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Reembed at Open Coffee Athens


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Slides as presented at the event.

Published in: Technology
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Reembed at Open Coffee Athens

  1. 1. Riding the Startup Rollercoaster Open Coffee Athens LXVII Athens, October 3 2014
  2. 2. About Us
  3. 3. Problem When a site embeds a video from YouTube The player does not fit into the site They have no idea if anyone is watching it They can't make money
  4. 4. Solution Customizable Video Player Create your own video player using the reEmbed wizard. Choose a style, add your logo, and pick your colours. Realtime Analytics See in realtime what users are watching and where. Track video plays, completions, shares, and more. Make Money with Ads Monetize your videos with a variety of ad formats including pre-rolls, post-rolls, and overlays.
  5. 5. Customize
  6. 6. Monitor
  7. 7. Monetize
  8. 8. Business Model Freemium Monthly Plans Free €15 / month €100 - €500 / month We Place Ads No Branding Place Your Ads No Ads
  9. 9. Current Situation €80,000 funding 5 employees 2.5 million videos each day 1,700 signups 9% weekly growth 88 countries Paying customers
  10. 10. Timeline 2010 Idea Prototyp e MVP 2011 Moved to LA Customers Business Plan 2012 No Funds Need to rewrite player Founders Split 2013 Funding Build Team Finish New Player 2014 Launch Income
  12. 12. Money & Funding Have a specific plan, know how to spend the money and why Treat it like it's your own Always be aware of your burn rate and your runway
  13. 13. Building a Team Much more difficult than it seems Want to create a culture where people enjoy coming to work Inspire people, make them feel important
  14. 14. Acting on Metrics Your goals should be quantifiable Be careful what you measure Accept new features based on objective results
  15. 15. Our Future Target 2 million websites with YouTube videos The fun begins then Join us if you want your work to be seen by millions of people every day