Open it License Optimizer for monitoring inactive software usage.


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Open it License Optimizer for monitoring inactive software usage.

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Open it License Optimizer for monitoring inactive software usage.

  1. 1. LicenseOptimizer™ • Free Up Licenses from Inactive • Deploy Licenses More Efficiently • Ensure Effective Use of Expensive Software Licenses • Align Licenses with Business Priorities Open iT® LicenseOptimizer™ frees up inactive licenses on Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms. How LicenseOptimizer™ Works: LicenseOptimizer continu- ously monitors activity levels of select applications and users, optimizing their use automati- cally. When LicenseOptimizer discovers an application that is inactive (based on predefined parameters), the user is noti- fied. If no response is given, the application and all its data are suspended and the license is I/O activity, while for an inter- are not affected by license returned to the license pool for active application you might recycling. other users to access. have more focus on mouse and LicenseOptimizer offers an easy LicenseOptimizer has very keyboard activity. way to optimize license usage flexible configuration, and can LicenseOptimizer incorporates and encourages best practices monitor several types of ac- a flexible system for adding without strict enforcement or tions, such as CPU, I/O, mouse business rules and priorities to conflict-prone supervision. and keyboard activity. This your license optimization. This Open iT LicenseOptimizer is a allows you to target various enables extremely powerful and flexible and powerful tool that types of applications differently. precise license management automates license manage- For a batch application you controls. In this way, you can ment, freeing up critical busi- may focus more on CPU and ensure that high priority users ness resources. Your Benefits: • ave money by freeing up S unused checked out licenses • rioritize VIP users for P applications with few licenses • ompare license run time with C actual active time for advanced software license analysis • ser-friendly license U optimization causes less conflict and stress, allowing for more productivity and a better This graph shows the daily active license use compared to the total license use. If you pay for license usage work environment based on max used, elapsed time or similar, you will want to reduce the wasteful inactive time by deploying LicenseOptimizer to automatically suspend those inactive applications and free up their licenses.
  2. 2. Sample LicenseOptimizer ReportsThis report shows how LicenseOptimizer automatically released over 300 license This sample report shows users with up to five checked out licenses for the same application!sessions per week. Prior to using LicenseOptimizer they only freed up 20-30checked-out yet unused license sessions a week. Usage dropped on weekendsand around the December holidays.Workflow1. User warning 2. Application is suspendedWhen an inactive application is de- If there is no user response, the appli-tected, the user is notified. The user cation will automatically be suspended,can interrupt the suspension process, and the license returned back to thein case the inactivity was unintentional license pool. When the user returnsand the user wants to keep working to continue working, the license is re-with the application. claimed, and work with the application and all its data is resumed.Powerful Reporting Tight SecurityOpen iT Reporting Server An advanced access control mechanismA push-based framework for allows secure access to sensitive dataautomatic delivery of ad-hoc and throughout all levels of the organization.predefined reports. Reports aregenerated daily, weekly, monthly, Data Maskingquarterly, etc., and can be set up On-the-fly data masking ensures thatwith advanced access control and only users with correct permissions areautomatic masking of sensitive allowed to see sensitive data such asdata. Easy-to-use templates and usernames, machine-names etc.tight integration with Excel allow forgreat integration with your existing Data Level Access Controlworkflow. Being able to limit access to data based on e.g. geographical or organizational position allows you to enable globalOpen iT Analysis Server reporting of usage, while still ensuring that e.g. regional managersAn enterprise-grade, analytical tool, have access to data for their own site. Combine this with dataaimed at high-end users and masking to allow one regional manager to see data for his ownorganizations with complex site, but only masked data from other sites, for instance.reporting and analytical needs. TheAnalysis Server provides dramatic Flexible Workflowvalue for an organization wantingto better view and manage their Direct Excel integrationbusiness process. All reports can be opened in Excel: just click the Excel button onBy integrating global usage metrics any report.with financial, repository, humanresources and other data sources, The most powerful ease-of-usethe Analysis Server provides a Work with templates, create your own instant ad-hoc reports, orstreamlined workflow for business set up automatic report distribution with powerful access-controlprocess management, optimization mechanisms. Reports can also be e-mailed or integrated in anand reporting across the entire intranet portal and automatically updated.organization. Open iT, Inc. info@ © 2012 Open iT, Inc. All rights reserved. This module overview is for informational purposes only. Please refer to owners manual and license documents for detailed functionality. Specifications are subject to change. Open iT® is a registered trademark of Open iT, Inc. Other products, services, and brands mentioned herein are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.