Open IT toolset for IT Asset Managers


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Open IT toolset for IT Asset Managers

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  • Welcome to the Open iT company and products presentation.My name is Tanya Kristiansen, and I have worked with marketing communication for Open iT for several years. My presentation will provide you with an overview of our toolset for IT Asset Managers, followed by some customer success stories.
  • We will cover the basics of Open iT’s software; I will show you our enterprise version with its dashboard, some sample reports, and show how Open iT can optimize your business results, and by so doing, boost your career.
  • Open iT started with a group of IT consultants in 1992, who recognized that the system management problems they were addressing with large utility clients would be characteristic of almost any large, IT-reliant company, regardless of industry focus.With that, the consulting group changed its focus from Consulting to Software, and was reborn as a software company in 1999. Open iT has built up a strong customer base, and is growing and profitable. (Read the slide bullet 2 and 3)
  • Open iT’s core competence is enabling our customers to optimize their Information Technology assets through data analysis. This is done by Metering how resources are used, providing a tool for analyzing usage, and finally, providing the expertise for resource optimization. Metering is automatic; Analysis is facilitated by the tool; and Optimization requires knowledge of your business. Why optimize IT resources? It is too expensive not to!Typical returns on investments for Open iT customers is more than 10 times the cost of the software.
  • Perhaps IT Asset Managers have been most concerned about compliance, but why not take stewardship of IT resources to another level, to proactively find ways to get more out of them? Balancing between effectively managing IT resources and delivering expected IT services, all while keeping within a budget, is always difficult. An IT department may be viewed only as a cost center and not as a strategic business strength. The key to success is in developing a strong partner relationship between the two functions, and having effective processes, technologies and governance support change in business strategies. Open iT software and reports provide for better communication and collaboration between departments.
  • Do you want to hit your targets in IT Asset Management? The Open iT quiver of tools will help you focus on the most important tasks ahead of you so you can hit the bull’s eye for each target you set. Open iT has customers within these industries who use our tools strategically, to increase productivity while cutting costs. In a moment we will look at IT leaders who reaped rewards by using our tools to benefit the companies they work for.
  • Here is a picture of OpeniT’s Product Architecture:The data is collected by an Open iT client. The kind of data collected depends on what module is installed and what you want to meter.You may have a client on every system or laptop, or just on the servers, depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to monitor a local program only, you would need a client installed on every PC. For Oracle, on the other hand, you may only have a few clients for the entire network. Note that the client can work offline, as well as online. If it is working offline, it will transfer the data to the server once it gets online. The server structures the data in such a way so that you do not have to search through billions of records in order to get the big picture. From your favorite browser, you can access various reports on the server. Let us look at some examples of the web interface and reports in the next section of the presentation.All of Open iT’s modules have a common data store or data warehouse, and a Web-based GUI, yet differ depending on the type of data you want to meter, analyze and optimize.
  • Here is the standard web interface to the Open iT product or product portal. From here you can select the Reporting or Admin tool. In this screenshot you can see one of License Analyzer’s License Monitor reporting features, easily configurable on the left-hand side.New developments to improve our products during the next 12 months include making reporting even easier, by supplying more report templates and improving the usability of our GUI.
  • Excel dashboards can be created by exporting a report from the Analysis webpage.The new Base Enterprise Edition uses an industry standard multidimensional database, which integrates with other business systems, such as Active Directory. Through a connection to this database, end users can access usage data from a global hub directly using their favorite reporting tool, or they can build their own Excel dashboards. The live data connection allows for rapid report prototyping and near-instant ad-hoc querying. Saved reports can simply be refreshed to automatically load recent data, without the need for a re-export. Company stakeholders can use pivot charts and drag-and-drop capabilities to easily organize and analyze usage data.
  • Read the slide: PauseHow does that happen in organizations?Because of...Business changesTechnology innovationMergers and Acquisitions Project gets initial funding, but few funds for Maintenance & SupportMinimum investment in Training and Consulting Product Champions change their positionsDecentralized/Centralized purchasing But do you know how much of your hardware and software investment, and M&S you are wasting?The following customers found out...
  • Let me share some success stories:Logos onthispage show companieswhouseOpeniT’s usage data to support decisions for costoptimization, userefficiency and bettermanagement.They have cut costs where it did not hurt users – by focusing on documenting shortages – avoiding denials – and focusing training where it has greatest effect. (click)One of our customers at Murphy Oil said: ‘I saved 1.35 million after one year of using Open iT.’ The Director of Upstream IT Business Systems at Murphy Oil Corporation, made the savings public in his presentation at a Data Management conference. Another customer said: ‘I saved $250,000 when I generated my first report!’Avio Aerospace saved 47% per year on their expensive engineering software by using OpeniT LicenseAnalyzer and LicenseOptimizer.Yet another customer, Nissan,said: ‘After 5 years with Open iT as the global hub for our application usage data, we have saved $10 million.’
