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Prof Ballard Lecture in Tallinn Tech


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Prof Ballard Lecture in Tallinn Tech

  1. 1. Prof GLENN BALLARD UC – BERKELY PUBLIC LECTURE in TUT Akadeemia tee 3, aud X-209 November 29 at 10.00 Lean as a Management Method Applicable to a Wide Range of OrganizationsProf. Glenn Ballard is co-founder and research director of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI),a non-profit organization dedicated to applying Lean theory, principles and techniques to create anew form of project management to design and build capital facilities. Dr. Ballard brings 25 yearsof construction industry expertise to his role and is a recognized expert in the area of projectperformance improvement. An accomplished educator, author and public speaker, Dr. Ballard iscurrently a member of the construction engineering and management program faculty at UCBerkeley and Stanford. His principle research interest is adapting lean production theory frommanufacturing to construction management practice.Toward that end, he has developed a model for lean delivery of capital facility projects, the LeanProject Delivery System™. Dr. Ballard is also a founding member of the International Group ofLean Construction, which is dedicated to the development and application of production controlconcepts and techniques in the construction industry.======================================================================== Economics, X-The lecture is taking place in TUT, Faculty of Economics, room X-209. WELCOME!Info: Alar Kolk, Prof Roode Liias, , 620 2456 Eha Teder, tel 620 3543 ja Facebook: iTUT