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Tripinview at Open Coffee Athens LXXII Tourism


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A presentation by Achilles Chatzinikos

Published in: Technology
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Tripinview at Open Coffee Athens LXXII Tourism

  1. 1. April@2015 TripInView is a world-wide innovative site presenting in a unique way geotagged aerial photos and video of the entire coastline of countries that are “beach and sun” destinations Definition
  2. 2. April@2015 Is it Unique world wide? For the first time the entire coastline of major countries is captured “meter by meter” from a heli, flying low-speed, low- altitude Simultaneous 4-tier capturing format consisting of 2 layers of aerial photography, 1 layer of digital filming and 1 layer of geographical information Uniquely presented over the web via COMVICO ® technology Content On Map Visual Indicator & Common Control (patent pending)
  3. 3. April@2015 ACHIEVEMENTS 600.000 UHD photos 18.000 HD video minutes 30.000 Mediterranean Coastline Km of coastline shootings Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Malta, Monaco
  4. 4. April@2015 UNIQUE experience. SYNCHRONIZED view. PHOTO+VIDEO+GEODATA
  5. 5. VIDEO layer. Currently presenting this point PHOTO layer. synchronized with VIDEO currently at this point
  6. 6. PHOTO layer synchronized with VIDEO currently at this point
  7. 7. PHOTO layer synchronized with VIDEO currently at this point Detailed PHOTO synchronized layer at this point
  8. 8. Detailed PHOTO synchronized layer at this point
  9. 9. April@2015 STRUCTURE
  10. 10. April@2015 BUSINESS MODEL TripInView Revenues + Visual Content Revenues Advertisement revenues in the from of impressions (CPM) and/or in the form of redirecting clicks (CPC) Commission revenues out of: vacation packages sales, hotel booking sites, related services sales Destination Sponsorship & Promotion revenues and Promoted search results for destinations & hotels Content as a Service (Caas) to all related to Tourism & Travel sites, Companies, Organizations Image Bank & Stock footage video Bank of unique world wide proprietary aerial content Albums & photo collections in the form of printed material, gifts, gadgets, post cards, …. TripInView Revenues
  11. 11. April@2015 GO TO MARKET Tourism & Travel related Companies of any size : Airlines, Hotels, Travel agencies, Service providers (rent a car,..) National Tourism Organizations, Regional tourism Authorities, Local tourism Authorities All Large Corporations in any Business field with direct or indirect relation to Travel (Banks, Insurances, Clothing,..) TripInView Customers Channels : On line marketing – Advertisement agencies – Sales force
  12. 12. April@2015 YESTripInView gives travelers the power to explore, discover and choose vacation destinations by providing information in a unique visual way.