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Forecast odcau3 100_posttech

  1. 1. WORKLOAD MIGRATION & VM INTEROPRyan SkippDeutsche Telekom / T-Systems GmbHClaude NoshpitzAT&T
  2. 2. AGENDATOPICUM CORELEARNINGInteroperability across Clouds• Usage Scenarios• Orchestration and Brokering• WorkflowLearnings and Take-aways from these UM’sForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 2
  3. 3. TOPIC & UM BACKGROUNDThe ODCA Contributor organisations have created this UM to collaboratively identify howcloud services should be considered for interoperability, and so as to then provide this asa clear framework to the Cloud Provider and ISV community, and to share with thegeneral Cloud consumer.The Interoperability UM’s address:1. Concept2. Usage Scenario’s3. Important enabling elements4. Categorisation of service qualities in context of the UMApplicable Usage Models (UM’s)1. VM Interoperability2. Long Distance MigrationForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 3
  4. 4. UM CORE – KEY ELEMENTSUSAGESCENARIOSDefine the specific usage scenario, and the associated parameters to takeinto accountIDENTIFY THEINTEROPELEMENTSFunctional: System, Network, Storage, AccessNon-functional: SLA’s, KPI’s, Compliance, Responsibility, Service transfer orshareSTANDARDS &SPECIFICATIONSIdentify applicable standards & specifications at each layer to package forinteroperationCATEGORISESERVICESCategorise service requirements – bronze, silver, gold, platinumCategorise service offering via catalogue – bronze, silver, gold, platinumForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 4
  5. 5. INTEROPERABILITY CONCEPTForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 5
  6. 6. SustainRelocateContinuous Availability of Service toCloud Subscriber during ServiceMigrationSustainExtendRelocateImpact to Cloud Subscriber’s Service AvailabilityMigrationClassesCloud Subscriber Service Downtime,to enable Service MigrationFranchise:CreateSystem CopyAsynchronousDisasterRecoveryDataCentreClosureDataAffinityDataCentreConsolidationCloudburstingFollowthe sunFollowthemoonServiceScalingLazyfollowthe sunLazyfollowthemoonAsynchronousDisasterRecoveryDataCentreMigrationContinuousBusinessAvailabilitySynchronousDisasterRecoveryUsage ScenarioGroup 1Usage ScenarioGroup 2Usage ScenarioGroup 3UM CORE – MODEL & USAGE SCENARIOSForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 6
  7. 7. INTEROPERABILITY, WORKFLOW, & DATA MANAGEMENTForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 7
  8. 8. 1. Tested against VM Interop UM2. Tooling (Enterprise vs Public tools)3. Used 2012 Software versions = point in time baseline (approximately 25% success against UM)UM RELATED POC (INTEROP TECHNOLOGY POC)Forecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 8
  9. 9. OWNERSHIP &RESPONSIBILITYOwnership, Service Transfer Point, Federated responsibilityDATAMANAGEMENTMaster record management & co-ordinationSECURITY Bridging cloud providers and your enterprise securityKPI’STarget service selection and measuring (cost, quality, functionality,comparability, business requirements), Usage Scenario relatedmeasurements, Carbon creditsUM CORE – IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONSForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 9
  10. 10. Identify and integrate standards into tooling: OVF (Open Virtualisation Format) , CIMI,(Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface ), SPML (Service Provision Markup Language),SCIM (System for Cross Domain Identity Management ) , TOSCA (Topology andOrchestration Specification for Cloud Applications). The current OVF Specification does notenable Service Providers to establish mature interoperabilitySTANDARDS &SPECIFICATIONSNEUTRAL TOOLING Niche for Neutral ISV’s to create interop toolingCONSIDER ODCAUM’SUse the ODCA UM’s when developing products – the ISV’s are “generally” still establishingtheir products, and in the defensive development phase. Participating in UM creation is achance to influence that developmentCATEGORISEPRODUCTS &SERVICESCategorise the functionality of products and services – gold, silver, bronze, platinumKEY INDUSTRY ACTIONS (STANDARDS AND MORE)Forecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 10
  11. 11. KEY TAKE-AWAYS FROM THESE UM’SBrokers require proprietary agents at source and target – limits optionsand locks services inBe clear on Business requirements and objectives – define serviceparameters very clearlyThe industry is developing fast, but at an early stage – each productmostly works as advertised (products and services) – those features notadvertised, don’t workConsumer has overall responsibility – splitting workloads and migratingsystems emphasize thisForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 11
  12. 12. StandardizedResponse ChecklistsAccelerate TTMShared PracticesDrive ScaleStreamlinedRequirementsAccelerate AdoptionAvailable to Members at: www.opendatacenteralliance.orgURL for Public content: www.opendatacenteralliance.orgINFORMATION AND ASSETSForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 12
  13. 13. InteroperabilityFrom engagement to real adoption and implementationwww.opendatacenteralliance.orgQUESTIONSForecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 13
  14. 14. Forecast 2013 VMInterop & LDM U-Track | 14© 2013 Open Data Center Alliance, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.