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OBF Academy - Case Häme University of Applied Sciences


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Open Badges for teacher training at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) - a strategic approach to developing ​individual learning and ​organizational competence.

Anne-Maria Korhonen, Senior Lecturer, shares her experiences on how to use Open Badges in teacher training and further education for professional teachers.

Published in: Education
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OBF Academy - Case Häme University of Applied Sciences

  1. 1. Open Badges in HAMK A strategic approach to developing ​individual learning and ​organizational competence. How to use Open Badges in teacher training and continuing education for professional teachers. Anne-Maria Korhonen Jaana Kullaslahti 19th November 2019
  2. 2. HAMK in a Nutshell • 7 363 students in 2017 • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree • 33 degree-awarding programs • Three study modes: • 8−16 (full-time studies) • 18−100 (part-time studies) • 24/7 (independent studies online) • Open University studies • Continuing education • Professional teacher education • 450 qualifications annually • Education export programs • 631 employees: 286 teaching staff Bachelor/Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Construction Management, Bachelor/Master of Culture and Arts, Bachelor/Master of Engineering, Bachelor/Master of Health Care, Bachelor/Master of Natural Resources, Bachelor/Master of Social Services
  3. 3. Strategic Management • Open badges are part of the strategic management system: they support the implementation of HAMK strategy • Badges are also part of the quality assurance system: they indicate the competences developed and the figures completed
  4. 4. Competence Assessment • The HAMK competence tree describes the core competences needed in the organization • Data about organizational competence and strategic development areas is gained through skills survey • Every employee completes the survey, but the competence branches used vary according to the employee’s role • Self-assessment (scale 1-5; target value = 3) • Some of the competences in the tree are tied to open badges • Self-assessment value 3 = badge completed
  5. 5. Staff Badges • Individuals’ knowledge and skills lead into organizational competence • Badges linked to strategic goals via competence management and operational development • Collaboration, pedagogy in the digital age, information use, Office 365, data protection • Upcoming: Research and development • Applicants demonstrate or describe their skills in everyday work • Flexible and variable system: individual badges include alternative sections to choose from • Training program to support learning
  6. 6. Degree Students’ Badges • Digital Starter Pack for all new students (Finnish + English) • Basic ICT skills badges and support material as self-studies • RPL: Scouts’ open badge recognized in Forestry degree programme
  7. 7. Open badges in teacher education programs • Integrated in vocational teacher education program and in continuing education courses • Cases • Oppiminen Online (Learning Online) • National project: ”Vocational teacher’s open badges” • EU project: Soft skills for adult educatiors
  8. 8. Three levels Some-Noviisi (2 op) ”ICT in education and learning“ (10 badges) Personal growth Some-Ekspertti (3 op) ”Mobile devices and blogs in scaffolding learning” (25 badges) Shared expertice Some-Kehittäjä (5 op) ”Enriched learning solutions” (45 badges) Development of vocational eduacation and educational institutions Master levels AR VR master 3D modeling QR codes and augmented reality Simulaations and pedagogy Second Life realXtend GOOGLE master Google Drive and documents Google forms MOBIILI master Mobile applications in learning (1 iOS, 2 Android) Upkeeping mobile devices BYOD Oppiminen Online concept • Continuing education for teachers by MOOC • About ICT/digital skills • Gamification
  9. 9. Learning Online / 30th September 2019
  10. 10. Project: Vocational teacher’s open badges • National project, funded by Finnish national agency for education • All vocational teacher education units involved • The focus: after the reform of vocational education and training sector teachers nees new skills • What are these skills and competences? • How to apply open badges to accredit the comptences? • How to apply open badges in education programs for teachers? • Open badge constellation
  11. 11. Open badge constellation
  12. 12. Open badge constellation (on 13th November 2019) • Guiding students’ learning in workplace • Assessing competences in workplace • Training workplace trainers • Learning methods in workplace • Guidance in digital environments and collaboration in workplace environments • Safety in educational institutions • Career counseling • På svenska – in Swedish some other comptences → These are only part of vocational teachers’ competences!
  13. 13. Pilot with vocational student teachers • Research, development and innovation (RDI) • RDI comptence areas • information search • scientific writing • working in RDI projects • Study on Spring 2019 (n=26) results • Open badges are useful for showing competences online • Student teachers want to have specific teacher’s comptences recognised by open badges (such as assessment, working as online teacher) • The future recommendation is to consider topics of skills demonstrations via competence themes. • The case followed a course structure
  14. 14. SOSTRA