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TABLET PC for Interactive and Connected Learning


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The content configuration to make tablet PC the teacher's tool for interactive and connected learning.

Published in: Education, Technology
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TABLET PC for Interactive and Connected Learning

  1. 1. Tablet PC for EducationWindows Based Redfox WizpadTechTowers LibraryOpenDesk Toolkit
  2. 2. Windows Based Tablet PC • We make the Tablet PC important to the teachers and students. • It is the tablet to read e- book, teach with interactive whiteboard and create from the learning tools designed for active and connected learning.
  3. 3. E-Book Store & EduTools--School deliver e-book and tools to student & teacher
  4. 4. BookShop--Students & teachers get e-books and learning tools
  5. 5. NetLibrary--Student & teacher are linked to open e-libraries
  6. 6. BookStore--Student & Teacher find, get & read e-books
  7. 7. Content MarketPlace--Student & teacher download ready to use software
  8. 8. EduTools--Student & teacher run ready to use learning aids.
  9. 9. EduApps--Student and teacher are linked to web services.
  10. 10. WindowsApps--Student & teachers run Windows native programs.
  11. 11. Interactive Whiteboard--Student & teacher write, draw, show on the digital whiteboard.
  12. 12. ClassicWhiteboard--Student & teacher simply write & draw on the whiteboard.
  13. 13. Math DigitalBoard--Student & teacher solve, draw, plot math problems.
  14. 14. Music Keyboard--Student & teacher touch the key and play the notes.
  15. 15. Kid’s Drawing Board--Student & teacher simply draw & colour
  16. 16. Windows Based Tablet PC • Invite us to your school and we will be glad to show more. Contact: Mr. Gener Morada +639228030071