2012: The Tipping Point of Broad Scale Cloud Deployment


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ODCA Forecast 2012 Keynote: Curt Aubley, President, Open Data Center Alliance; VP/CTO NexGen Cyber Innovation & Technology; Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Services

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2012: The Tipping Point of Broad Scale Cloud Deployment

  1. 1. Welcome! 1
  2. 2. 2012: The Tipping Point of BroadScale Cloud Deployment Curt Aubley President, Open Data Center Alliance VP/CTO NexGen Cyber Innovation & Technology Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Services Curt.Aubley@LMCO.com 2
  3. 3. Why Cloud? Pressures on business demand IT Exponential Growth Affordability: Cost Pressures 2X Do more with less growth in information every two years¹ Improve Agility Reduce service delivery from weeks to minutes 15B Challenges connected devices Deliver Greater Efficiency by 2015 $Multi Billion in opportunity >11X Improved Security Beyond Compliance increase in mobile data traffic by 2015³ Industry Standard Solutions Required for Agility and Efficiency to Address Coming Growth IDC Extracting Value from Chaos June 2011; Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2011–2016, Feb 2012; Cisco Global Cloud Index Nov 2011; Datacenter Dynamics Global Datacenter Energy Demand 2012 forecast 3 http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/research/energy-demand-2011-12; projected to 2015 by Intel; Assume $0.10/kWh
  4. 4. How do these trends effect us? HD-Video Trends • Affordability Any • Social World Device • Consumer Expectations Everything • Commodity Anywhere Public Everything 4D Zoom Cloud • Cloud Service Mobile: Always OnWhile Everything Hyper Connectivity Cyber Collaboration & • Agility Private Security Personal SA Cloud Legacy • Mobility Apps • App For That Amazing SSL VPN Power Sensors Generation & Mgmt Creators & 2 Factor RAs Big Data Consumers Cloud Computing Is Become Increasingly Important May 3, 2012 To Effectively Deliver IT @ Scale Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information 4
  5. 5. Categorizing and Modeling Cloud ThreatsThreats Are Constantly Evolving and Attack Surfaces Are Increasing Emerging Threats and Successful Categorizing and Modeling Increasing Attack Surfaces Attack Vectors Defense Civil Mission APT to UPT Intelligence Capabilities Stuxnet Security Flame Intelligence 20% Advanced Centers (SIC) and Enterprise Threat Service “Unknowns” Management Security (SOC) 80% Known and Network Operations Threats Centers (NOC) Compliance Physical Security & Supply Chain New Capabilities Needed to Combat a Rapidly Changing Threat and Attack Surfaces
  6. 6. Cloud Computing To The Rescue Big Data >>> Mobility >> Cloud Computing (@ least Cloud Is Not The Most Over Hyper Technology Any More) 6
  7. 7. The Dream Of Cloud Computing ๏ Lower costs of hardware… efficient and elastic ๏ Lower admin costs…automation and self-service ๏ Innovation accelerator…on-demand access ๏ Agility and speed enabler…easier app development ๏ Improved performance…automated scale and micro clouds to the edge ๏ Power efficiency/green IT…workload management ๏ Scalability…scale or redirection of resources ๏ Security…full control overall all assets The Potential is Great The Value Is Just Starting to be Realized One Nugget at a Time 7
  8. 8. Hands-on Experience:The Hidden Challenges of Cloud Computing ๏ Application Provisioning • Cloud Application ๏ VDI Provision Development • Virtual Machine Provisioning • Culture: With Change Comes • Guaranteed Performance: SLAs Anxiety…more Training and Mission Support • Governance: Finance, Security, • Dynamic Performance and Capacity Portfolio Management Mgmt • Cloud Transparency • Power Management: Eco-Friendly • Ease of Use “Green” • Cloud Orchestration and • Training: Cloud Management and Automation Integration Software Development • Continuous Security • Portfolio Management Compliance Management • Legacy Application Migration • Defense of 80% and 20% Cyber • Cloud Interoperability Threats • Financial Integration into Legacy • Acquisition: Contracts that Systems Enable cloud procurement • Cloud Change Management Over • Cloud “Sprawl” and Standards Time Cloud Lock In and • Multi-Cloud Application Support interoperability • DR/BC/COOP Self-Service Provisioning of Cloud Services Is Just the Start of the Cloud Journey
  9. 9. ODCA Mission:Accelerating Cloud Computing Adoption Drive new levels of IT agility through delivery of unified customer requirements for cloud computing enabling secure federation of cloud services, automation of IT infrastructure, common management and policy for data center resources, and transparency in cloud service capability and metrics. 9
