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A brief on open digital education solution toolkit for teachers.

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  1. 1. OPEN DESK TEACHER’S TOOLKIT FOR E-CLASSROOMwww.aralanetdesk.comThe classroom teacher who lives and worksin todays interactive and connected world isalways challenged to embrace the“experience of understanding” in the way itis “being facilitated “through the “aligneduse of interactive and collaborativetechnologies.”Relevance and effectivity of any teacherbegin by “being in the digital space” meant Most classroom teachers will agree on thefor 21st century citizen. They have to realize need to be relevant, meaningful, effectivethe value of teaching and learning within the and enjoying in the 21st century classroomcontext and performance of today’s learners of interactivity, creativity and connectivity.who are oriented to the use of computer,Internet, mobile and social media to be However, the motivation is enabled byentertained, informed, connected, building the resource and capacity of allrecognized and productive. teachers to initiate, learn and sustain the practice of teaching with interactiveThe importance of remembered lesson; technologies.performance in examination; and observedroles to students are getting better with The enablement speaks of ready and open to“technology enriched experiences” that use F-framework, T=technology, andbuild the skills of collaboration, C=content that will guide them to create,communication, critical thinking, creative maintain and improve the 21st centuryproblem solving, and self directed learning. classroom of interactivity, creativity and connectivity.The “technology-mediated presentation,activity, references and assessment” make F = framework speaks of definitivebetter the capability of the classroom principles, methods and results that supportsteachers to bring real-word situation, time effective teaching and learning withextension, delivery enrichment, lesson interactive learning technologies to take aremediation and interactive engagement in shape inside the classroomthe way learners acquire, create, remember,share and apply knowledge. T = technology speaks of technology solution standards, configuration andThe technology based communication and infrastructure to compose the hardware,collaboration platform make better the software, network and skills to compose themeans of the classroom teachers to engage environment or platform of technologyin the social dialogue that educates the enabled interactive learning.senses, and bring the positive habitssupportive of community building. C = content speaks of knowledge and medium to acquire, create, manipulate, share, re-use to construct and apply understanding.
  2. 2. OPEN DESK TEACHER’S TOOLKIT FOR E-CLASSROOMOPENDESK PROJECT is no locked-inaggregation of framework, technologyand content to build capabilities ofteachers to align the use of interactivelearning technologies in teaching andlearning.The Open Digital Education SolutionToolkit for Teachers (OPENDESK) hasbegan in 2004 to attract teachers andadministrators attention to theavailability of free to install educationsoftware and re-usable digital content in The shared framework, technology andbasic education. content are not meant to prescribed, but to place into the hand of every teachersThe aggregated framework, technology the available tools to design, plan,and content is offered as start-up implement and evaluate learning withresource to build competencies and interactive technologies.content to realize and sustain purposiveimprovement of teaching and learning The OPENDESK PROJECT search, reviewthrough the use of open standards and and promote digital application andglobal benchmark on digital content. content that placed among its condition of use the terms –free, open, sharable,It gives attention to education-ready distributable, fully functional, and agreesoftware and multimedia content that on global standards of user experience.matches the understanding andperformance defined in the learning The Open Digital Education Solutioncompetency published by the Toolkit for Teachers version 2 containsDepartment of Education. the following digital tools:The version 1 of OPENDESK is shared 1. Digital Whiteboardfreely for the use of the Technical 2. Presentation MakerServices Office of the Department of 3. Activity CreatorEducation to provide digital content in 4. Study HelperDepEd computerization program. It is 5. Cyber Safetyalso given freely to teachers who 6. Internet Servicesattended school-based training on ICTsponsored by service providers and The toolkit is made available through theeducation organization. Laptop for Teachers Program, and School Improvement Projects of selected Service Providers.