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Kate O'Neil, Operations Director for Greater London, Alzheimer’s Society


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Enhancing quality of care for people with dementia.

Published in: Healthcare
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Kate O'Neil, Operations Director for Greater London, Alzheimer’s Society

  1. 1. Enhancing quality of care for people with dementia Kate O’Neill Operations Director - London Alzheimer’s Society
  2. 2. Diagnosis – do people know? • Just over half with dementia currently have no diagnosis • Diagnosis rates vary in CCGs: 33% - 75% • Waiting times vary: 2 weeks – 6 months • Effectiveness of diagnosis pathway varies
  3. 3. Diagnosis – why it’s important to know • Options for treatment • Quality of clinical management • Plan your future – legal, financial, lifestyle • Access information, be supported, know how to cope • Plan social care – avoid crisis, unplanned admissions
  4. 4. Diagnosis – the Right to Know Our Right to Know campaign calls for: • 66% diagnosis rate by 2015 – 75% by 2017 • Wait no more than 12 weeks for diagnosis • Everyone diagnosed have access to a Dementia Adviser (information and support)
  5. 5. Quality of care – varied at all levels • Need more GPs to see benefits of diagnosis • Performance of diagnostic services variable • Understanding and knowledge of dementia needs to improve in: – Over half of hospitals – 27% of care homes • 73% home care visits are under 30 minutes • Information and support in community varied
  6. 6. What needs to happen? People with dementia can live healthily and independently • Work together – health and social care • Workforce training and development • Post-diagnostic support – timely, personalised information and care planning, peer support • Community understanding – be dementia friendly, support your DAA
  7. 7. Thank you – and useful websites the UK’s leading dementia charity help us create one million dementia friends join your local Dementia Action Alliance