Accelerating enterprise cloud adoption through open data center alliance


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The Open Data Center Alliance is working actively to shape the future of cloud computing — a future based on open, interoperable standards. Our membership includes more than 300 companies spanning multiple continents and industries.

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Accelerating enterprise cloud adoption through open data center alliance

  1. 1. FROM INFRASTRUCTURE TO INFORMATION ACCELERATING ENTERPRISE CLOUD ADOPTION THROUGH OPEN DATA CENTER ALLIANCE Pankaj Fichadia Technical Co-ordination Committee Chair, Regulation and Ecosystem workgroup Management Assurance [Enterprise Transformation] #ODCA @opendatacenter Open Data Center Alliance Open Data Center Alliance National Australia Bank
  2. 2. AGENDA • • • • Vision and Purpose Usage models, and the Ecosystem Driving business value - Adoption and industry collaboration Summary 2
  3. 3. Drive new levels of IT agility through delivery of unified customer requirements for cloud computing enabling secure federation of cloud services, automation of IT infrastructure, common management and policy for data center resources, and transparency in cloud service capability and metrics. Create & Deliver Collaborate Commit Unified Customer Requirements Through Defining Usage Models With Standards Orgs and Industry to Accelerate Deployment and map applicable standards Roadmaps, Checklists and RFP Questions to Guide Internal IT Deployments 3
  4. 4. Hundreds of Global IT Leaders Intel Serves as Technical Advisor to the Alliance 4
  5. 5. DRIVING CLOUD ADOPTION New/Enhanced Requirements Defined ODCA Drives Scale with Results Sharing Best Practices Fuel Broad Deployments ODCA Defines Requirements Providers Invest to Meet Demands Awareness Providers Deliver Solutions Enterprises Adopt Solutions Lead Enterprises Invest in Required Solutions 5
  6. 6. Industry Collaboration: Critical to Alliance Mission Aligning standards development with customer requirements and speeding industry standards solutions to market 6
  7. 7. Solution Provider Members Solution Provider Member Market Representation > 90% virtualization software >2/3 server hardware Majority of enterprise storage, networking & management Supermicro Computer Inc. Accelerate solution delivery choices 7
  8. 8. Alliance Leadership and Workgroup Structure Steering Committee Board of Directors Standards Organizations Intel: Technical Advisor Infrastructure Work Group Technical Coordination Committee Management Work Group Liaisons External Technical Forums Regulation and Ecosystem Work Group Security Work Group Services Work Group Active WG participation WG invites select members for consultation.0.6 roadmap review & input 0.7 roadmap review & input Contributor Members Solution Provider Members Adopter Members China Technical Sub-Group 8
  9. 9. CLOUD MATURITY – ENTERPRISE CAPABILITIES Business Strategy Architecture Organisational skills Infrastructure Governance Information Projects & Services Operations Progressive Capabilities for Enterprises Use of cloud becomes more sophisticated, comprehensive and optimized 9
  10. 10. Consumers Start ENTERPRISE ADOPTION ROADMAP App Owner IT Ops Legacy Applications on dedicated Infrastructure App Dev Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Simple SaaS End User Year 1 Simple SaaS Complex SaaS Hybrid SaaS Enterprise Legacy Apps Cloud Aware Apps Cloud Aware Apps Cloud Aware Apps Enterprise Legacy Apps Complex Compute IaaS Simple Compute IaaS Compute, Storage, and Network Simple Compute IaaS Compute, Stora ge, and Network Legacy Apps Legacy Apps Private PaaS Federated, Int eroperable, a nd Open Cloud Hybrid PaaS Full Private IaaS Year 5 Hybrid IaaS 10
  12. 12. USAGE MODEL OVERVIEW • Executive Summary • Problem Statement • Use Cases & Requirements • RFP Questions • Industry Action 25 usage models defined IaaS PaaS SaaS Information as a Service 12
  13. 13. MASTER USAGES, INTEROPERABILITY, MIGRATION Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Software as a Service Compute IaaS Master Usage model Information as a Service Information as a Service Usage model Scale Out Storage Big Data User Guide Software Defined Networking Interoperability across Clouds PaaS Interoperability SaaS Interoperability Identity Management Interoperability Virtual Machine Interoperability Long Distance Migration 13
  14. 14. STRATEGY, SERVICE, REGULATORY, COMMERCIAL Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Software as a Service Information as a Service Cloud Maturity Model Standard Units of Measure I/O Control Service Catalog Service Orchestration Regulatory Framework Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency Commercial Framework Software Entitlement Management Framework 14
  15. 15. SECURITY Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Software as a Service Information as a Service Data security framework Cloud Data lifecycle Single sign-on authentication Cloud based identity provisioning Cloud based identity governance and auditing IaaS Privileged User Access Security provider assurance Security monitoring 15
  16. 16. WHITE PAPERS AND PROOF OF CONCEPTS Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Software as a Service Information as a Service The Private cloud strategy at BMW NAB Carbon Neutral White Paper ODCA – Developing cloud capable applications Proof of concepts and Real world implementations – Next slide…. 16
  17. 17. ODCA Driving Positive Results Building cloud based on ODCA requirements Leveraging ODCA as a pragmatic guild for internal & client cloud-implementations Leveraging ODCA for full scale private cloud build out, big data and networking strategy UMs used for current clouds & future planning of new cloud services Strategy and procurement decisions anchored on ODCA requirements. Broad integration of ODCA UMs to global cloud strategy and procurements Delivering cloud and big data services based on ODCA requirements Driving RFPs based on ODCA requirements Broad scale integration of UMs into public, private and hybrid cloud offerings 17
  18. 18. PROPOSAL ENGINE ASSISTANT TOOL (PEAT) • Online tool to generate RFP Requirements from the usage models • Aligning with ODCA requirements • As a service consumer, align your own purchasing • As a service provider, have your customer deployment aligned 18
  19. 19. ODCA FLASH WEBINAR SERIES • "Get to Know ODCA Cloud Usage Models" Public Webinar Series 19
  20. 20. THE TIME IS NOW Join Today • Accelerate: Collaborate with hundreds of global IT customers • Engage: Provide feedback on requirements in development, participate in POCs • Commit: Integrate requirements into your solutions roadmap 20
  21. 21. CONTACT INFORMATION Usage Models: 21