Forecast 2012 Panel: Cloud HW Infrastructure Barb Darrow


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Barb Darrow,
Senior Writer


Brandon Fears,

Dan Choquette,
Director, Cloud & Big Data Solutions Integration, Dell

Jan Drake,
Principal Cloud Architect,
Disney Corp.

Jason Waxman,
General Manager,
Cloud Infrastructure Group, Intel Corporation

Yael McGuire,
Strategist (for the Open Compute Project)

Cloud infrastructure Trends

Open-source comes to hardware

Webscale data center hardware

Scale-up purpose-built appliances

Cell phone chips powering data center servers

Your questions

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Forecast 2012 Panel: Cloud HW Infrastructure Barb Darrow

  1. 1. Rapid Fire Panel #8:Cloud HW Infrastructure 1
  2. 2. Rapid Fire Panel #8: Cloud HW Moderator Barb Darrow Senior Writer Panelists Dan Choquette Jan Drake Director, Cloud & Big Data Principal Cloud Architect Solutions Integration Brandon Fears Yael Maguire Strategist Jason Waxman General Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Group 2
  3. 3. Cloud hardware infrastructure trends• Open-source comes to hardware• Webscale data center hardware• Scale-up purpose-built appliances• Cell phone chips powering data center servers• Your questions 3
  4. 4. Polling Question: Text the keyword to 22333 or tweet it to @OpenDataCenterWhich of these data center technologies do you think will gain the most traction inthe next 12-18 months? 10G Ethernet 10GETHER Low-power ARM- or Atom-based servers LOWPOWER Flash as primary storage FLASHSTORAGE Converged hardware (combines compute/storage/networking functions) CONVERGEDHW DC Power DCPOWER 4
  5. 5. Resources Learn the latest about ODCA requirements PRIORITIZE at Use ODCA PEAT Tool for Upcoming RFPs DELIVER Explore the Latest Solutions at ODCAs Cloud Expo Showcase Booth #411 #Forecast12 Actively Participate in Todays Sessions SHARE Scale your Knowledge with ODCA MEET Forecast Reception. Build relationships with other IT experts while sipping cocktails and filling up on food from the roof of Sky Room, which offers stunning views of the New York City skyline. WHEN WHERE HOW 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. ET Sky Room Times Square Buses will begin running (330 West 40th Street) at 4:45pm from the Javits
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  7. 7. Backup 7
  8. 8. Cloud HW infrastructure Questions & Topics• What’s the future of cloud hardware infrastructure? Good question. As more workloads flow into webscale clouds , the push is on towring the most oomph out of low-cost standard hardware. Efforts like the Facebook-initiated Open Compute Project (now the Open Compute Foundation) are key examples of this.• The goal there is to bring the open-source model that’s been so wildly successful in software wehre it drove Linux into a power position, into hardware realm so that data center buyers can innovate on top of a pretty standard set of building blocks. The use of open-source hardware makes sense for the biggest of big clouds where the goal is to scale out as many servers as possible as cheaply as possible.• The need to cut energy consumption is also leading some data centers to try out electricity-stingy servers running on ARM or Atom processors – CPUs that were built for cell phones and itty-bitty devices, not for raised-floor data centers.• And then, across the spectrum from the commodity hardware crowd, are an array of special-purpose high-end data center boxes that combine storage, compute and networking loads in a single enclosure.• Other topics• the develop trend and what, if anything it means to data center pros• Are big-bang web scale data centers the answer for every business?• Whats the future of special-built data center appliances? What are the use cases?• How big an impact will the drive to "open source" hardware have on hardware vendors? can they differentiate enough? 8