  • Burlington Resources saved $5 million on software costs in two years – 36% reduction the first year and an additional 19% the second year.In addition, they received an improved mix of software to better support their business. They measured the business value to be 20 times higher than the cost savings.
  • Let me tell a simple customer story: This manager knew what they had bought: The green capacity line shows you that: 300 concurrent user licenses of Magic Earth.The blue line shows how many licenses had been checked out, and the Red line shows how many licenses were actively in use after having been checked out. This was a hosted environment.
  • This customer saved 5,75M in license costs on the 115 expensive software licenses cut, without compromising the availability of licenses to users needing them.
  • (Read slide first)Less total usage during the Holiday season… (the drop in licenses that are freed up by the end of this graph is due to holiday season.)
  • So now that you have seen real-life examples of our customers’ successes, how can you benefit from using our tools, in regards to cost optimization? Execution of various types of cost optimization will involve different parts of the organization and varying levels of involvement by IT.The first step is the easiest one – and involves fewer players. Usage Metering can provideinvaluable data both for the right-sizing of contracts, but also in deciding what terms would be beneficial for the company. Step 2 is to optimize within IT operations. With good access to usage data you are able to plan, prioitize and document the various steps towards optimized operations – support all your cost cutting projects within standardization, consolidation, automation and virtualization. Usingtools for metering and reporting also reduces the time you spend on reporting and collecting data, as well as automating some of the analysis and optimization. Advanced tools have access controls for various stakeholders and easy folder structure or reports delivered directly to their inbox or to their intranet. Step 3: Any cost savings Optimization that has to be done together with business where business users are supported with technology so they can be more efficient in their work. Using LicenseOptimizer you can easily cut software costs – but can also support the users of it – so they can get more work done in less time – since they do not need to go in and out of applications – even if the license is made accessible for other users.Step 4: This has to do with making the right choices! Working smarter, not necessarily harder! With the right mix of software, you can support the optimal workflow. If you have succeeded in one location – or on one project – you want to document best practices and implement this across the organization. Usage data can capture best practices – document – help decide who needs more support and training to get up to speed on new products and workflows.
  • Open iT ReportsAdd scalability to software agreements with pay-per-use element.Apply usage metering and optimization to look at current usage trends, before, during and after using outsourcing/cloud offering. Move to more usage-based internal chargeback to increase accountability.
  • If there is a high peak in usage of a software just a few days a month (or a year), leasing or rental options or pay-per-use options should be considered. If there is a local or regional need for a certain type of software, there should be no reason to buy or use global licenses if they are more expensive. With usage data you can simulate what would be the most cost effective mix for you given the usage pattern you have and the price structure the vendor has on local, regional or global licenses, or on concurrent vs. named user agreements, etc. If you have a tool installed that automates all the metering and reporting for you, you get to do all the valuable analysis to back up your cost optimization programs within IT Procurement, without bothering your IT system engineers with home-grown solutions, or your users with complicated surveys. You will get your ROI in hard dollar savings within 6 months!
  • LicenseAnalyzer reports can be used for negotiating best terms in software agreements, and to support decision-making in rightsizing deals.
  • To recap on how our customers achieve a high return on investment: Harvest low-hanging fruit! You will find candidates for savings or improvements in user or asset efficiency everywhere: – Don’t renew software that you are not using or underutilizing....Make sure all your leased software is needed.Redeploy assets that you intend to keep but which would benefit another user or user-group better – these could be automated by setting up specific rules for high-priority users for each asset, etc. Track usage by user, user-group, location – make sure that you spend your support and training dollars where they have the greatest effect – also supporting all the silent users out there.Find bottlenecks – lower operating costs.Get the reports you need – faster – don’t waste time on manual administration or report gathering – you can get direct access to the data you need – make sure you spend some time defining what kind of usage data would be powerful to get – every week, month etc.And last, but not least: Do not risk non-compliance.
  • Read the slide: PauseNow you know how to use Open iT asset management tools make the most of your hardware and software investment, and M&S.