  10. 10. Hundreds of Global IT Leaders Steering Committee Contributing Members Solution Providers Supermicro Computer Inc. Adopter Members Aavex AIMS Technology Data Centre Apollo Group SystemsBusiness Applied Sdn Bhd Aquantia Corporation SDN BHD Axess Biznet CHRISTUS ClearCenter Communications Networks Health Clouds Sky Connectria Cypress GmbH Hosting CoreSistem CSC Management Daimler AG Group Corporation ECLIPSE ASSESSORIA Droisys, Inc. EM REDES E Enomaly Forum Systems Getronics Grainger COMPUTADORES Inc. NL BV LTDA Hughes IT Integrated Device Security Technology Intellebyte Internet2 Intuit Consulting JARING Manhattan Communications Joynet Inc Lewis & Co Associates Sdn Bhd Memorial MOLABTVX New York NovaTech Hermann Orange MobileHealthcare System HD-MDN Internet Services Inc Ortman Perfect World PROTEGRITY RampRate Consulting LLC Risc-Group IT Solutions, STS R-Systems SaaS ID Scope Infotech, SFDATAID Supply Chain Group Inc. Management, LLC Talisman Temperature The Data Center Energy Inc Control Marketplace Total S.A. Vertotech do Viridity Virtacore Voltage Security Yokogawa Brasil ltd Software Systems Corporation Intel Serves as Technical Advisor to the Alliance
  11. 11. Why Work Together?To Accelerate Cloud Solutions Unified Voice Accelerates Prioritize Market Delivery Solution Testing and Deliver Deployments based on a Common Foundation Today’s Learning forms Share Foundation for Tomorrow’s Requirements 11
  12. 12. Enabling Compelling Industry Standard Solutions Cloud Service Global Providers Enterprises Delivering Top-grade Consuming and Services Offering Top-grade Excess Capacity Emerging Dynamic Cloud Market Place Technology Solution Providers Offering Brokerage and Management services 12
  13. 13. Prioritize: Open Data Center AllianceEnd User RequirementsSecure Common MgmtFederation Automation and Policy TransparencyProvider Assurance VM Interoperability Regulatory Service Catalog FrameworkSecurity Monitoring IO Control Standard Unit of MeasurementIdentity Management Long Distance Workload Migration Carbon FootprintCloud Based IdentityGovernance & AuditIaaS PrivilegedUserAccessCloud Based IdentityProvisioningSingle Sign OnAuthentication 14 Usage Models Published So Far… 13
  14. 14. Delivering Solutions against ODCA Usage Models Supermicro Computer Inc. ODCA Solutions Checklists Published
  15. 15. Lockheed MartinInformation Systems & Global Solutions • Global Security Company • #1 provider of Information System Solutions and Services for the US Government for 17 years • Over $10+ Billion in annual sales • 30,000 Employees across every state and 50 countries • CMMI Level 5, ITIL v2/3, ISO 9001, & ISO 27001 • 2,700+ Customer programs Always Focused On Customer Mission Success
  16. 16. Lockheed Martin IS&GSGlobal NexGen Innovation Centers Case Study Goals • Increase speed of affordable secure anywhere, anytime solution development while being agile Challenges • Meet the goals while being both affordable and secure 16
  17. 17. Technology Approach: SolaS (Solution As A Service)Maximized The Best Of Industry AWS Business Terramark Goals Lockheed SolaS Proactive Management & Situational Community Technology Clouds Requirements Different Awareness Across All Cloud Assets Views Other for Different Partners Stakeholders ODCA Usage Models IS&GS NexGen AU IS&GS NexGen US IS&GS IS&GS NexGen Micro UK Clouds Results Improved Agility, Scale, Flexibility, Efficiencies, & Security 17
  18. 18. Live Demonstration• Multi Cloud Transparency: Situation Awareness• Ease of use: Service Catalog & Financials• Security Monitoring: Beyond Compliance 18
  19. 19. Open Data Center Alliance Looking To The Future 19
  20. 20. From Requirements to Solution Scale Streamlined Standardized Shared Practices Requirements Response Checklists Drive Scale Accelerate Adoption Accelerate TTM Available to Members at: www.opendatacenteralliance.org 20
  21. 21. New Usage Models Recently Released In Development Service Orchestration Master Usage Commercial Framework Models Compute IaaS Long Distance Migration Focused Usage Identity Models Management (5) Interop of Apps/Services Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Usage Models speeding cloud adoption and influencing solution capabilities / consistency 21
  22. 22. Our Opportunity TodayPrepare for 2012 – the Tipping Point for Broad Scale Deployments Learn from Peers on Insights from Lead Deployments and POCs Engage in the Dialog: Use ODCA toHelp Define a Unified Voice on Cloud 22
  23. 23. Amazing Line Up 8:30-9:15 Welcome Keynote 9:15-10:00 Keynote 10:15-11:00 Cloud Storm Track Cloud Ceiling Track Storm Formation Track Keynote Keynote Keynote 11:05-11:50 Cloud Security Panel POC BMW Insight Service Provider Innovation Panel 12:25-12:55 Keynote/Lunch 1:00-1:45 Cloud Transparency POC NAB, Terremark, Cloud HW Infrastructure Panel and Trapezoid Insight Innovation Panel 1:50-2:35 Cloud Management Enterprise Cloud Best Software Innovation Practices Panel Panel 2:25-3:20 Cloud Regulation Big Data in the Cloud Cloud Standards Panel Delivery Panel 3:30-4:15 Speed Networking Birds of a Feather 4:20-5:00 ODCA Steering Wrap Up
  24. 24. Thank You &Enjoy Forecast! 24