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6th Wave member Fernando Los Rios

  1. 1. Consorcio Fernando de los Rios Living Lab Lucia Aguilar Vega @luaguive
  2. 2. Living Lab DescriptionConsorcio Fernando de los Ríos Living Lab is a perfect ecosystem of Living Lab and open innovation.Is composed by Rural Labs and Urban Labs (more than 840 in total – and more than 750.000 users) where citizens are participating actively.Moreover one of special characteristics is the large variety of users participating in the activities. In fact, is used to work with children, teenagers, elderly people, people with disabilities...And tries to offer efficient public services and a better use of the ICT to users, through piloting projects and testing products and services and to promote entrepreneurship in the different centres.
  3. 3. Living Lab DescriptionCFRLL has put in place a strategic plan where its main areas of actions are collected, including the following:• Citizen participation• Integration and inclusion• Entrepreneurship and employment• Internationalisation of the rural and urban lab through adhesion to ENoLL• Childhood• Social responsibility and sustainability• Innovation and creativity
  4. 4. Living Lab Partnership
  5. 5. Future challenges We are creating a rich community of people that lead projects in a collaborative way to improve their lives
  6. 6. Living Lab Activities Social open innovation circle
  7. 7. Living Lab ActivitiesGuadalinfo users have turned their ideas into over 900 innovative projects – These projects involve: • Over 1276 businesses • 2296 public organisations • 3091 local association
  8. 8. Living Lab Activities• Inn&Cia event: the main objective of this event is to stimulate social innovation and to foster bottom-up innovation. The first event was organised in Seville on November 2011 and was very successful. The event is a new way to generate value thanks to the creativity and innovation of people in order to detect their needs. One of the objective of this event has been to expose some of the projects proposed by the users of the rural labs and try to establish a connection between these ideas and public and private investors (for example Banks ). This event has been reproduced in other cities and has been converted in a meeting point between innovative and creative people and possible sponsor and investors.www.guadalinf.es/innycia,http://comunidadinnycia.guadalinfo.es/home
  9. 9. Living Lab Activities• Alcaldías 2.0 (Mayoralty 2.0): is a specific event for Mayors to sensitize them on users´ needs in term of electronic administration. The objective is to show positives cases of eAdministration and best practices conducted in other regions and other countries. The important message of this event is that Public Administration should take into account the opinion and proposals of the citizens. www.guadalinfo.es/alcaldias20
  10. 10. Living Lab ActivitiesPROYECTOS DE INNOVACIÓN SOCIALhttp://www.guadalinfo.es/proyectos• Oxygenate project: this project is an initiative of one of the rural labs of the Huelva region and the main scope of the project was to organise a specific campaign on environment and recycling in order to generate interest in the different Andalusia regions for green spaces. People have learned the importance of protecting nature and thanks to the large and great visibility given to the project; the initiative has raised interest from local companies. Companies have realized the importance of these topics and have started developing specific products in response to the needs detected by the project. http://oxigenate.net/• Barrier free: is a project promoted directly by users. This is a web tool project that aims to build a universal accessibility map. The objective is that citizens, through their mobiles or logging them in the website of the project, point out the places that are not accessible (parking, building, sidewalk, etc.) http://www.libredebarreras.es/
  11. 11. Digital inclusion: Libre de BarrerasLibre de barreras (Freedom from barriers) : www.libredebarreras.es
  12. 12. Living Lab ActivitiesJamones 2.0The project starts with the creation of a blog, where the developer, connecting with users and begins to create a social network for lovers of ham, up for saleIs the meeting place of the Lovers of Ham from La Alpujarra of Granada – Diary of a Ham, – Sponsor a Ham, the ham was 2.0 – Infoham, the word of ham
  13. 13. Living Lab Activities
  14. 14. Living Lab Activities• PARTICIPATION IN THE EUROPEAN PROJECT GOLDUI (AAL programme – project start on July 2011): GoldUI will provide an older person with access to an extendable range of online services such as local library, social networking, home delivery shopping and banking through modalities that are relevant to the individual’s abilities and needs. CFRLL will test the interface developed with elderly people and users will be involved in the improvement through the co-design of this interface.
  15. 15. Living Lab Activities• MENTOR SUPPORTED E-LEARNING IN RURAL AREAS (Lifelong Learning Programme): The objective of the project is to transfer the concept of e-learning mentor for supporting “online” teaching in rural regions of the countries involved in the project (Spain, Estonia and Bulgaria). The target group of CFR is the responsible of rural labs that receive a specific training to prepare them to be mentors. This initiative provides the manager of a rural lab to support e-learning activities and combining this activity with others in which they are already working at the local level
  16. 16. Negropontes team with Living Lab in Granada Knowing directly the work done Video sobre Negroponte
  17. 17. Living Lab Contact Living Lab manager / main contact personFirst name JUAN FRANCISCOLast name DELGADO MORALESPostal address Calle José Pérez Pujadas, s/n 3ª planta A32Post code, City 18006 GrenadeTelefono: 671563293Country SpainEmail juanfrancisco.delgado@juntadeandalucia.es
  18. 18. GRACIAS