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Travelmyth at Open Coffee Athens LXXII, Tourism


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A presentation by Stefanos Vasdekis and John Nousis.

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Travelmyth at Open Coffee Athens LXXII, Tourism

  1. 1. Hotel Recommendation Engine Stefanos Vasdekis Co-Founder @vasdekis stefanos007 John Nousis Co-Founder @jnousis jnousis Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai
  2. 2. What is Travelmyth? The hotel search engine where people find recommendations for the best hotels based on what they like.
  3. 3. Select what you like From 55 categories Beachfront Spa Golf Boutique Historic Castle Dog-Friendly Gourmet Romantic Ski
  4. 4. Limit your search to a Region
  5. 5. Get the Results
  6. 6. Read the Answers
  7. 7. Enter your Dates
  8. 8. Get the Prices
  9. 9. Check all Available Deals
  10. 10. Go to the Booking Site
  11. 11. The Landscape in Online Hotel Bookings OTAs: aggregate hotels, offer bookings and verified reviews Meta-Search Engines: aggregate OTAs, compare prices Hotel Websites: offer information and bookings
  12. 12. Our Positioning We’re a meta-search engine that focuses on recommendations Photo courtesy: LUX* Maldives
  13. 13. Travel Sites add Meta-Search
  14. 14. OTAs becoming Meta-Search Engines They also acquire Meta-Search Engines…
  15. 15. Travel Sites offer Recommendations
  16. 16. Meta-Search Engines offer Recommendations
  17. 17. OTAs offer Recommendations
  18. 18. Hotel Sites offer Recommendations
  19. 19. We rank – We do not filter • We rank 600.000+ hotels in 55 categories • Different approach in each category Some examples: Spa Ski Nightlife
  20. 20. More Reasons to Use Travelmyth • Valuable content • Unique categories • More hotels than any single OTA Our users can discover hotels that they’ll really like but would never have discovered by using the old methods.
  21. 21. Our Business Model The same successful model that big travel meta- search engines use: • Commissions on bookings • Pay-per-click • Advertising
  22. 22. Our User Acquisition Strategy Earned: • SEO • Social • Press Paid: • PPC • Display advertising Partners: • Widgets for affiliates Ashford Castle in Ireland, photo from Elzbieta Sekowska, Shutterstock
  23. 23. Our Current Stage After 6 months live plus 6m in private beta (2,5y in total): • Product validation • Team of 2 plus freelancers who work online • Self-Funded • Running marketing experiments • Main markets so far: UK, Switzerland • Monitoring usage and improving product • Chasing key deals The W Hotel in Barcelona by Ricardo Bofill
  24. 24. Your Questions Thank you! Stefanos Vasdekis @vasdekis stefanos007 John Nousis @jnousis jnousis Keep in touch: travelmyth Photo courtesy: LUX* Maldives