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A presentation by Alexandros Marinos

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. 24/03/2014 v1.5.1 development & deployment for connected devices, made simple
  2. 2. Smaller, Cheaper, More Powerful
  3. 3. Use Cases are Everywhere (literally) smart home smart retail logistics much more
  4. 4. Software Complexity: Real Problem
  5. 5. Connectivity: Diverse and Unreliable
  6. 6. Strong Devices, Weakly Connected
  7. 7. High-profile products solve deployment in-house Browsers and smartphones update often, mostly without explicit permission. Users accept this as beneficial. GM and Toyota have had to recall millions of vehicles for software updates in 2014. Tesla Motors issued over the air updates instead. Nest thermostats shipped with an inactive zigbee antenna since 2011. In 2013 they were updated to integrate with Nest’s new smoke detector. NASA sent new software to the Curiosity rover while it was flying to Mars. Upon landing, the new software was installed. The rover now runs the 11th version of its code. All other projects are faced with the dilemma: Heavily spend upfront for infrastructure, or deploy an inferior product
  8. 8. But how did we get into this?
  9. 9. Hardware Operating system Execution environment End-to-end security Monitoring, command & control Cross-compilation Code deployment Application The solution takes care of the rest what developers focus on brings mature cloud development tools to the Internet of Things.
  10. 10. How it works: adding devices 1 2 3 Download image Write image to device(s) Connect and power up device(s) The device automatically registers on the network and appears on the users’ app dashboard
  11. 11. `git push resin master` VPN manager feedback Git endpoint Cross-compiler Containerizer Device management & monitoring 1 2 3 5 4 data Developers can affect a complex procedure with a single command.
  12. 12. 24/03/2014 v1.5.1 Use what you know, build IoT
  13. 13. Early Users
  14. 14. What about funding?
  15. 15. The Team
  16. 16. Join Us? Technical Sales Person Site Reliability Engineer Linux Guru Market Analyst / Technical Writer JS Engineer Support Engineer Killer Developer
  17. 17. Announcing the Athens IoT Meetup Place and time to be announced. Join the group to be notified.
  18. 18. All Questions Welcome Alexandros Marinos |