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Callisto Information brochure 1


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Callisto Information brochure 1

  1. 1. TUTORIAL 1 Advanced ADDING products to your CALLISTO STORE Be aware that this is the most difficult part. You need to fill a name, decide the price you want CREATE to sell, write a cool description and then click ‘SAVE’ from your OpenERP product page. HOLD ONYou could get a “beer or coffee”Both do absolutely nothing to thecatalog, but you gotta be ready to packif your customer thought your site wascool and bought your new product SMILE How could you not ?? Callisto makes ecommerce easy commerce Powered By NOW AVAILABLE(c) 2011 Openlabs Technologies & Consulting (P) Limited. Openlabs believes the information in this publication isaccurate as of its publication date, such information is subject to change without notice. Openlabs acknowledges theproprietary rights of the trademarks and product names of other companies mentioned in this document.