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Offerial @ Open Coffee Athens LXXII, Tourism


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A presentation by Angeliki Papagianopoulou

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Offerial @ Open Coffee Athens LXXII, Tourism

  1. 1. Karagiorgi Servias 7, 10563, Athens, Greece Tel. +30 2177154254
  2. 2.  Description: increase hotel website bookings ~ 50% with unique personalized marketing algorithms. Mission: become a global leader in direct hotel booking optimization. Vision: become the global booking layer for all e- commerce transactions, across industries. Offerial At-a-glance
  3. 3. The Problem
  4. 4. Before Offerial and Hotel Website travelers see the same info, regardless of the reason for their trip, e.g. Business, Family Hotel’s WebsiteHotel’s Website
  5. 5. Value Proposition
  6. 6. visitors see the same info BUT Hotel Website visitors see differentiated info Hotel’s Hotel’s Website After Offerial
  7. 7. Intro Cold Hot Cheap Pool Free wifi City centre Medium City centre Pool City tours Expensive Neoclassical building pool Airport shuttle Unique Selling Point
  8. 8. Current Recommendation Systems
  9. 9. User Profile 1 User Profile 23 User Profile 87 Analyzing user behavior data javacript javacript Machine learning algorithms banner serving Offerial is SaaS Javascript code in the site and booking engine Machine learning to process the data Technology
  10. 10. Business Model Addressable market size and model
  11. 11. Direct:  LinkedIn _________________________________________________________ Hotel digital marketing agencies: _________________________________________________________ Booking engines: _________________________________________________________ Associations & Clubs: _________________________________________________________ PR: media: _________________________________________________________ Go-to-market – Communication channels
  12. 12. No direct competitor: Booking platforms don’t create automatically personalized content Indirect competitors: everywhere a booking takes place: Travel Agents: _________________________________________________________ Tour Operators: _________________________________________________________ Business Travel Management: _________________________________________________________ OTAs: _________________________________________________________ Independent Hotel booking mobile apps: ________________________________________________________ Airline hotel bookings: ________________________________________________________ Direct hotel sales channels: Telephone/Email ________________________________________________________ Competitive Analysis
  13. 13. Signed up hotels: 85 Total unique visitors processed: +100.000 Annual revenue/hotel: 300 EUR Conversion rate growth: 56,52% Current Status
  14. 14.  Get at least 20 paying hotels by the first semester of 2015  Get the first large group within the next quarter  Affiliation with a major booking engine in 2015 Milestones
  15. 15. Thank you