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Sample LicenseAnalyzer reportsLicenseAnalyzer provides an interactive view of current license utilization.                ...
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Open iT License Analyzer 2012, software usage monitoring tool to reduce software and IT cost.


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Open iT License Analyzer, software usage monitoring tool to reduce software and IT cost.

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Open iT License Analyzer 2012, software usage monitoring tool to reduce software and IT cost.

  1. 1. LicenseAnalyzer™ • Accounts for Software Usage throughout • Reduces Software Costs by Cutting Surplus Licenses & M/S • Concurrent License Sharing over Time Zones • Justify New Software Purchases by Documenting Shortages • Increase User Productivity, Identify Best Practices Open iT® LicenseAnalyzer™ is an essential tool for managing your software licenses. With LicenseAnalyzer you get an enterprise-wide view of your software license usage, allowing you to align purchases and maintenance to user needs. By documenting current usage patterns by location, department, user or project, you have the information you need to optimize key areas such as support, training and vendor management. With Open iT you can document best practices and support business process improvements at a corporate level. and chargeback billing. Benefits: How LicenseAnalyzer™ Works: • ollects unalterable data in reports C used in vendor communications. • lign IT software with your business A LicenseAnalyzer monitors and reports needs. Reduce expenses. software license inventory and usage • aps proficiency by monitoring usage M on the most commonly used license patterns of various user groups, en- • ocument software license compli- D managers, such as FlexNet, IBM LUM abling targeted support and training. ance. and Sentinel, running on Linux, Unix and • onitor license denials and document M Windows platforms. LicenseAnalyzer is a web-based license shortage of software licenses. monitoring tool providing a complete • ocument best practices and support D Generate reports showing detailed ap- overview of software usage across all your business process improvements. plication usage statistics (when, whom, your license servers worldwide. With • Plan your budget more proactively. how long) for all software using license simple point-and-click navigation, you managers. This tool is extremely flexible can explore current software utilization • repare for negotiations with vendors. P handling different data types, dimensions for applications, hosts, users and license • tructure software license agree- S and resolutions. features from the Open iT Reporting ments with license sharing across Server web portal. Easily respond to user time-zones. • nalyzes software usage over time-- A complaints about denials, and monitor • se pay-per-use agreements with U giving you an accurate picture of your high demand applications for their cur- software vendors. usage. rent utilization, with automatic refresh of • onitor technology uptake and un- M • utomatically produces graphical or A data for true dashboard monitoring. cover training needs. tabular reports for internal analysis • nalyze skill and workflow patterns. A • easure and demonstrate ROI of IT M investments. • hargeback software costs to each C business unit. • acilitate communication between F business units using objective reports. (Numbers in parantheses Gain a complete overview of license usage across the show maximum available enterprise. Discover trends, excess licenses and use licenses for each feature). LicenseAnalyzer reports to optimize deployment of expensive license resources and minimize costs.
  2. 2. Sample LicenseAnalyzer reportsLicenseAnalyzer provides an interactive view of current license utilization. This graph shows the aggregate hours for concurrent licenses in use. But the last few licenses have been used very little, and optimizing software use and cutting these last licenses could create savings.This sample report shows the users of a specific application or feature including howmany licenses they have checked out simultaneously. This information allows you to cutcosts by identifying users without a business reason for using multiple licenses.Powerful Reporting Tight SecurityOpen iT Reporting Server An advanced access control mechanismA push-based framework for allows secure access to sensitive dataautomatic delivery of ad-hoc and throughout all levels of the organization.predefined reports. Reports aregenerated daily, weekly, monthly, Data Maskingquarterly, etc., and can be set up On-the-fly data masking ensures thatwith advanced access control and only users with correct permissions areautomatic masking of sensitive allowed to see sensitive data such asdata. Easy-to-use templates and usernames, machine-names etc.tight integration with Excel allow forgreat integration with your existing Data Level Access Controlworkflow. Being able to limit access to data based on e.g. geographical or organizational position allows you to enable globalOpen iT Analysis Server reporting of usage, while still ensuring that e.g. regional managersAn enterprise-grade, analytical tool, aimed at high-end users have access to data for their own site. Combine this with dataand organizations with complex reporting and analytical masking to allow one regional manager to see data for his ownneeds. The Analysis Server provides site, but only masked data from other sites, for instance.dramatic value for an organizationwanting to better view and manage Flexible Workflowtheir business process.By integrating global usage metrics Direct Excel integrationwith financial, repository, human All reports can be opened in Excel: just click the Excel button onresources and other data sources, any report.the Analysis Server provides astreamlined workflow for business The most powerful ease-of-useprocess management, optimization Work with templates, create your own instant ad-hoc reports, orand reporting across the entire set up automatic report distribution with powerful access-controlorganization. mechanisms. Reports can also be e-mailed or integrated in an intranet portal and automatically updated. Open iT, Inc. © 2012 Open iT, Inc. All rights reserved. This module overview is for informational purposes only. Please refer to owners manual and license documents for detailed functionality. Specifications are subject to change. Open iT® is a registered trademark of Open iT, Inc. Other products, services, and brands mentioned herein are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.