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Sales Management with OpenERP


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Sales Module is the suitable software for handling database of customers and employees.It performs the function of managing Sales order and the logged history of Customer. It makes it easy to schedule a meeting or phone call through this module.

Sales Management with OpenERP

  1. 1. Sales Management in OpenERP We are here to see you grow. We are here to change you to adopt the best business practices. We are here to change you to be the most efficient and productive. We are here to stretch you to the limit.
  2. 2.  Sales management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm's sales operations.  Sales modules allow you to manage and classify your sales orders on a structural and hierarchical system.  It gives you the ability to create new orders and review existing orders in their various states. Confirmation of an order can trigger delivery of the goods, and invoicing timing is defined by a setting in each individual order. IntroductionIntroduction
  3. 3. Installation of CRM moduleInstallation of CRM module  Admin > Settings > Modules > Modules, Install CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module.
  4. 4. How to Create a New LeadHow to Create a New Lead  Log in as Thomas.  Sales > Sales > Leads > Create.
  5. 5. Convert the lead to a partnerConvert the lead to a partner  Sales > Sales > Leads, select the lead, open in the form view.  Click the button 'create' in customer field & click 'continue'.
  6. 6. Convert the lead to an opportunityConvert the lead to an opportunity  Sales > Sales > Leads, open the lead in form view.  Click the button 'Convert to opportunity'.
  7. 7. Schedule a meetingSchedule a meeting  Sales > Sales > Leads, open the appropriate lead.  Click the 'meeting' button in menu.
  8. 8. Register a phone callRegister a phone call  Sales > Phone Calls > Logged Calls, click on the 'Schedule other call' button.
  9. 9. Create a new sales orderCreate a new sales order  Sales > Sales > Sales order, click on the 'Create' Button to create a new sales order.
  10. 10. Convert the sales order intoConvert the sales order into delivery orderdelivery order  Sales > Sales > Sales order, click on the 'Create' Button to create a new sales order.  After filing the sales order form, click the button 'Confirm Order'.
  11. 11. Create a quotation from anCreate a quotation from an opportunityopportunity  Sales > Sales > Opportunities, Select the opportunity.  In the form view, click the button 'Convert to Quote'.
  12. 12. Create a new ProductCreate a new Product  Sales > Sales > Products > Products, click on 'Create' button.
  13. 13. Show any product in 'form view'Show any product in 'form view'  Sales > Sales > Products > Products, click on any of the product to see the 'form view'.
  14. 14. Define minimum Stock Rules forDefine minimum Stock Rules for any productany product  Sales > Sales > Products > Products, click on any of the product to see the 'form view', select 'Edit' button.  Now click 'procurement & Locations' tab, see the bottom of the tab and click the create button to define the 'min. stock rules'.
  15. 15. Create product categoriesCreate product categories  Sales > Configuration > Products > Products Categories, cilck 'Create' button.
  16. 16. Create the new partnerCreate the new partner (customer /supplier)(customer /supplier)  Sales > Address Book > Customer, click 'create' button to create a new partner. At the time of filling the for you have to select the partner is 'customer' or 'supplier'.
  17. 17. Import CustomersImport Customers  To Import the customers.csv file.  Go to Sales > Address Book > Customers, open the list view and then Form view> Import Data.
  18. 18. Create partner CategoriesCreate partner Categories  Sales > Configuration > Address Book > Partner categories, click on 'Create' button.
  19. 19. Create a new Case CategoryCreate a new Case Category  Sales > Configuration > Leads & Opportunities > Categories.  Now, use 'create' button to create new case categories.
  20. 20. Check the partner historyCheck the partner history  Sales > Address Book > Customers.  Click the History tab, you see all cases activities (opportunity,meeting scheduled, phone call).
  21. 21. Sending e-mail to customersSending e-mail to customers  Sales > Address Book > Cutomers, click any of the partner form.  In partner form in the menu bar select the 'mailing' option.
  22. 22. Create the pricelistCreate the pricelist  Sales > Configuration > Pricelist > Pricelists, click 'create' button to create new pricelist.
  23. 23. Create ClaimsCreate Claims  Admin > Settings > Modules > Modules, install 'crm_claim' module.  Sales > After-Sales Services, create a new Claim.  Sales > Address Book > Customers, on the associated partner go to the history tab and check the claims.
  24. 24. History tab to see the claimHistory tab to see the claim
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