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Workable at Open Coffee Athens LXXV


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A presentation by Spyros Magiatis

Published in: Internet
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Workable at Open Coffee Athens LXXV

  1. 1. S P Y R O S M A G I AT I S , C T O @ s m a g i a t i s O P E N C O F F E E AT H E N S O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5
  2. 2. Workable is the fastest-growing self-service tool to manage hiring from job description to offer letter It replaces email and excel and packs 90% of enterprise features in a UX anybody can use We’re hiring 2 positions and have 200+ applicants to work through. I’m so glad we use @Workable for applicant tracking — Erik Reagan, FocusLab I like the ease of using Workable. I love the fact that I can collect all the data in one place (it reduced usage of a lot of mails) — Laura from ConsumerTrack Workable own the idea that you need to hire somebody. They own it from start to finish, the A-Z of hiring all the way through. — Des Traynor, Intercom
  3. 3. History 3 years 48 employees 3,000 customers $7m early-stage capital
  4. 4. F R O M Z E R O T O 3 , 0 0 0 C U S T O M E R S I N 2 Y E A R S Commercial Launch August 2013 15% month-on-month growth in 2015
  5. 5. RoW 10% N. America 55% Europe 35%
  6. 6. Award-winning design studio in NYC Hardware startup SaaS startup Boutique hotel in the UK Top hockey team in Canada Sheraton hotel in Kentucky In-home caregivers in Michigan Custom apparel 
 in Georgia Children’s museum in NYC Geological data for oil cos in Houston Pet waste removal in New Jersey President Clinton’s speechwriters Transportation & logistics in St Louis Hyundai dealership in Massachusetts Largest low-cost airline in Europe Construction services in Texas Real Estate Investment Firm New Jersey Religious institution in Florida Hair extension products Hair stylist in Philladelphia Airport daycare for pets in L.A. Fashion retailer in Boston Food producer in California Financial services in Utah
  7. 7. 22m small businesses in America hiring already happens online most of them never tried hiring software W H Y S M A L L B U S I N E S S E S ? W H Y N O W ? they do 70% of the hiring they need to keep up with the big boys
  8. 8. HIRING FOR SMALL COMPANIES IS NOT ABOUT OPTIMIZING A PROCESS. IT’S ABOUT THE STUFF THAT CAN’T BE DONE WITH EMAIL AND SPREADSHEETS. building a career site without technical skills one-click job posting to free and premium sites screening, tracking and teamwork in one place consumer-class UI no data entry rich candidate profiles social profile discovery clean, searchable data “It’s like using Facebook!” — Kimberly from Groove Productions
  9. 9. W E A R E B U I L D I N G T E C H N O L O G Y T H AT E N A B L E S S U P E R I O R P E R F O R M A N C E , S E L F - S E R V I C E A N D U X resume parsing fraud detection integration framework A framework of automations for real time monitoring, crawling and job targeting achieves better performance than any other syndication service on 30+ partner integrations NLP and machine learning trained over 40,000+ jobs automatically reviews and approves 92% of unverified listings, reducing human error, increasing speed and minimizing labor. We are the only Indeed partner that bypasses quality control. Proprietary parser obtains structured profile data from any type of resume document, or any semi-structured input (e.g. FB summary). 98% accuracy on contact over 5m processed resumes identity resolution/fusion Data science & NLP for matching duplicate profiles (e.g. recruiter-submitted resumes) and control the quality of input from 3rd-party sources. Profile fusion is a proprietary algorithm that construct aggregate profiles from matched inputs with partial information
  10. 10. 1 5 % T R I A L - T O - PA I D H U N T I N G R A B B I T S 9 M O N T H S C A C PAY B A C K 8 2 % S E L F - S E R V I C E
  11. 11. S E L F - S E R V I C E I S A 
  12. 12. Good unit economics unlock mass market scale 3,000 employers 20,000 hiring managers 70,000 jobs 5 million candidates
  13. 13. U S E U N I T E C O N O M I C S T O B U I L D U P B U L K E C O N O M I C S T H AT U P M A R K E T C O M P E T I T O R S C A N ’ T
  14. 14. 2016 $27m new capital 150 employees 20k+ customers
  15. 15. The “export-oriented multinational” Engineering & Operations at our home base Sales and Marketing close to our customers