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15 Smart Cities Pekka Koponen


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15 Smart Cities Pekka Koponen

  1. 1. © Forum Virium Helsinki
  2. 2. © Forum Virium Helsinki Building Enablers for Smarter Cities Pekka Koponen Forum Virium Helsinki
  3. 3. 11/26/10 © Forum Virium Helsinki LEARNING SMART CITY WELLBEING MEDIA Forum Virium Helsinki Five project areas INNOVATIONCOMMUNITIES
  4. 4. © Forum Virium Helsinki Focus on •  business models •  interoperability •  open interfaces •  usability
  5. 5. Follow  the  vehicles  and  their  routes  online  on  the  map.     The  posi6on  of  the  trams  is  updated  once  per  second.   Open  interface  to  the  posi6oning  service.  
  6. 6. © Forum Virium Helsinki Journey Planner and My Departures in Mobile
  7. 7. © Forum Virium Helsinki Stop Map Helsinki ReittiGPS OKODE Mobicity Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) data • Open interfaces. Free, requires registration. • Journey Planner, Timetables, Bus stop locations, Live vehicle data Minun lähdöt
  8. 8. © Forum Virium Helsinki - pilot in 2009, part of a 2 year VTT research project Ubiquitous Helsinki - Commercial service Tässä.fi launched in spring 2010 by VTT spin-off company Adfore Oy (VTT = Technical Research Centre of Finland), Ubiquitous Helsinki -project
  9. 9. © Forum Virium Helsinki tässä.fi, Adfore Oy Tapahtumatiedot
  10. 10. © Forum Virium Helsinki •  Digital Tourist Card •  City Loyalty Card •  Based on public transportation card •  Works with NFC phones in the future Smart Urban Spaces, NFC/RFID-pilots
  11. 11. © Forum Virium Helsinki Smart Urban Spaces -project ITEA2 Project Duration: 3 years, 2009-2012 Countries: 3 (Finland, France, Spain) Partners: 25, SMEs, corporations, research organisations, cities (10 cities, Helsinki and Oulu from Finland) •  European-wide effort to introduce interoperable e-city services based on latest mobile technologies and ubiquitous mobile computing techniques •  Services and interoperability characteristics will be prototyped and validated over a first kernel of European cities •  Pilots related to transport, events in the city, tourism, schools and daycare
  12. 12. © Forum Virium Helsinki City SDK for Developers •  “Service  Development  Kit”  for  the  city   •  SoAware  Developer  Kit,  but  also  guidelines,  tested  and  approved  processes   •  Whatever  is  needed  to  make  developers  life  easier  and  development  cycle  faster   •  Ci6es  need  a  healthy  developer  ecosystem  (like  tech  companies,  eg.  Apple,  Nokia)   •  “App  Store”  for  the  City   Enablers,  common  elements  for  the  services,  eg:   •  Open  data  &  APIs   •  Iden6ty  management,  Secure  authen6ca6on  (light  <-­‐>  strong)   •  Common  rules  &  prac6ces  for  privacy  issues   •  Loca6on,  Context   •  Links  to  social  media  plaUorms  
  13. 13. © Forum Virium Helsinki Thank you! Pekka Koponen Forum Virium Helsinki