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ERP for Glass Manufacturers


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Business Solution for Glass industry in OpenERP by OpenERP4You. This automate your processes

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  • Glass manufacturing has become a mature business in the developing countries of the world. Like other businesses, glass manufacturers are also looking for ways to make things easier. This is a great ERP solution information for glass manufacturers. There is another Advanced CRM system for International glass manufacturers I was going through earlier. The company is providing an efficient tool to assist in communicating with customers, employees and the management. There are many other functions as well which you check from this link
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  • This is great detail for a specific industry. If you're looking for process manufacturing ERP solutions have a read of
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ERP for Glass Manufacturers

  1. 1. Glass Manufacturing IndustryManagement SystemGIMSWe are here to see you grow.We are here to change you to adopt the best business practices.We are here to change you to be the most efficient and productive.We are here to stretch you to the limits.
  2. 2. OpenERP4You Designed this in latest version of OpenERP i.e. OpenERP v7 . This also include allupdated features of new version .It is a complete ERP Solution designed for Glass Manufacturing Industry. GIMS is a inventory andaccount management software for glass industry. Glass industry use this solution to solve theproblem regarding glass sales, manufacturing, designing and accounting. This software fulfil all therequirements of glass industry.This software help to centralize the management system. Maximum utilization of resourcesthrough GIMS. Control the all aspects through one ERP software. Increase the productivity andprofitability of the business. Important modules of GIMS are Sales Management, ProductManagement , Purchase Management, Customer Relationship Management(CRM), WarehouseManagement, Manufacturing and Accounting Management Modules.
  3. 3. Key Features of GIMSIt maintains full Glass Industry process.Contain the functionality to drive all of the manufacturer’s critical processes, including supplychain management, procurement of materials, production of glass, Inventory, CRM, BOM,accounting, and distribution.Help Desk Support System , Insurance Management System , Claim Management .Instant Messaging and mailing System to control internal process of the industry.Employee and their Task management including easy-to-connect feature providing for internalusage .Customized Sales Order Report , Sale Invoice Report, Purchase Order Report.Glass Optimization Feature.Document Management System for managing attachments like product design , Reports, ClientRequest Form etc.Proper Tracking of Accounting in full process.Credit Limit Functionality : Can Define different Credit limit for different customers in terms ofdays or in terms amount or for both days & money. It warns you at every level.Taxation is completely managed according to Glass Industry need.
  4. 4. Main Modules of GIMSGIMSSales ModulePurchaseModuleWarehouseModuleManufacturingModuleAccountingModuleProjectManagementAccountingHumanResourceDocumentManagement
  5. 5. Sales Management ModuleThis Module is customized according to Glass Industry Sales Department need andcan be customized further according to user requirement.Manage Your Customers with GIMSManage Sales Orders . Sales order customized to glassindustry need . Directly linked with parameters and workcentersOptimization feature generates code compatible foroptimization software from sale order . Optimization isbasically used for cutting glass with minimum wastage.Manage After Sales services Like Claims, Helpdesk andSupportManage Insured glasses and use insurance declaration oninvoices.We added Size table Feature according to Glass Industryneed.Manage Your Products In easy and user friendly Manner.Automatic pricing according to parameters and workcenters.
  6. 6. Purchase Management ModuleSimply create and track your purchase orders, manage yoursuppliers info, control your products reception process andcheck suppliers invoicesAutomated PropositionsFollow your suppliersInventory ControlAnalyse the performanceFlexible ReportingQuality Control
  7. 7. Project Management ModuleKeep track and manage your projects using tasks for short term project execution or plan phasesfor long term planning.Collaborate EfficientlyDiscuss with integrated chat, share tasks with customers.Scheduler will help you plan tasks and phasesSend/receive emails related to your project.Tracking your quality of service.Instant reports and analysis.
  8. 8. Warehouse Management ModuleAdvanced Logistic Routes: OpenERP supports push and pull rules to define your complex routesin your warehouses.Track all past or future inventory transactions.With minimum stock rules you have automatic orders.Attain a thorough inventory analysis.See your inventorys worth.
  9. 9. Manufacturing Management ModulePlan and control your supply chain through different applications in the Manufacturing module.Personalize your master data, configure planning, manage your manufacturing and work orders.Two types of BoM method 1-fixed ,2-configureable. In fixed type, On sale order line ,BoM and work center are picked from default BoMof product and in configurable ,BoM (like InsulatedGlass) is auto generated from products.Fill data wizard , which is used for definingparameters of work center.Schedulers automatically organisemanufacturing orders, launch purchase orders& reserve products in stock.Plan efficiently the working time and capacity ofyour resourcesWork Center Management with parameters likeprinting, grinding, cutting, holes etc.
  10. 10. Work center :- Here You can define workcenter and their parameter. This is Formview of work center database.Routing : Here You can defined routingby adding work centers and theirparameters.Here You can create new field for new workcenter whenever you define or add new workcenter in your company.
  11. 11. Human Resource Management ModuleEmployee Information ManagementAppraisal ManagementAttendance ManagementPayroll ManagementHoliday ManagementExpense ManagementRecruitment ManagementRecord timesheets
  12. 12. Accounting & Reporting Management ModuleRecord your operations in a few clicks and manage all your financial activities in one place. Financialoperations has never been easier. You dont have to be an accountant to generate and pay yourinvoices. Create and supervise all your supplier and customers invoices & credit notes in simplesteps. Smart User InterfaceEasy Payment ManagementAutomate your Follow-UpsEasy reconciliationIntegrated Analytic accountingGet customizable real time statistics with drill-up, drill-down, filter, drill-across data.Get clear visibility of invoices awaiting from yoursupplier, control and validate them without re-encoding.Taxation Management.
  13. 13. Some More Important Screen ShotsClaim Management Credit Limit FunctionalityOptimization Feature
  14. 14. Happy Client“Great Job done by OpenERP4You. They provide Bestand affordable Business Solution” – GSC GroupsCall on:- +91 9990539414,+91 7500440005 , +91 9990011812,+91 7838035318. Email: :- www.openerp4you.inFor Any Query