The Creative Ring in Europe- Prof. Pieter Ballon @ EUIC2014


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Prof. Pieter Ballon, Director Living Labs at ENoLL and coordinator of Smart Cities at iMinds, presenting No Smart Cities without Creative Cities: The Creative Ring in Europe during the ENoLL fringe session "Open Innovation and Living Labs shaping the cities and regions of the future" at the EC Innovation Convention 2014.

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  • Songdo: billions investment
  • estimated to account for more than 7 per cent of the world’s gross domestic product (UN, 2004). a key sector in the Europe of tomorrow (Zaboura, 2009) as knowledge and creativity are fast becoming powerful engines driving economic growthcontributing no less than 860 billion € to total European GDP (6.9%)representing no less than 14 million workers (figures for 2008)Symposium on Sustainable Creative Cities, 5/11, AntwerpEvidence of correlation creative industries/likeability of cities/attraction of general economic activity  Need for “Creative Class” (Florida)Importance of creative industries in holistic view on cities: interplay of culture and media with mobility, health, social services, environment – notion of cultural planningDanger of projectismvs sustainable activity
  • Sources: The Economy of Culture in Europe (KEA report 2006)Mapping cultural and creative sectors in the EU and China (KEA report 2011)Essnet-culture. European Statistical System network on culture (2012)
  • Creative industries characterized by a preponderance of small businesses and even individuals whom often operate on a local scale & do not have the means/opportunities to expand on a European levelCreative class needs to be connected internally and externally: city – region - EuropeLack of bridges to infrastructure and technology: often different worldsLack of reach beyond the local target/cluster
  • The Creative Ring in Europe- Prof. Pieter Ballon @ EUIC2014

    1. 1. No Smart Cities without Creative Cities: the Creative Ring in Europe Prof Dr Pieter Ballon, Director iMinds Innovation Convention 11 March 2014, Brussels
    2. 2. What makes a city smart? 21/03/20142
    3. 3. Smart cities are creative cities
    4. 4. • Creative industries generate 3.5% of EU GDP • Creative industries have 3% of EU active population • Micro-business and self- employed dominate the creative industries • Big companies rely on creative sector SMEs to discover new opportunities and ventures • But: Structural Problems in terms of business models, scalability, compatible Future Internet toolsets 21/03/20144 Creative Cities need Creative Industries
    5. 5. Creative cities need to connect
    6. 6. Turning cities into creative labs
    7. 7. The Creative Ring: communities On-site/Off-site Suported by the “Creative Foursquare” – advanced community app Powered by a Creative Agenda
    8. 8. The Creative Ring: tools CI-oriented tools readily available: multimedia authoring and distribution, sensor data processing, big data collection, smart city exploration,… Repository of other tools with clear licensing conditions
    9. 9. The Creative Ring: spaces Intra-project: Brussels, Kortrijk, Barcelona Extra-project: Trento, Manchester, Québec City (for now)
    10. 10. The Creative Ring: co-creation Enabling “Creative Conferencing” Present in every hub Powered by ultra-high speed FTTH connections and SOTA technology
    11. 11. FI-PPP Phase 3: CREATI-FI
    12. 12. Contact: