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Buran VC at Open Coffee #98


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Buran VC at Open Coffee #98

  1. 1. Buran Venture Capital Introduction November 2018
  2. 2. 2 ~USD106m raised from 56 LPs 12 professionals Significant “skin” in the game Focus on early stage (Series “A”) 20 investments & 34 follow-ons 5 exits Moscow (back-office partially) Riga Budapest Warsaw Tel-Aviv Executive summary
  3. 3. 3 Shaul Levi Ilja Velickis Dmitry Smirnov Anton Fedorov Alexey Sidorov Marton Medveczky Professional team deeply rooted in our target geo Maria Savelieva Jekaterina Novicka Alina Smirnova Venera Suerkulova VENTURE PARTNERS Alexander Konoplyasty ▪ Investment banking at UBS, Morgan Stanley, independent financial advisory ▪ Education: Moscow State University for International Relations (MGIMO ) Mihaly Szalontay, CFA ▪ Investment banking / PE at Elbrus Capital / Renaissance Private Equity, Renaissance Capital ▪ Education: Moscow State University for International Relations (MGIMO) Gregory Finger ▪ Group – Co-founder ▪ DST – Co-Founder ▪ NetBridge – Co-Founder ▪ Participated in more than 20 funds INVESTMENT TEAM OPERATIONS INVESTMENT COMMITTEE Kristof Barany, CFABurkan BeyliBart Peczkowski Vahan VardanyanOleg Tumanov Oren Levy Managing Partner @ GRW Invest Fund Manager @ Fibabanka CVC Former Investment Officer @ IFC Former CTO @ Moscow Stock Exchange Founder and CEO @ Serial internet entrepreneur We also have venture scouts in a number of countries to strengthen our deal flow Konstantinos Michaelides Chief Scientist @ Avast
  4. 4. 4 Consistent Buran VC investment strategy since 2012 ▪ Extended CEE (incl. Austria, Baltics, Finland and Greece) ▪ Equity investments of USD500-5,000k per company, including follow-ons ▪ Significant influence stake (10%+) with standard minority protection rights and a board seat ▪ Early stage (Series “A”) investments in tech companies with proven business model in the software as a service (SaaS) segment in B2B and B2C ▪ Supporting founders from our target geography, leveraging common culture to create trust ▪ 12-15 new companies per fund, focusing on follow-ons into best performers (up to 50% of total capital) ▪ Return target: 4-5x cash on cash, 50% IRR Target geography ▪ CIS & Turkey▪ Israel Since 2012 we’ve been investing in Internet companies across CEE
  5. 5. 5 20 Investments / 14 current portfolio companies c. 3,500 investment opportunities were reviewed* => 309 Preliminary investigation / Scoring 87 bids BVC I BVC II Our past bids pipeline yields 20-25% conversion to attractive companies Buran VC sourcing funnel is built around rigorous selection Leads breakdown by geo, % * - as at October 1, 2018
  6. 6. 6 BVC portfolio Secure board and committee management software tools. Leading online chess website and app to play, learn and share. Producer of beacon hardware and software technology stack powering beacons’ infrastructure. AI-powered programmatic demand-side platform to purchase advertising traffic.   #1 online on-demand video platform in the Emerging Europe. Inventory management software for restaurants Online education platform for students and professionals. Online tickets marketplace for entertainment events.   Mobile app that recognizes music, TV and media around you. Online insurance comparison engine. Ecommerce platform providing users with loyalty programs, cash rewards, and online shopping solutions. B2B marketing Intelligence software Crowdsourced same-day delivery service for SMEs. All-in-one outbound sales automation platform. Property management software for short-terms enabling managers automate their operation & connect to guests on a global scale Gamified online photo sharing platform E-learning platform for e-sports. BVC I BVC II
  7. 7. 7 Our DNA is built around successfully returning money to our LPs founders 2016-2018 2017 Private individual 2017 In Buran VC I we already exited 5 companies 20182018
  8. 8. 8 Our portfolio companies have raised money from a number of international investors Led $11m Series A round in 2016 Co-invested in 2018 funding rounds Co-invested in 2015 Led $3.3m Seed Round in 2017 Co-invested in 2016 Co-invested $3m Series A round in 2017 Led $20m Series B round in 2018 Co-invested in 2017 $2.5m Venture Round Invested in 2012 $40m round Co-invested in 2018 $4m Venture Round Thomas Falk Gil Penchina* * - investor in Linkedin, Paypal, Cruise Automotive, Dollar Shave Club, Hooked, Wealthfront, AngelList, Indiegogo, Fastly and many others
  9. 9. Alexey Sidorov Investment Associate