  • Open IT toolset for IT Asset Managers

    1. 1. IT Asset Managers’ Toolset Tanya Kristiansen info@openit.comCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 0
    2. 2. Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 1
    3. 3. Open iT Company • Independent software vendor, founded in 1999, present in North America, Europe and Asia. • Meters usage of software applications and licenses, with globally deployed, dynamic use models including concurrent licensing and pay-per-use agreements. • Meters hardware usage to support optimization and usage- based chargeback models. • Key business value includes: recycling unused licences, cost optimizing for IT procurement & operations, increasing user productivity.Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved . 2
    4. 4. Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 3
    5. 5. Key Business Drivers Financial: Cut Costs Improve Cost Awareness Create Scalability and Simplicity Risk: Document Compliance Productivity: Improve Asset Efficiency/User Productivity Document Business Value of IT Usage Metering Tools Enable Your Success!Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 4
    6. 6. Critical Questions to Ask... If I had the right information, what kind of analysis would be possible? Would I make better decisions? Can I use information for: • Documenting compliance? • Cost optimization? • Improved productivity? • Better management?Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved Open iT, Inc. All rights reserved. 5
    7. 7. Improve your Decisions with Objective Usage Data! Financial/ Cost Optimization • Reduce spending on underutilized SW and HW • Standardize versions and tools • Improve technology acquisition • Lower the costs of reporting and administration Risk/ Compliance • Mitigate license compliance risk Productivity/User Efficiency • Identify power users and product champions • Uncover training needs • More effective communication between and within units .Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 6
    8. 8. Why Open iT? 3 Key Strengths Completeness of Solution: • From Enterprise overview to fine grain details - seamlessly • Meter all Applications - Platform-independent • Collect and compare resource usage from a variety of sources Security, Robustness and Speed • Digitally signed data (unalterable) – for pay-per-use agreements • Open iT is a trusted 3rd party between vendors and end-users • Speedy Reporting High ROI: • Simulate which license agreements (WAN, LAN, Named Users, etc.) would be best for the customer (no adaptation needed) • Recycle Inactive Software: automatically frees up unused software licenses .Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 7
    9. 9. Open iT Customers Energy/ Oil & Gas Aerospace AutomotiveCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 8
    10. 10. Why these Industries? • Customer Characteristics – Expensive application licenses – Any applications running on license managers (FlexNet, IBM LUM, Sentinel, Reprise LM …) – Mixed environment of Unix, Linux and Windows platforms – Grid-type environment (shared compute clusters, workload mgmt. tools, Sun Grid, PBS Pro and LSF load balancing software) – Compute-intensive tasks – High-end storage and large data management groups (EMC) – Multiple sites, often international .Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 9
    11. 11. Customer Profile • Company having 100+ employees using licensed software in an IT network can benefit from our tools and services. – Those wanting to have support for access agreements. • Companies that have been through a merger or an acquisition, or are downsizing or consolidating. • IT managers interested in accountability for service levels and budget allocations or preparing for an audit.Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 10
    12. 12. Global Hub for Collection & Distribution of Usage DataCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved Open iT, Inc. All rights reserved. 17
    13. 13. Standard Web GUICopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 12
    14. 14. Application DashboardsCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 12
    15. 15. Slice and Dice - Prepare for Multiple Views Multiple views provide critical insights: • By business unit/ location • By application/ application suites • By users/User-group • By fixed vs. variable costs • By vendor • By projectCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved
    16. 16. Open iT exists because… No one likes any part of their budget to be spent on something that is not really being used.Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 1
    17. 17. What customers say… “$ 1.35 Million in documented first year savings.” “47% annual savings on our engineering applications.” “10 % cost reduction on overall software licenses.”Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 4
    18. 18. Energy Customer: Cost Savings of over $5 Million in 2 Years • 36% software maintenance cost reduction: Year 1 • 19% software maintenance cost reduction: Year 2 • 3% software maintenance cost reduction: Year 3 Usage metering tool used: OpeniTCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved © 2005 Burlington Resources. 17 17
    19. 19. Energy Customer: Perceived use compared to Actual use – Hosted Purchased Checked out Actually in useCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 2 Open iT, Inc. All rights reserved.
    20. 20. Perceived use compared to Actual use – Hosted Concurrent license savings Compare the difference between: - max total concurrent (265) - max active concurrent (150) In this case a difference of 115 licenses: 115* $50,000 = $5,750,000Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 19
    21. 21. Automatic reclaiming of inactive licenses Customer started, in one location, to free up checked-out yet unused software licenses. Weekly success rate was between 20 - 30 license sessions After implementing Open iT full scale, and with automated processes, success rate climbed to over 300 license sessions every week (until holidays!)Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 15
    22. 22. Open iT Tools Support Cost Optimization IT Procurement: • Sizing & best terms Cost Savings within IT • Identify opportunities to reduce costs within your current IT Budget Joint Business and IT Cost Savings • Implement cost-saving technologies that also help the business to be more productive Enable Innovation & Business Restructuring • Get the right mix of software • Implement process improvementsCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 21
    23. 23. Best Terms using Flexible Agreements • Supports innovative Agreements – Pay-Per-Use – Benefit Sharing – Perpetuals or lease agreements in combination with pay-per-use for peak usage. • Supports internal Chargeback Billing – Distribute costs for multiple budgets. Can help find the budget and close the deal.Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 22
    24. 24. Custom Reports for Pay-Per-UseCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 23
    25. 25. Customizable ReportingCopyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 8
    26. 26. Zoom in to See How and Why...Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 25 Open iT, Inc. All rig
    27. 27. Documented ROI from our Customer Base Harvest low-hanging fruit • Reduce software spending on underused licenses. • Harvest unused licenses, automatically. • Standardize overlap versions and tools. • Redeploy assets effectively. • Spend support where it has greatest effect. • Lower administration and reporting costs. • Mitigate license compliance risk.Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 26
    28. 28. Open iT can help you… Know what you have, in order to make the most of it.Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 1
    29. 29. Thank you! Open iT, Inc. +1 281 599 3400Copyright OpeniT, Inc. All rights reserved 28