Kenya: Open Data as a Platform for Development


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Kenya: Open Data as a Platform for Development by Kevin Merritt of Socrata

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  • This presentation should include detailed, stand-alone information about the case study you will discuss during the How To Alley. These presentations will be published on the OGP site in order to disseminate the information to those who are unable to attend. These presentations will NOT be presented during the Alley itself, and are instead intended for consumption via the web. Make sure to include the following information:The How To Alley topic your case study relates to;A description of project objectives;A description of the results;Any lessons learned or best practices discovered during the project;Contact information; andAny meaningful quotes or visuals regarding the case study.
  • Kenya: Open Data as a Platform for Development

    1. 1. Kenya: Open Data as a Platform for Development<br />Transforming Data into Enabling Infrastructure for Communities<br />
    2. 2. Open Kenya - Objectives<br />Create enabling infrastructure to accelerate human and economic development throughout communities in Kenya<br />Engage Kenyans in the development of their communities and to give them unfettered access to data that affects their daily lives<br />Foster an innovation ecosystem around government data<br />Gain new insights with data analysis<br />
    3. 3. Open Kenya – From Concept to Reality<br />Socrata-powered Open Data Site featuring<br />An accessible interactive online experience for finding, exploring, visualizing and sharing data<br />Location-aware data exploration using newly-created geospatial boundaries for 47 counties<br />Open, uniform programmatic access to all datasets using Socrata Open Data API (SODA)<br />Finely customized publishing experience based on topics and counties<br />
    4. 4. Results<br /><br />
    5. 5. Results<br />The first fully interactive, API-enabled Open Data site in the developing world<br />452 interactive datasets, maps and charts covering 47 counties and a wide range of topics<br />Health, education, energy, population, poverty, water and sanitation<br />150 suggested datasets by the community<br />6 registered community apps including <br />MsemaKweli: mobile app that keeps track of Community Development Fund projects<br />Huduma/Ushahidi: social app to amplify constituent voices <br />Enthusiastic global coverage <br />
    6. 6. International Press - Highlights<br />“Kenya's move will likely be replicated in many other African countries currently receiving funding from the World Bank for the implementation of e-governance programs.”<br />“Kenya opens its books in revolutionary transparency drive…powered by Socrata, a Seattle-based startup that has worked on open data projects with partners such as the City of Chicago and Medicare.”<br />“The launch of Open Kenya suggests government as a platform is growing. Open Kenya is powered by Socrata, the Seattle-based startup that has been instrumental in standing up open data platforms at the state, city and federal levels in the United States.” <br />
    7. 7. About Socrata<br />Representative Socrata-powered Open Data sites:<br />Data.Gov –<br />Medicare –<br />Chicago –<br />Illinois –<br />Edmonton –<br />Seattle –<br />Oklahoma –<br />Cook County –<br />Oregon –<br />Kenya –<br />Contact/Follow Us:<br /><br />Kevin Merritt<br />Founder & CEO<br />Telephone: (425) 301-8142<br />Email:<br />Twitter: @kmerritt<br />