion  Chamber  of  commerce  and  industry    (SME’s)  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CSALL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   3  
  4. 4. Living  Lab  Partnership  •  OrganisaKon  and  structure:Each  partner  has  commi_ed  to   collaborate  and  contribute  to  the  Living  Labs  acKviKes   depending  on  their  potenKal  and  funcKon.  The  partnership  is   open  to  new  members  and  will  welcome  any  collaboraKon   that  can  bring  added  value  and  share  common  goals.  •  CSALL  business  model  is  based  on  the  funcKon  of  several  EU-­‐   funded  programmes  on  e-­‐government  for  academia  and   municipaliKes  but  also  on  projects  co  operated  with  the   SME’s  that  bring  to  the  market  integrated  and  innovaKve   soluKons.  NaKonal  funds  contribute  to  the  operaKon  of  the  LL   mainly  through  municipaliKes  and  academia  budget.      ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CSALL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   4  
  5. 5. Living  Lab  AcKviKes  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CSALL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   5  
  6. 6. ParKcipaKon  in  ENoLL  •  CSALL  is  interested    in  the  following  themaKc   domains:    •  Smart  Ci)es,    Future  Internet,  Internet  of  things  •  e-­‐Government,    e-­‐Par)cipa)on  •  e-­‐health  •  Agricultural  and  Tourism  development  •  CSALL  is  open  to  collaboraKons  with  other  LL  in   similar  themaKc  domains  and  wishes  to   exchange  knowledge  and  experince      ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CSALL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   6  
  7. 7. Contact   •  University  of  Crete   Voutes  Campus  71003  Heraklion   Crete,  Greece    h_p://   •  George  Vitsakis     Technical    Manager  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CSALL   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –    7