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Microservices Manchester: Welcome To Microservices Manchester By Daniel Bryant


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Our Chief Scientist, Daniel Bryant sets the scene at #micromanchester by providing a brief guide and core principles of microservices

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Microservices Manchester: Welcome To Microservices Manchester By Daniel Bryant

  1. 1. Welcome to... 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  2. 2. Welcome! Brief Logistics Interlude • Fire escapes • Code of Conduct ( • The conference itself – Two tracks of awesomeness – Tea & coffee and Lunch provided – Drinks in the evening • Get involved on social media! – Official Hashtag #micromanchester 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  3. 3. • Pragmatic high-end software consultancy • Founded in 2009, Owned by Jonas Partner and Trifork • 40 permanent staff - all Hands-on experts • A client base of enterprise size customers, that include: – HMRC, British Airways, The Post Office, British Gas,, TNT, Atos... • Technology-based solutions that are production ready, – often aimed at enhancing legacy systems – Proof-of-concept • Digital and Devops transformations • Win a Sonos Play:1 with the most creative tweet involving an OpenCredo Owl (#ocowl) 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  4. 4. Billy Jenkins and Rory Brandon • Staffing and Recruitment Agency - HQ in London with Manchester office in Fountain Street • Specialising in Software Development and Testing, Agile Project Delivery and DevOps/Infrastructure • Work with the BBC, Barclays, HMRC, Equal Experts in Manchester • Involved in hosting, organising and sometimes speaking at Tech Events throughout the UK • Here to give some market intelligence and advice around current trends and conditions, salary/rate info as well as tips and ideas on hiring and staff retention • Free iPad giveaway
  5. 5. 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  6. 6. Welcome to the world of Microservices Daniel Bryant Chief Scientist @Opencredo @danielbryantuk
  7. 7. So, What are microservices? “Loosely coupled service oriented architecture with bounded contexts” Adrian Cockcroft “Applications that fit in your head” James Lewis 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  8. 8. So, What are microservices? • Architectural style - build services around biz capability • Enable evolutionary architecture and scaling (teams and Tech) • single App composed of (interchangable) multiple services • Services Running as individual processes, individually deployable • lightweight external communication (e.g. rest over http) • Potentially polyglot Language and Data stores • Minimum centralised management 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  9. 9. Monolith vs microservices 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  10. 10. So, this appears familiar (Corba, SOA, etc) Oh, Yes... but this time it's Different... Hopefully... 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  11. 11. The Perfect Storm? • Collaborative processes – increasing requirements for speed from the business – Agile, lean and Devops • Programmable infrastructure – Driven out from Deployment at scale (google, netflix, amazon) – Config management, Cloud and containers • Open source – Sharing of technology and knowledge – Download, consume and contribute 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  12. 12. So, Implementing Microservices sound easy... 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  13. 13. Implementing Microservices is easy Implementing Microservice systems is complex (so too are the associated organisational/people systems) 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk
  14. 14. Some thinking points for today 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk Ronnie Mitra @ #api360
  15. 15. Enjoy today! Talk to everyone - share Your knowledge! 04/07/2016 @danielbryantuk