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ENoLL	  5wave	  Launch	  –	  Budapest	  –	  16.05.2011	          CASALA	  Living	  Lab	                           Ireland	...
Living	  Lab	  DescripIon	                            Smarter Living for an Ageing SocietyPsycho-social analysis          ...
Living	  Lab	  Partnership	                                                                                       EU¦CIP: ...
Living	  Lab	  AcIviIes                                                       	                                           ...
ParIcipaIon	  in	  ENoLL                                                        	  •  Planning	  EffecIve	  Membership	  in...
Contact                                                	                                 •  Dundalk	  InsItute	  of	  Tech...
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CASALA Living Lab Presentation


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CASALA Living Lab, Andrew Macfarlane, ENoLL event, May 16th, 2011.

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CASALA Living Lab Presentation

  1. 1. ENoLL  5wave  Launch  –  Budapest  –  16.05.2011   CASALA  Living  Lab   Ireland   Andrew  Macfarlane  
  2. 2. Living  Lab  DescripIon   Smarter Living for an Ageing SocietyPsycho-social analysis Person centred design & Technologies ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CASALA  Living  Lab   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   2  
  3. 3. Living  Lab  Partnership   EU¦CIP: servicesapplied research FRAMEWORK Home Sweet Home development pilots tocommercialisation European MME and Tele-healthcare practice SME partners Teaghlach: Nestling: Transformation in long term care GNH Aware Homes Primary care: Service planning and alignments Chronic disease Adv. Practice: Tele-healthcare Smart HAN / GRIDS Palliative care and geron-technologies Innovation Irish SME partners Local EU:CAWT: Social connectivity tele-care/friendly call Positive ageing National EU: Future R&D directions WHO: International BRAID / FutureAGE Ageing & life course AGE.PLATFORM Age-friendly cities market Smart growth for an ageing society development practice to policyENoLL  5wave  Launch   CASALA  Living  Lab   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   3  
  4. 4. Living  Lab  AcIviIes   NetwellCASALAENoLL  5wave  Launch   CASALA  Living  Lab   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   4  
  5. 5. ParIcipaIon  in  ENoLL  •  Planning  EffecIve  Membership  in  2011/12  •  Interest  in  Working  groups:  -­‐     –  Energy  Efficiency.  Sustainable  Energy.  Climate  change   –  Well  Being  and  Health   –  Smart  CiIes.  Future  Internet.  Internet  of  things.   –  Social  InnovaIon.  Social  Inclusion   –  CreaIve  Media.  User  driven  contents.  Social  Networks.  Web  2.0   –  Regional,  territorial  and  rural  development  of  Smart  Regions   –  Security  •  ConInuously-­‐seeking  collaboraIons  within   our  themaIc  focus  of  Smart  Living  for  an   Ageing  Society.  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CASALA  Living  Lab   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –   5  
  6. 6. Contact   •  Dundalk  InsItute  of  Technology   –  Dundalk,  Co.  Louth,  Ireland   –   •  Andrew  Macfarlane   –  CommercialisaIon  &  Centre  Manager   –   –  +353  87  051  6705  ENoLL  5wave  Launch   CASALA  Living  Lab   Budapest,  16.05.2011  –    6