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Viva wallet at Open Coffee Athens LXXV


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A presentation by Alexandros Karavitis and Panos Tsakos

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Viva wallet at Open Coffee Athens LXXV

  1. 1.  Payment Services Provider  ECB/BoG officially licensed e-money Institution (first in Greece) according to PSD provisions  PCI-DSS Compliant  B2B & B2C Payment Services  Travel Services (flights, ferries OTA, hotel bookings, car rentals, TAXIs, Bus etc.  Events e-ticketing (theatres, events, concerts, sports events etc.)  Car Insurance  Telecoms (the largest VoIP provider in Greece)
  2. 2. • Licensed e-money Institution by the ECB through Central Bank of Greece (first in Greece) • Licensed for EEA- 31 countries, through ECB procedures (passporting) • PCI-DSS Compliant for cards processing • An extensive network of physical points (through retail chains etc. which become Representatives/ resellers) for accepting payments (cash, e-money)
  3. 3. B2C • Web checkout • Mobile Checkout • Phone Checkout ! • POS terminals • Email/web card charge • Wallet Payments • Cash Payments • Business wallets / business cards • Personal Wallets • Money transfers • Payments via wallet • E-money vouchers • Pay @ Home • Pay @ Viva Spots • Viva Wallet Prepaid Card B2B
  4. 4. B2B
  5. 5. Checkout services
  6. 6. …Mobile SDK for accepting cards at own mobile apps
  7. 7. • Chip & PIN certified VIVA mobile POS και POS • Ruggetized POS customized at stand-alone terminals (VLTs, vending machines, payment booths etc) • No banks required • Money in wallet Card-present transactions through mPOS/POS
  8. 8. Payment at physical points (Agents – Viva Spots)
  9. 9. B2C
  10. 10. Payments through mobile wallet (Viva Wallet) • a fully functional mobile VivaWallet (iOS, Android) with over 250.000 downloads
  11. 11. Viva Wallet Card (Prepaid Mastercard)
  12. 12. … available off-the-shelf at stores
  13. 13. Viva Wallet Dashboard
  14. 14. Viva Wallet Pay-in
  15. 15. Viva Wallet Pay-out
  16. 16. E-money code Cash Payments Bill Payments Mobile refill services
  17. 17. More than 700 active Public Stores Papasotiriou Seven Spot Media Markt (7 Points) (82 Points)(44 Points) (10 Points) EKO+BP Stations (154 Points) (251 Points) Shell (119 Points) My Market Ιανός (7 Points)
  18. 18. Most payment methods (including cash on 800 spots) Low fees compared to international competition Zero day activation No need to pay transfer costs for processed payments Business Prepaid card POS terminals No need for banks Pay with mobile – don’t give your card details No need for banks Split payments Mobile app Free transfers to wallets Most methods for pay-in and pay-out Wallet balance checkout No fees on tickets and services Why us?
  19. 19. Lessons learned during the journey  It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon  Never give up – just try different routes  If dealing with government, throw your plans out the window   Always have backup plans ready  If more than one founder, choose the skipper.  Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you
  20. 20. Big Data Engineer Administrative Assistant Data warehouse developer Online Marketing Assistant QA Automation Engineer POS Developer Security Engineer Senior Accountant Software Engineer Web Developer
  21. 21. Thank you!