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Qrator at Open Coffee Athens LXXV


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A presentation by Nicolas Ioannides

Published in: Internet
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Qrator at Open Coffee Athens LXXV

  1. 1. YOUR NEXT LOVE AFFAIR Meet visionary creators around the world, explore their work and make it yours.
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  7. 7. Experience Executive Chairman and co-Founder Linkeoln June 2ooe — Plcselli is years 4 lrluvlms) working on key strategic issues day-to-day at Llnkedin My locus is broad strategy, Innovation. and key initiatives unkeoin 00N19C1S the worlds protessiohals lot inlormation sharing. proouctivny, aha sueoess Your prolessiohal network is how you stay competitive as a prolessional sharing tips on work practices. benchmarks. and key tools Your professional network is how you stay up to dale on your inousliy key trenos, intonnatioh. and transtonnations Your prolessional network is how you gel the pest opportunities a too, a client. a oonsultirig contract. or other ousihess connections Linkeoin helps you collaborate with your network on productivity. irilorrriatiori, aho suooess Partner Q hiovsrnoer 2l1DB— Present (5 years it months; i Merlin Park, CA Greylock Parlrlers works with entrepreneurs to build market-transiorniirig companies current Greylock pantnllo intztudes eonipanies like Linkeoin, Faeapook. Workday, Aironti, Pure Storage, Clouders. Edmodo. shopktak. Drupbox, Pandora. and StilmLngic. I represent sraytpck on the boards or Airhnb, Eflmndc, shopkiek, and wrapp. .larnes slavet and l panner on Greylock‘s tnvestmem in couponsoom. My primary locus is wnrid-class entrepreneurs with new aateoortes or ideas with the possi try at massive scale. i also locus on carrlpanles in rromairis where rriy pmdum and innovation experierios applies strongly consumer rritsrnet, antarpriss 2.0. mobile, social gaming, ortline marketplaces, payments. SAAS, and social networks. I eollatiorata with simon Rolhmsn on Gleykx: k‘s Marketplaoe initiative. Gatling a relerenca Ihmugfl someone i know is the past way to get attention irom me as an investor Board Observer Airono & tirbrib November zutu — Present in years it rnonihsl Aimnh is the worms largest ooniniunity-oriveh hospitality opnipany whether it's a shit: uroan ltitt, a stylish tieehouse. or an artists garoen retreat. with unique listings in 34,000+ onies ano ism eountnes. travelers can leel at home wherever they go. Airpnp is a trustee oonirriunity marketplace tor people to list, oiseover. anrt popk unique aocammcldallons around the worm — onlina or item a mopile phone CORPORATE PROFESSIONALS CV our . r.in_ CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS STORY
  8. 8. Etsy g mm, W. .. aw} r<>hwv<! AA’/ rxsaws mmr, rrgr'§: mm»: !.Yw« . mm: VMCNH/ ’m»vV M, » M Km: n, m mm, 7 Whalewear :2‘: me am. ma ““"“' Ana | lavwur? Avw1I~ UVHVMKV W. H‘; ax; >1 I1-mnnvmll m. ..-». u.. ..= ... AH nah. va‘ir'! >uunfl dmmw ‘hdvirwuwmma a. ww. m.; find mdyvm-~ W ~PW7V5yw071b"7HmlhA mm. m. m.m. Fnrrnmm1nr~' umuuu mm. mm Dm Kuniwumur nflmuvcunvuumahar. Land an m m. :: 'v«/ mrpu vw, .m. ..n. m Iruuvmvrrm v. ..», . . -.x ,1. mm mm and CA/ {MN 5“. x wvu ShVh'nuu mm an Yr! ) | .yv. mn Meal III! uwnu nf Wlulawur. fl. .. “ Ladies scoop neck Whale T—iI| l.1 €35.72 ELR M . xx. ..” nun mum cum .1/JUML Dunrvhn «mm. W v. ..m. um cm Mm . m.mum Pammacwv mm ulvd w ‘ rwvinn mwm. amcm» r-51 Gm ma. ». m.. .,. W.¢. n.m. Lxdnntmavméflnbm ow: sun (M s‘ suit a. 3‘ W. en 31 W. 3» HARD SELLING . m.. <.. Qmmr rwmzn cum IE5 zmow arF—w><wE mun; on. ,“ SOFT SELLING
  9. 9. (1n11nccl Kunrs AMSYERDAM mu. m (In M C} m. — Hlmn Um ‘uU<IuHum my. wHI W1‘ m1I]).1~~)HHI)1 I. unIIumnrv1Hmv(IInL; II 3 D W. 3 + IHn 3 cums ouzoums In“ I; “.44 m Kunrs AMSYERDAM : .um : u I“ 0 Im — 5|. ..“ hand, plrrr m pxrn‘ rnr1lrI um» 1 A pnmbd Kun I‘ um. » « |1u| mim4 an . . . ~m. . hr Wm: M. ..» I ~II. ~n'v1pnllr(II)y purl m. u.- mk Im Ihn prxixru 3 cnnlsouzoums x. mh. ,.y. ~ 3 o W. 3 + mrn((mxH*n Things wc like W 1 I9. see more SOCIAL COMMERCE ASPECT
  10. 10. BUSINESS MODEL 1. FIPOMHGEIA ZTIZ FIQAHZEIZ - Xpéoocm c1vc’1 Kcttaxtbpnon rIpo'1‘c'>vIoc — Meta[3aMép£vn 1'[pO]. lfi3£1Cl B61021 1Z1'1C 6n11ot11<étntac I01) énploupyof) 2. YFIHPEZIEZ EYPEZHZ TAAENTQN 3. PREMIUM YFIHPEZIEZ FIPOQGHZHZ 4. IN-APP AFOPEZ — Frequency Credits — Reach Boost — Buy Themes
  11. 11. KURT’SVinLagc 034 m r -I“'“.7 3 '/7'/ ' '/ ,/1' / )/‘, .'l(. ' / ','/ i’ A printed Kurt's is like a painting on a t—5hirL The painted check print is silkscreen printed by hand, piece by piece. We use water base, tow-impact textile ink for this process. itpainted mee nhemp Chris Ouzounis Great T—Shirt KURT'S Vintagel KURT'S Vintage Thank you Chris! Write a comment. ..
  12. 12. TIMEPLAN 2016 L 40 tpiprivo 2015 lo & 20 tpipnvo 2016 METABAZH ZTO MARKETPLACE MARKETPLACE LAUNCH
  13. 13. COMPANY INFO UK HO Greek HQ Greek Branch C/ O Clintons 8 Ipitou St. 10-12 Sfakion St. 55 Drury Lane Plaka, Athens Chania London WC2B 5RZ 10558 73134 Qrator is funded by established international investors. Q}'at01'
  14. 14. Thank you!