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OBF Academy - What’s new in OBF and OBP and what next?


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CEO Eric Rousselle presents new features and improvements that were published on August 27th, as well as OBF’s and OBP’s product development plans for the rest of 2019. The goal of this webinar is to enable a fruitful discussion between users and developers and to collect participants’ feedback and development suggestions.

We recommend this webinar to all who are interested in learning more about OBF’s and OBP’s current and further product development.

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OBF Academy - What’s new in OBF and OBP and what next?

  2. 2. Some important topics in our development strategy • Development in collaboration with our customers (open innovation) • Supporting creation of badge ecosystems • Unlocking the potential of badges for their owners and their communities • Supporting talent and competence management with badges • Improving user experience
  3. 3. Supporting creation of badge ecosystems • Network features • Badge sharing • Endorsements • Aligning with competence frameworks • Manual alignments • ESCO integration (the European Classification of Skills, Qualifications and Occupations framework)
  4. 4. External endorsements
  5. 5. Integration of ESCO in OBF PRO level feature
  6. 6. Adding an ESCO alignment in a badge
  7. 7. Open Badge Passport Recent and upcoming releases
  8. 8. Improvements in profile and pages
  9. 9. Milestone badges in OBP
  10. 10. Further development
  11. 11. Open Badge Factory • Coming soon • Usability improvements based on user feedback • Possibility to deliver badges both as hosted badges and standalone signed digital credentials (Pro level feature) • Also on the development list • Improvement of sub-organisations management • Further development of badge applications • Improvement of reports and management features
  12. 12. Open Badge Passport • Under construction: • Organisation accounts • Mobile App • Some other important development • Improvement of search engine and usability (flow) • External endorsements • Earnable badges on the map • Improvement of portfolio features • Further development of Salava API (for integrations) • “Sliced Passport” and development of the dedicated Passport
  13. 13. More information: @OBFactory_ @OBPassport