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01 Smart Cities Markku Markkula


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01 Smart Cities Markku Markkula

  1. 1. End  user’s  needs   and   Individuals  &   Organiza.ons   We  need   solu.ons  for   sustainable   impacts   Scien.fic  Knowledge  and   Resource  Base   Societal  Grand  Challenges   SMART  CITIES    FILL  THE  GAP  
  2. 2. PIONEERING  SOCIETAL  INNOVATION  and  Regions  the  Digital  Agenda  for  Europe  2020   Contribu.on  of  the  European  People's  Party  Group   in  the  CommiTee  of  the  Regions  to  the  Digital  Agenda   EPP  CoR  is  commiTed  to  ac.vely  the  Digital   Agenda  as  an  tool  for  both  reaching   ambi.ous  local  and  regional  development  and   reaching  the  core  objec.ves  the  Europe  2020  Strategy;